Fracking awareness events – community conversations

I have been involved with the anti-fracking campaign ever since I found out that this industry is bad for us, the land and clean water. 

Thanks go to the ones who have been affected first in North America and Australia who have shared their experience with us. The websites like Frack Off in the UK, the film Gaslands and its sequel made by Josh Fox who decided to visit the people affected and document it. Ian R Crane (Fracking Nightmare on YouTube) has been travelling Britain and Ireland since 2011 holding events to raise awareness, having the experience of being in the oil industry and did his research on hydraulic fracturing or fracking and other unconventional gas extraction methods. Vanessa Vine started BIFF- Britain and Ireland Frack Free has done a lot of media work and sharing of information via social media and was involved with the protection of Balcombe. Tina Louise Rothery who is a writer and has also been prominent in the campaign since Balcombe, is also good with media and was instrumental in setting up the Nanas of Lancashire who occupied a field on Preston New Road in the Fylde last August. I joined this group of Nanas and have enjoyed our activism as we make it fun and are able to share our message in a unique way. 

Since the decision at the end of June by LCC and subsequent government response and appeal by Cuadrilla, the fight continues to make communities aware of the dangers of this industry getting a foothold. The Nanas plan to go on tour and visit the areas which the government have licensed for fracking to engage in a ‘community conversation’ with local groups. 

We support forming community owned renewables schemes such as Whalley Hydro or REPOWERBalcombe with solar and positive ways of living on this planet and welcome sharing the conversation.

It is disgusting that the Tory government are withdrawing subsidies from renewables whilst giving more to the fossil fuels industry to pollute our planet even more!



Just out today: President Obama allows Shell Oil to drill in Arctic Sea

Not surprised at all!

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Another oil disaster photo ... Wikipedia Another oil disaster
photo … Wikipedia

If there is any doubt about the hold Wall Street and Big Oil has on some of our top elected and unelected officials who are Conservative/Corporate Democrats not to mention Republicans ……. this story has  just broke from less than an hour ago …

“The Obama administration gave Shell approval today to drill for oil and gas in the undersea Arctic, escalating a battle with the same environmentalists who cheered the president’s actions on climate change earlier this month.

The Interior Department’s expanded permit will allow Shell to tap oil- and gas-bearing zones beneath Alaska’s Chukchi Sea before the drilling season ends late next month. The move also puts new pressure on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to speak out about Arctic drilling, just weeks after she said she had “doubts” about allowing it.”

This is exactly why Bernie Sanders is needed to re-take the future…

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News – fact or fiction?

Many people are waking up to the propaganda put out by mainstream news which is controlled by vested interests. Here is a talk given by a U.S. news journalist who discovered what ‘astroturf’ was about and how the big corporations manipulate to dictate their agenda.

Ever since tel-lie-vision came on the scene it became easier for the masters of illusion and now it seems we are addicted to the various screens of all shapes and sizes!

We are in danger of being taken over by technology and must find the balance within nature or lose our innate power and wisdom. We are part of nature and need the elements for our health and sustenance. We have delegated our power and responsibility to ‘authority’ and it is time to take it back before we lose everything of value in the natural world to inhuman artificial intelligence. Our governments are in service to a hidden agenda which uses technologies that we have paid for against us. Our strength is within us as long as we can feel what is right and act for the good of humanity. We all have our parts to play in this great challenge before us and being grounded with earth will help.

Children are being attacked by vaccinations from birth onwards in an attempt to distort and control their natural development and much more is coming to light. The education system also is controlling and doesn’t allow space for imagination to flower. Healthy development of the human being must allow balance of both hemispheres of the brain. It is time to heal the divine masculine and divine feminine within us all and have fun! ❤

Pendle Hill looking towards the Fylde Coast

Walking down our favourite hill in Lancashire, the views all round are fabulous especially looking to the coast. We took the easier climb from the Nick o’Pendle, a very pleasant walk indeed. As I reached the top I felt the silence quite tangibly which stopped me in my tracks! A hill famous for witches and the beginnings of ‘Quakers’ as a vision experienced by George Fox.  


  Quiet Day at Whalley Abbey – a Quaker group

Today a group of fourteen Quakers from East Lancashire gathered at Whalley Abbey conference centre for a quiet day organised by some Friends from Blackburn Quaker Meeting.  They had organised a programme of activities for the day which were held in silence, one of which was punctuated with striking a singing bowl and various readings at intervals. Our breaks and lunch were also in silence which helped to deepen the experience and become more aware of our senses. 

Whalley is the most central town of Britain without the outer isles according to Ordnance Survey and the ruins are Cistercian and features in ‘The Spine of Albion’ by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare who dowsed the Belinus and Elen serpent lines which travel north from the Isle of Wight to the top of Scotland. Both of these lines travel through the site at Whalley and Elen passes through the garden, where we had a meditative walk and I enjoyed being barefoot on the grass. Elen goes into the ancient church of St Mary outside the Abbey grounds and I would like to return to that another time.

I am grateful for having that shared space today with Friends and can still feel the experience of peace ❤


Grand Witches Cauldron gathering at Eco-camp in Wales

Arrived yesterday afternoon after having some lunch at Powis Castle and looking at the beautiful gardens cared for by National Trust. A lovely spot in mid Wales with a field and woodland and a small vegetarian/vegan cafe. I didn’t stay up for the drumming and singing, just felt the need for rest and could hear the lovely sounds anyway. It was a bit tight with an air bed in my small tent but with everything around me I could put more layers on when it felt colder. I woke up to lovely sunshine as I am facing east and looking forward to a peaceful day with lovely people.  

What an amazing place and gathering of friends! We experienced the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and the weather was hot and sunny on Saturday and remained dry on Sunday which was good. I am grateful for the experience and love shared, blessed be! Many thanks to Kerry who volunteered to drive us when we agreed to go, only a few days previously.