Fracking awareness events – community conversations

I have been involved with the anti-fracking campaign ever since I found out that this industry is bad for us, the land and clean water. 

Thanks go to the ones who have been affected first in North America and Australia who have shared their experience with us. The websites like Frack Off in the UK, the film Gaslands and its sequel made by Josh Fox who decided to visit the people affected and document it. Ian R Crane (Fracking Nightmare on YouTube) has been travelling Britain and Ireland since 2011 holding events to raise awareness, having the experience of being in the oil industry and did his research on hydraulic fracturing or fracking and other unconventional gas extraction methods. Vanessa Vine started BIFF- Britain and Ireland Frack Free has done a lot of media work and sharing of information via social media and was involved with the protection of Balcombe. Tina Louise Rothery who is a writer and has also been prominent in the campaign since Balcombe, is also good with media and was instrumental in setting up the Nanas of Lancashire who occupied a field on Preston New Road in the Fylde last August. I joined this group of Nanas and have enjoyed our activism as we make it fun and are able to share our message in a unique way. 

Since the decision at the end of June by LCC and subsequent government response and appeal by Cuadrilla, the fight continues to make communities aware of the dangers of this industry getting a foothold. The Nanas plan to go on tour and visit the areas which the government have licensed for fracking to engage in a ‘community conversation’ with local groups. 

We support forming community owned renewables schemes such as Whalley Hydro or REPOWERBalcombe with solar and positive ways of living on this planet and welcome sharing the conversation.

It is disgusting that the Tory government are withdrawing subsidies from renewables whilst giving more to the fossil fuels industry to pollute our planet even more!



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