The system is rigged, so it is time for community banks and people power

Instead of being dictated to by corrupt politicians who actually work for corporations, there needs to be a fairer system that works for the community and is operated by the community and public banks need to be set up. Below Professor Werner, the author of Princes of the Yen, describes his findings on finance.

Brilliant interview here Prof. Richard Werner explains the banking system

In this interview Prof Werner goes into the history of banking in England and the law which governs it, which is very revealing and not what the banks of today are following, and they only support the big projects it seems. Community banking is the answer going forward to support community projects. Regulation is needed he says for the big banks and too much regulation has been given to the smaller banks, in fact the ECB has been saying there are too many banks, probably because Germany has about 2500 successful Public Banks. Banks are the creators of money and too much centralisation is not good.