Gratitude to my Life

After having a week’s holiday in Puerto Pollensa, Majorca life has been full on! I had a Quaker funeral to put together for a Friend who lived to the age of 100 and I got to know her better through her family after her death.

I’ve attended meetings of various groups in the last few days and love to participate in this way. I’m grateful to the beautiful people in my life.

Today I had my hair done with a new hairdresser for me and I talked a lot! I enjoy sharing what I’ve done which makes me appreciate it even more, even the difficult times!

I am about to register my nomination papers for the local election as a Green Party candidate for my local ward and it was a good opportunity to meet and talk with my neighbours and give them leaflets describing the process of fracking. 


Sssh! Don’t tell anyone in the UK but US reports link fracking with lung cancer and arsenic poisoning

While we wait for the outcome of the Cuadrilla appeal and hear more about the corruption in this world ….. Money and greed and the poisonous consequences…..

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Obviously – with the coalition government having given the go-ahead for further fracking and even the previously sceptical Lib Dems now supporting it – here in the UK we won’t be hearing much about a new report by researchers at the University of Texas which has found high levels of poisonous arsenic contamination in ground water occurring in close proximity to fracking sites.

The researchers – working in their own time – found elevated levels of arsenic and other heavy metals in groundwater near natural gas fracking sites in Texas’ Barnett Shale.

Likewise, for precisely the same reasons, we probably won’t be hearing much about another report either – this time by the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health which shows there is strong evidence linking fracking sites with lung cancer.

Still – never mind. What’s a spot of lung cancer here…

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