Britain Yearly Meeting Sustainability Conference for Quakers

This conference is being held at Swanwick conference centre and it is lovely to be back and meeting with Quakers from around Britain who mostly have been nominated to attend by their Area Meetings.

We arrived Friday before dinner  and gathered afterwards to look at how we got to this point in our journeys, particularly after the Canterbury commitment towards a low carbon sustainable community. We have shared our thoughts on many aspects of what it would take to make our world a more equitable and climate friendly place to live. I chose to do a workshop on climate justice and what that entails and we looked at the pillars that prop up the fossil fuels industry. 

It was interesting to discover that there was only one pension fund that was fossil free in the UK and the pension funds of most institutions and businesses invest in the fossil fuels industry. Government is making it difficult now for local authorities to divest so they certainly have a stranglehold. The two banks who do not invest in fossil fuels are The Co-operative Bank and Triodos who will have a current account available towards the end of the year. Quakers were the first church to divest their central funds from fossil fuels and now recommend local meetings to do the same.

It has been a lovely weekend reconnecting with this community of Friends who are all seeking for the best way forward for our environment, society and peace.

Lawyer considers compensation case for properties damaged by seismic testing

This is something to watch out for in all areas that have been licensed by the Government’s 14th round – seismic testing.


Seismic Testing Cuadrilla Photo: Frack Off

A Manchester law firm is in the early stages of launching a legal case on behalf of people who say their properties have been damaged by seismic surveying in Lancashire.

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Learning from the Heathrow 13: Reflections on struggle, repression and prison

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross - Prisoner Support


This is an article by Free to Fight, a collective of anarchist organisers based in England who have experienced the impacts of repression first hand. We have served lengthy prison and suspended prison sentences for our involvement in animal liberation campaigning and continue to organise support for friends and comrades still experiencing state repression today.

We want to express our full solidarity with and support for the Heathrow13. Being prosecuted and facing prison is a harrowing and personal experience that affects everyone differently. Our thoughts are with the defendants and we hope they’re able to begin recovering from this intense and worrying time. This article is not directed at them as individuals, it is aimed at wider social justice movements. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we would like to add our thoughts to the mainstream discourse circulating around this case.

As many of you will have…

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From a volunteer helping refugees: Welcomed back …

Thank you for what you are doing.

Irish in gaza

So, We have returned to Samos, a beautiful Greek island hosting many refugees fleeing war and conflict and continuing to do so with respect and solidarity . We arrived to a lot of wonderful new faces of both refugee and volunteer … but of course the warmest welcome came from our own colleagues and comrades …

Samos is still in  the wake of a recent tragedy where 24 souls lost their lives and whose survivors are still being taken care of on the island . The Aegean sea is rough right now and the weather is cold , wet and windy. All of this means the numbers arriving  remain quite low , for now, but regardless,  the same help is offered, the same respect shown and the same dignity afforded to those needing solace, sanctuary and help.

20160205_134927Once back on the port, it does not take long to return to getting…

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Tamboran get investment and look to overturn Northern Irish Planning Policy

Important info from N. Ireland campaign against #fracking

The Gas Man Cometh !

The latest news from Tamboran is that the mother company have had some of their shares bought by Houston American.  The deal will see Houston American take a 12.5% stake for one million dollars.    There are anti-dilution clauses and the deal is dependent on other funding.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  When Richard Moorman was over in Ireland the proposed IPO was to value Tamboran at 150 -200 million dollars.  This latest deal values Tamboran at just 8 million. Other documents on Tamboran’s funding show that Paul Fudge (who also has interests in Cuadrilla) has provided financing to Tamboran at 20 percent interest.

In other news the wholly owned subsidiary in the UK,  Tamboran Resources UK, is to keep barristers and solicitors in the manner to which they’ve been accustomed by requesting a Judicial Review of the Strategic Planning Policy Statement released by Mark Durkan in late…

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