The Spanish Flu (a blueprint for 2020)?

Some humans are willing guinea pigs it seems!

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We’ve all now heard of the ‘Spanish Flu’ but why is it so popular right now especially with the ‘producers’ (Gates) and players in their 2020 theatrical masterpiece, Covid19? Lets see…….

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 actually originated at Fort Riley, Kansas where soldiers reported to the Army’s largest training facility during World War I […]. The soldiers who were [DELIBERATELY] infected with the H1N1 influenza virus then served as countless vectors of dissemination for the pandemic that ultimately killed as many as 100 million people worldwide. That single US-executed biowarfare operation against humanity was arguably the deadliest depopulation event in human history.” Article Was the 2020 Wuhan Coronavirus an Engineered Biological Attack on China by America for Geopolitical Advantage?, presented by the alternative news outlet The Unz Review, Metallicman, 27. January 2020, citing: Article Spanish Flu of 1918 Was Really a Bioterror Attack on Humanity, presented…

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What is happening with the Noahide Laws?

Dr Day shares her knowledge

A former Rabbi Luis Perez warns Christians, speaking with Israeli News Live’s, Steve and Jana Ben-Nun here:

Do we get this information from the mainstream or is it something that is planned without our knowledge, unless you know of course? Part of the historical deception it seems.

What is the future for humankind?

It does depend on mass consciousness, which way will it go? Will people choose from love or fear? Science has been co-opted by powerful vested interests and in this video one of the authors of the new book Contagion speaks about what is making people sick.

Here is a short film as a reminder that we need to ask questions and not just give up on our freedom to choose. The two videos below are from 434 YT channel and FB page. This is another link for the same creator

Earth United is a positive global movement for change and this is the website, please check it out if you haven’t already:
Beautiful words from the founder of Earth United – Jesse Perez Casanova

There are many of us working for change and we really do start with ourselves and take responsibility in being a co-creator in life’s journey.

The financial state of play globally explained by Catherine Austin Fitts from The Solari Report in this film called Planet Lockdown

We need to watch what happens next in America …

We are living in an upgrade of frequency for planet Earth

From Uluru on the Solstice

I’m not an astrologer but many tell of this great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius at this time of the December Solstice, see NASA video below. I hear that the Schumann resonance, which is the frequency of the Earth, has massively increased since July, and for some reason NASA doesn’t record it anymore. Many sensitive souls can feel the changes and for myself I felt led to engage with the Evolutionary Collective after hearing a talk by Patricia Albere, a spiritual teacher who has created a way to encounter ‘unity consciousness’ through Mutual Awakening Practices known as MAPs. The experiences of regularly taking part in these practices are giving such feelings of joy, peace and loving awareness and a recognition of what is available to tap into, particularly at this time, and discovering what it is like without separation. Here is an invitation to a free event on New Year’s Day called Heaven on Earth with Patricia Albere, founder of the Evolutionary Collective and Dr Carl Johan Calleman who wrote the book ‘Nine Waves of Creation’. He says, ” The Ninth Wave provides us with a frequency that does not lead us to be separate, but helps us see the unity of all things and how everything is connected.”

THE ERA OF ‘WE’ over ‘ME’ by Elizabeth Peru
Indeed, you heard me saying at the end of 2019 (and as 2020 began) in The Aquarian Call Video Event that we’re accelerating our transition into a NEW era of light. Watch the video for full details on what The Aquarian Era is and why we ARE transitioning into it. This is an era where the emphasis is on COLLABORATION and adopting the concept of WE over ME. From the blog: an excerpt…‘The fifth dimensional frequency operates on Earth right now. You can access it and be aware of it by raising your consciousness. How do you do this? Well, there are many ways. Firstly, by physically cleansing and de-toxing your body. It can take many weeks or months to extract and transform lower level energy in your cells through a clean diet and fitness regime. Keep in mind that you need to keep living this new energy lifestyle moving forward to more easily access 5D consciousness.’

Gregg Braden wrote in his book ‘Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age’: ” There are cycles in everything. There are cycles in the weather, the economy, the sun, wars, geological formations, atomic vibrations, climate, human moods, the motions of the planets, populations of animals, the occurrence of diseases, the prices of commodities and shares and the large scale structure of the universe.” – Ray Tomes, contemporary philosopher. “The eternal flow of time goes through cyclical periods of manifestation of the universe…” – Alexander Friedman (1888-1925), cosmologist.

As an Aquarian I am familiar with the changing ages and what that can bring. Here is a short clip giving a good explanation

Sedona mystic, author, and healer Dr Jewels
Astrologer Adrienne Elise spiritual take on this period

Some history to our present now

Dean Henderson with Frances Leader join Ramola

A good review of the nefarious ways the Crown Corporation based in the City of London have perpetrated on humanity globally. It is not the ‘British’ Empire, it is the same elites down through the ages controlling the world scenario. Educating us to do as they say and now with the TV/MSM mouthpieces, to live in fear of the future if we don’t. I say that we are more powerful when we go inside, meditate and use our imaginations to create a cleaner and more loving future for our communities. We have to detox our bodies from the pollution in processed food, our environment and past traumas which affect our lives now. Damien Wynne is an energy healer and he talks about various past traumas to heal in this video below, which can be participated in live.

Here is a link to an article by Ann Devlin mirrored by Frances Leader

Eating natural foods and herbs is the safest way to look after our bodies and everything is energy. Living from our heart is a great protection, connecting with our higher selves and trusting our own inner knowing.

Fear is the controller

This seems to be the theme today as I watched a good FB live this morning and now finding this ten minute clip from David Icke on the subject, which is evidently holding people in its grip towards the end of 2020.

Please watch to the end because human beings need expansion and not contraction into a smaller box!

This is happening around the world

David Icke has had the courage to put out his message to humanity for about 30 years about what was coming. I also know that on the positive side if we look within, there we will find our inner knowing and courage to do what we feel is right. I am enjoying that exploration for myself and not buying into the fear that does come up in the face of the demonically controlled opposition to the wellbeing of humanity, that is held by those who want to control the world. We are living in a time of balancing the left and right hemispheres of our brain as described by Dr Carl Johan Calleman with the Ninth Wave of Creation that arrived in 2011 and bringing unity consciousness, which is in the book he wrote with that name. I have always felt that we are moving into a more golden age and personally have been working towards that within myself. I can vouch for the emergence of unity consciousness in this lead up to the Solstice on December 21 which is certainly a focal point of the planetary alignments happening with Saturn and Jupiter, so powerful times to assist.

I’ve also been reminded that as we live in duality in our 3D world, there will be a representation of the light side and the dark side and this is what is being revealed to be alchemised within our collective consciousness. There certainly appears to be divisions everywhere! Whether its in politics in America where there are extremes of emotional identification and in Britain with Brexit, and this year with the Plandemic! Living more from the heart will definitely assist in being fearless!

Here is Andrea’s FB live which I resonated with earlier, she is a therapist and doing good work, in my opinion.

Andrea Foulkes talking about fear

Here are Andrea’s details copied from her post:

Gratitude Donation Control to Fear and SOul Freeedom

Activism against the state brings its challenges for sure!

Brain control

Technology has secretly and overtly been working towards creating a brainnet. This video has researched the progression of this agenda which is very dangerous for the autonomy of the human being. Only by raising our consciousness and awareness, will we overcome this infiltration of our minds, is my opinion.

From Bernhard Guenther FB post:

This is Dr. Charles Morgan. He worked for the CIA developing what is known as “advanced interrogation methods”. Listen to what he says in light of the globalist’s plan of mass v_ccinations and Robert F. Kennedy’s recent post about permanent genetic damage [affecting the RNA] when getting the C_vid v_ccine. You do know this v_ccine has really nothing to do with protecting you from a “virus” but has a more sinister intention. Connect the dots yourself of what Dr. Morgan talks about when considering genetic altering v_ccines, 5G/6G, Transhumanism/A.I. [Elon Musk’s Neurolink] and the socialist/Marxist Technocratic New World Order take-over as envisioned by Klaus “The Great Reset” Schwab of the World Economic Forum (working with the Gates Foundations, WHO, UN, CCP, etc.]

Profits from our so-called ‘new normal’

Here is a clip from one of the censored films called Plandemic, which is an ‘anti-mainstream narrative’ documentary about COVID-19 and the agenda of the technocratic bodies delivering the UN Agenda 21/30. Dr David Martin has done good research and presents his findings here about patents for Coronavirus

Dr David Martin

So you have to ask yourself, who benefits? There was talk in 2019 that there was going to be some sort of reset, that the financial system couldn’t sustain itself because of the debt. Here is the official Plandemic 2 video, which starts with the scripted simulation in October 2019 of a pandemic with the main players called Event 201 showing they have covered everything!

We have also seen since the first lockdown that very successful multi-national companies like Amazon, large players in the digital world, such as robotics for the workforce of the future, large telecoms corporations and of course the pharmaceuticals who control the medical world, will be making fortunes from the plans of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as laid out by Klaus Schwab in his book of the same name. The World Economic Forum is controlling the rollout of this great reset which does not bode well for humanity. Their plans are extensive on their website in the section about strategic intelligence. In this period is the destruction of many small businesses, only the corporations are to survive in the ‘new normal’ world.

Here is an article on the website of Robert Kennedy Jr

They have not calculated though, for the creativity of the human spirit …

Global fascism a planned template

I’ve written about the UN Agenda 21/2030 in other posts and this year with the global lockdowns and destruction of small and medium businesses due to the COVID guidelines ordered by governments, it is becoming more apparent that this has been prepared probably since the 1992 Rio Summit of the UN. The technocratic organisations have taken control and are revealing their plans. Here is a disturbing report from Canada copied with highlights from a comment on a YouTube video in mid October, see Connecting the Dots for the video too

A short visual for the same plans
The NWO reset takes everything from us!
Another warning to avoid this reset!

This is the communism they have been preparing for! This is really time for humanity to come together and reject their plans, but most importantly to wake up and rise above the fear, unite with the power of love for a better future using Common Law and not complying with their diktats.

Here is something we don’t hear much about cross-border-payments from the IMF

What is at play with the American 2020 election

Update from November 4

From Technocracy News

There is so much deception and corruption going on, perhaps in both parties, but the MSN definitely wants the Democrats to win from what I can see. They always give a negative picture when it comes to Trump. So for some balance, I would like to share some background info I came across with regards to Black Lives Matter in September after all the activity in the summer, and in this video it shows that if you donated to them, the funds actually went to the Democrats.

Regarding the Biden family, their corruption is off the scale, here is some info on their crooked dealings.

One America News

Joe Biden is owned by China.

The Q phenomenon has been prolific this year and the writings of Martin Geddes appealed to me. You can download them here:

There is another way say scientists re COVID

On a recent interview with Unherd, three epidemiologists and public health scientists had got together to produce their declaration see the full story here

The conclusions from the full video in this clip from Unherd YouTube channel are in about the last ten minutes.

This is their declaration

It does appear to be more community centred and a better way forward and I hope it would put people’s mind at rest rather than worrying about the future. Please do your own research and make your own decisions rather than just believing what comes out of mainstream media.

They do believe in vaccines, which I do not consent to.

Since writing this blog there appears an interesting article with some good research and I hadn’t read the declaration in full which is recommended here

Here is another brave soul speaking out Dr Roger Hodkinson speaking with Anna Brees since his now famous phone call in the link below this one:,-29th-November-2020-from-Anna-Brees-on-Vi-1:c?r=CCtVoxXn98MWbKEvYYDWToc9nnioN6mV

The phone call

Doctors conference in Berlin and the suppression of free speech about a virus and truth

Dr Heiko Schoning after his arrest at Speakers Corner, gives invitation to the next Berlin event on 10/10. The police confiscated his phone, computer and the book ‘COVID 19 A False Alarm’

This conference happened on August 28 and they talk about the CV19 scam and the totalitarian global control it has created. Robert Kennedy Jnr was a guest and he also spoke at the Berlin Rally on Saturday 29 August which had a mass gathering of thousands. Before the gatherings new rules were given.

Dr. Heiko Schöning, one of the founders of Doctors for the Truth which is an association of thousands of medical doctors around the world, said that the measures of the governments regarding COVID-19 are absolutely inappropriate.

“I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Heiko SCHÖNING, I’m an ordinary doctor from Hamburg. My personal motivation is that I am a father, like many others in this country who have children. And we see that our children are suffering now, not just because the playgrounds have been closed, but because they are separated. And it’s worse for the adults.

And then he is arrested for Speaking the Truth

Similar tactics were used in London by the police to handle a large demonstration against the government’s response to COVID19, although in Berlin there were massive arrests see In London we hear that private security men were co-opted for the event on Saturday 26 September at Trafalgar Square.

Friends of Dave Witcher had been offered extra work by their security firm

So it is becoming more and more obvious to those who don’t believe the false narrative, that crisis actors are being used to portray events very differently to the reality and facts of what is going on.

Here is a good summary of the plan for world dominance Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 was planned to usher in the New World Order