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More frontline Doctors speak out on the medical response to COVID causing harm—Harms-of-Lockdowns—An-exclusive-interview-with-3-Frontline-doctors.:3?r=6oo5WSR9BapK5LhuFhN9a8V2CrtiiBou

Dr Vandana Shiva talks a lot of sense

Interestingly the Fabian Society have similar aims to the UN Agenda 2030. Here is the history of it Part One The Fabian Society


Frances Leader is a researcher and publishes articles on her blog, here is one of them with a warning

Dr Patrick Flynn – The mRNA leads to death of normal cells

Please watch this video COVAID

Max Igan from Crowhouse

The globalist agenda by Greg Reese ( on the great reset scam in 6 mins

Natural born humans and transhumanism discussed here by professionals

Important conversations here about this war of consciousness and power over rather than a natural empowerment of the human being.

On the issue of science and virology Dr Kaufman and Dr Thomas Cowan respond to Judy Mikovits–Tom-C-1-28-21-edited-compressed1:6bff2e710a9ae160bada28ddad73d85992d0a37d?src=embed

The Health Ranger reports on the current situation in the US

Prof Dolores Cahill on our rights to travel