Tamboran get investment and look to overturn Northern Irish Planning Policy

Important info from N. Ireland campaign against #fracking

The Gas Man Cometh !

The latest news from Tamboran is that the mother company have had some of their shares bought by Houston American.  The deal will see Houston American take a 12.5% stake for one million dollars.    There are anti-dilution clauses and the deal is dependent on other funding.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  When Richard Moorman was over in Ireland the proposed IPO was to value Tamboran at 150 -200 million dollars.  This latest deal values Tamboran at just 8 million. Other documents on Tamboran’s funding show that Paul Fudge (who also has interests in Cuadrilla) has provided financing to Tamboran at 20 percent interest.

In other news the wholly owned subsidiary in the UK,  Tamboran Resources UK, is to keep barristers and solicitors in the manner to which they’ve been accustomed by requesting a Judicial Review of the Strategic Planning Policy Statement released by Mark Durkan in late…

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