Attack on the human being

Wise words from this young woman about truth and freedom

Most of humanity who watch TV and believe the mainstream narrative may be unaware of the various ways that we are being undermined physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually, but it is becoming ever more obvious with those who have eyes to see the bigger picture and have a more wholistic view. We have endured the flooding of chemicals into our soils and watercourses which reaches to us through the foodchain. Then we have been bombarded with chemtrails for at least 20-30 years if not more. Dentistry filled our mouths from childhood with mercury amalgams and we were given vaccines at school so we definitely have a toxic overload which if not released will create chronic and acute health issues as our bodies fight the unnatural infiltration of poisons.

With COVID19 it has become more apparent that the modus operandi of the medical industry I will call it, is to give wrong treatments with ventilators in severe cases, or use the body’s natural mechanism of fighting invasions/poisons, as in viruses, against us as a population. Then to quarantine more vulnerable people and to keep people in fear of the ‘virus’ by staying indoors and social distancing, goes against the natural way and more in tune with the technocratic dictat which is leading to the transhumanism agenda which we are seeing unfolding. Governments are just doing what their masters are telling them by billionaires like Bill Gates through institutions like WEF, WHO and the various multinationals who have all been preparing for changing society and disempowering people more and more and to take control of our movements.

So the mass population are believing the lies and many are living in a state of fear. I recorded this on that subject recently


Here is a short clip from Windows on the World Sunday show of May 17 available on Spreaker and YouTube and Mark’s website is Windows on the World

He has a library of shows where he has presented his research. The clip ends abruptly, not intended, where he says we are living in a real time exercise. The whole show is worth listening to as he talks more about the smart cities agenda.


We are living in important times and on the positive side it is about how we individually take our power and connect with our higher self and take the action that is needed for the betterment of humanity. If we embrace love for Self and service to others rather than be order followers of this demonically driven service to self faction of the world agenda, we can create a better and more harmonic future.

Here Sacha Stone gives his perspective on these opportunities these times present




Andrea Foulkes gives a positive view on the inner work we can choose to do now



News from Italy

Italian politician tells truth to power

It is definitely time for good people in politics to stand up for truth and human rights in this global agenda by technocrats and billionaires pushing for a global takeover and control of humanity. Here is Deputy Sara Cunial speaking in the Italian lower House of Parliament quite passionately and powerfully. I applaud her courage.



This follows an Austrian politician who gave a speech in a similar robust way exposing the Deep State with Bill Gates fronting the global operation of control and plan to vaccine the world’s population.

Many of us are stating that WE DO NOT CONSENT to this, either on social media or at protests against the lockdown.

Here is good research about the Global Health Mafia Protection Racket



Nature and mankind

Listening to Dr Zach Bush MD in this interview with Del Bigtree from the HighWire talk show and his enthusiasm with his learning through life and his medical studies, I was reminded of the book by Elisabet Sahtouris called Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution. Everything is connected and our planet loves bio-diversity and balance.

In her chapter on Ecological Ethics, Elisabet says, ” We have seen that no species can evolve apart from its co-evolution with all other species — meaning that all have played their role in our evolution. If we look at co-evolving living systems through eyes other than our own, we will quickly see that we have no more reason to consider ourselves a supreme form of life than have others. Recall that mitochondria and chloroplasts, descended from ancient bacteria, make up half the weight of all plant and animal cells, causing Lewis Thomas to call us giant taxis for bacteria to get around in. Joking aside, the world from a bacterial point of view is indeed arranged nicely for bacterial survival.”

“And so all these forms of Gaian life — bacteria, fungi, plants and animals — could find reason to see themselves as superior to the others. Even rock, for that matter, could see the the whole world as nothing more than its own dance, its endless transformation into living creatures and back into rock. … And so the Earth’s rocky crust, itself formerly stardust, has reason to see the bacteria, protists, plants, and animals created in its metabolic dance as its own inventions, meant to serve its needs.

We humans, from all these perspectives, would be considered late-comers — an upstart species coming in to upset the whole dance by killing off or endangering others as we make war on all five kingdoms including our own, as well as the crustal formations.

Yet we alone are capable of holding a truly broad worldview that represents the whole of nature and includes all possible points of view in addition to our own, as we just saw.”

Dr Zach Bush describes very well how wrong ways of treating nature turns into disasterous consequences for the environment and humanity! He asks us to see the beauty that is around us in life and others and to live life with that in mind and heart.


Dr Zach talks about agricultural toxicity together with massive air pollution which created hypoxic/hypoxemic injury in the people who died from this #coronavirus in 2020 in Wuhan, northern Italy and New York. The following is from

  • Hypoxia is a condition or state in which the supply of oxygen is insufficient for normal life functions; hypoxemia is a condition or state where there is a low arterial oxygen supply — in some publications these terms are used interchangeably.
  • There are a variety of causes and potential causes of any type of hypoxia.
  • Symptoms of hypoxia and/or hypoxemia may be acute or chronic and vary in intensity from mild to severe. Common acute symptoms are:
  • Severe symptoms include:
    • The inability to communicate
    • Confusion
    • Possible coma or death
    • Other associated symptoms also may be present.
  • Hypoxia or hypoxemia symptoms in children may be mouth breathing and drooling.
  • In general, hypoxia and/or hypoxemia is diagnosed by physical examination and by using oxygen monitors (pulse oximeters), determining, oxygen level in a blood gas sample and may include pulmonary function tests.
  • Treatment for hypoxia and/or hypoxemia is to give additional oxygen to the patient and into the environment or the body (blood) as quickly as possible. Techniques vary widely according to the patient’s condition, but may include oxygen by face mask or nasal cannula, mechanical ventilation (intubation), hyperbaric chamber, or other devices or medicines to open airways.
  • Hypoxia and/or hypoxemia may be prevented in some individuals by avoiding circumstances that reduce oxygen concentration in the environments or by providing oxygen before symptoms develop. People with asthma can prevent hypoxia/hypoxemia symptoms by taking certain medications on a regular basis as prescribed by their doctor.

What is hypoxia and hypoxemia?

  • Hypoxia is a condition or state in which the supply of oxygen is insufficient for normal life functions.
  • Hypoxemia is a condition or state in which there is a low arterial oxygen supply.
  • Hypoxia is sometimes used to describe both states (hypoxia and hypoxemia).
  • Within the body, hypoxemia can lead to hypoxia (tissue hypoxia) in various tissues and organs with the most severe being cerebral hypoxia that can rapidly result in brain damage or death.
  • Conversely, if a person experiences environmental hypoxia (low or absent oxygen in the environment from high altitudes or drowning, for example), the person can develop hypoxemia.
Here Amazing Polly reports on the WHO’s response to two African leaders who talk common sense in relation to COVID19 and in Madagascar a herbal tonic showing how natural remedies work.


Surveillance capitalism

The history of this is very well explained in this video with Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff who wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” she reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data and also making a lot of money from selling it to third parties. The power that they have to manipulate us, it is like a parasite feeding off a host. Beware of the shadow operations.

So many things are connected for good and bad in this world and I find it fascinating to explor The hidden things are being revealed. Here is another explanation of a predatory parasitic infection in the minds of vulnerable people, voices in the head and how the psychiatric establishment deals with it, to medicate the victims and in some cases ones who tell the truth from their own stable mind. There is a connection here of entities known as the Archons, energetic vampires feeding off the chaos they create. It may seem a distraction from the title I gave this, yet it is about energy afterall and money is another form of energy.

Everything is frequency and our power as human beings resides in our heart and connection with that will protect us from the dark forces that want our energy. Awareness is key and we are creative beings who have looked outside ourselves for answers as that is what we were taught to do and gave away our power to others until we started to look within. Now this is our time to unite and raise our consciousness above all the games that are being played with technology and find that freedom and truth that resonates within. ❤

Fraud is being played on the public

The Amazing Polly research shows the links on the global agenda behind the global plandemic on this video

The medical authorities have told doctors to record COVID19 on death certificates when they may have died from their underlying conditions primarily. Here is a recording from Downing St


It is quite evident that a shift is happening at this time of lockdown and it is playing out by the global corporatists tightening up control on the population and at the same time we the people are also more aware of the fraud in the mainstream narrative. Good people are speaking out and the ones like Dr Judy Mikovits also being censored for speaking the truth.

Here is a good compilation of research by Deborah Mahmoudieh as an example



It is also obvious if you look, that it is well planned as the evidence as shown in the next video by Amazing Polly discovers the incestuousness of the whole operation and who funds it.



if YouTube take it down it’s on Bitchute and her website too


Here Dr Andrew Kaufman unmasks the virus and the agenda for total control


An interview with the authors of ‘What really makes you ill’ also talks about the virus by Mark Devlin.


It is also an energetic battle for the future of the planet and our hearts and minds ❤



NHS rituals

A review of 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

2012 and the opening of the London Olympics was quite an event for the NHS and as many have noticed these events often have predictive programming for the masses to watch.

What is happening to the NHS, is it ever since they became Trusts, has it become more brainwashed and more obvious to those who have joined up a lot of dots on where things are leading? I do not mean any disrespect for those who work for the NHS, as they probably joined to help people and do not mean any harm to others. It is quite obvious to many, that there is an agenda for depopulation and I’ve talked about it in other blogs and certainly there has been a lot of genocide on this planet, but lately it sounds like euthanasia for the elderly is being suggested in care situations here!

So this year in 2020 when the plandemic started, it has become all about saving the NHS and putting medical staff on a pedestal and people in powerful positions are dictating to the rest of us.  Much ado is being made about protecting the frontline workers and certainly much care is needed, not enough PPE supplies and care workers are dying we hear, yet we see videos from the U.S and elsewhere of staff doing orchestrated dance routines??  I am all for uplifting the human spirit but there definitely seems to be something strange going on, when they are supposedly very busy. We hear that hospitals are half empty but there seems to be a required ritual nationally once a week in the UK at 8pm to go outside your house and clap for the NHS, well it is not something I feel to do. To me it seems a lot like, let’s see how many people will do this and become part of a hive mind! I am not being callous, it is just that I don’t agree with the medical model which has been usurped by the pharmaceutical industry globally, who are making a lot of money from keeping people sick and dependent on their system. Also I get the feeling that the neighbours are looking around and thinking where is everyone else! Of course the TV cameras are where there is a good turnout!

Gratitude is an important emotion to have and express, best felt in a spontaneous way though, not by being told. I am grateful for the goodness of others but in this situation where fear is being provoked in the population in order to control it, then I do not support it. I agree with Peter’s view below

Predictive Programming has been used on populations for a long time here is a video worth watching on that subject and the Microchipping Programme