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Here is some detail on the CBDC global plan for a digital prison. There has got to be a better alternative!

Exposure of DoD Vaccine coverup

A more recent article here on what happened in Wuhan

Karen Kingston has been exposing the bio-tech involved in the so called vaccines, here is a link to her Substack article

The false theories exposed about germs and viruses explained quite simply here in the video ‘The End of Germ Theory’ by Spacebusters channel

False conclusions about Climate Change shown here

Godfrey Bloom in the EU Parliament
Hosted by UK Column

A warning about our addiction to smartphones and what it is leading to, put together by Amazing Polly

This video warns Caucasians being targeted

In this battle of dark vs. light we are living through a time of great cosmic change and the controllers do not want to lose their power, so they are using all their weaponry against humanity, who I believe have the potential at this time of infusing the immense photonic Light which is streaming onto the planet. Here are some revelations to the Corona Investigative Committee including from a Foreign Minister from ex-Yugoslavia at about 40 minutes in the video.

Sen. Malcolm Roberts from Aust
Celeste Solum has bad news
Catherine Austin Fitts overview

On the economic side here is Martin Armstrong

Robert F Kennedy Jr on why they are injecting children

The MSM has controlled the narrative throughout and in the last two years it became more and more obvious to those who could see it. Mind Control techniques have been at work and the British Government employ behavioural psychologists. The study of the human mind and brain has been well done and the marketing and big tech industries have made good use of it. Evidence here from whistleblowers

Here is an interesting look at how parasitical entities work and take control in the video below, an interview with Jerry Marzinsky.

COVID-19- Highlights of A Second Opinion

Interesting research on the politics of the COVID jab batches here

An inspiring conversation presents the overall picture in this technocratic age.

COVID-19 and the New World Order

Graphene Oxide was exposed by Dr Andreas Noack who was an expert in the field and he died suddenly, possibly targeted by the system. Here is a video compilation which includes what happened to him

So much has been kept hidden

Dr Larry Palevsky gives evidence

Information on the vaccine trials

An interesting conversation on the current plans of Big Pharma and the power levers… Dr Tenpenny talks with Dr David Martin

International lawyer on Crimes against Humanity

Censorship first

Review of VAERS data with Dr Jessica Rose and Dr Rose’s website is:

COP 26 and Climate Hypocrisy on Unlimited Hangout, Whitney Webb with Charlie Robinson ·

COP26 and Climate Hypocrisy with Charlie Robinson

The digital agenda is gathering force now see

Statement by Courtenay Adam Lawrence outside IOM Police HQ from

Catherine Austin Fitts explains the great reset financial plans and the necessary halt to the vaccine passport to prevent global digital slavery – stop financing the enemy!

Sean Hross is a Swiss German researcher who has pieced together the history of the Pharoahs bloodline and control of the world from Switzerland, and Frances Leader has documented his recent story here

Dr Bruce Lipton shares his realisations

This is how folk who have been double jabbed are getting sick

Listen to Dr McCullough
Revolution of Love is here

The dynasty behind the contract for digital passports

The time is now to draw a line in the sand

Dr Sherri Tenpenny has been working hard to share her knowledge over the last year and here is her recent interview

Dr Michael Yeadon speaks the truth about the science and the lies that have been perpetrated in this COVID situation in this interview called Planet Lockdown

Graphene oxide seems to have been added to flu vaccines and possibly the various COVID injections according to this report and reacts to 5G this appears to be an unofficial translation of the Official Interim Report of the Vaccination vial Analysis on the website below.

Scientists are investigating vials see this article

A speaker at Hyde Park before the march in London June 26 talking about controlled opposition and the history of the City of London, thanks to the YT channel Subject Access which covers over 6 hours of footage.

Dr Christiane Northrup talks with Mike Adams The Health Ranger and founder of Brighteon about the threat to humanity, especially women of child-bearing age

For info on Reiner Fuellmich and team

Dr Lee Merritt speaks with the Health Ranger: Forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity on Brighteon

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Epidemics and video from Info Wars here

The New World Order & The Satanic Endgoal from

The Light is organising in many ways ❤

Henna Maria

Important information which is being ignored, please listen to Claire Edwards reading The COVID 19 Genocide of 2020

The control of medicine was taken over by the Rockefellers over a century ago and the pharmaceutical industry combined with big oil, they synthesised natural remedies with chemicals. The teachings were also corrupted which has led to the state of affairs we find ourselves in today. Here is a website worth checking out if you feel that what we are being told is incorrect and a book is available on the Virus hoax

James Corbett interviews Whitney Webb on the Astra Zeneca vaccine$/embed/webb-oxford/7ed84892e83ed6ce046b404a2b376766d12aa14d?r=6oo5WSR9BapK5LhuFhN9a8V2CrtiiBou

More frontline Doctors speak out on the medical response to COVID causing harm—Harms-of-Lockdowns—An-exclusive-interview-with-3-Frontline-doctors.:3?r=6oo5WSR9BapK5LhuFhN9a8V2CrtiiBou

Frances Leader is a researcher and publishes articles on her blog, here is one of them with a warning

Dr Patrick Flynn – The mRNA leads to death of normal cells

The history of globalism is well documented here

The globalist agenda by Greg Reese ( on the great reset scam in 6 mins

On the issue of science and virology Dr Kaufman and Dr Thomas Cowan respond to Judy Mikovits–Tom-C-1-28-21-edited-compressed1:6bff2e710a9ae160bada28ddad73d85992d0a37d?src=embed

The Health Ranger reports on the current situation in the US

The issue of harvesting adrenochrome and supplying the elites is a serious issue and one of the most evil, by stealing, trafficking and incarcerating children. There is proof available and recorded here

Prof Dolores Cahill on our rights to travel