Profits from our so-called ‘new normal’

Here is a clip from one of the censored films called Plandemic, which is an ‘anti-mainstream narrative’ documentary about COVID-19 and the agenda of the technocratic bodies delivering the UN Agenda 21/30. Dr David Martin has done good research and presents his findings here about patents for Coronavirus

Dr David Martin

So you have to ask yourself, who benefits? There was talk in 2019 that there was going to be some sort of reset, that the financial system couldn’t sustain itself because of the debt. Here is the official Plandemic 2 video, which starts with the scripted simulation in October 2019 of a pandemic with the main players called Event 201 showing they have covered everything!

We have also seen since the first lockdown that very successful multi-national companies like Amazon, large players in the digital world, such as robotics for the workforce of the future, large telecoms corporations and of course the pharmaceuticals who control the medical world, will be making fortunes from the plans of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as laid out by Klaus Schwab in his book of the same name. The World Economic Forum is controlling the rollout of this great reset which does not bode well for humanity. Their plans are extensive on their website in the section about strategic intelligence. In this period is the destruction of many small businesses, only the corporations are to survive in the ‘new normal’ world.

Here is an article on the website of Robert Kennedy Jr

They have not calculated though, for the creativity of the human spirit …

Global fascism a planned template

I’ve written about the UN Agenda 21/2030 in other posts and this year with the global lockdowns and destruction of small and medium businesses due to the COVID guidelines ordered by governments, it is becoming more apparent that this has been prepared probably since the 1992 Rio Summit of the UN. The technocratic organisations have taken control and are revealing their plans. Here is a disturbing report from Canada copied with highlights from a comment on a YouTube video in mid October, see Connecting the Dots for the video too

A short visual for the same plans
The NWO reset takes everything from us!
Another warning to avoid this reset!

This is the communism they have been preparing for! This is really time for humanity to come together and reject their plans, but most importantly to wake up and rise above the fear, unite with the power of love for a better future using Common Law and not complying with their diktats.

Here is something we don’t hear much about cross-border-payments from the IMF