Electric cars are not green

Degradation of land and bodies!

The Green agenda inspired by the UN Agenda 21, now 2030 is not what it seems. There seems to be a paradox between manufacturers producing so many cars and governments pushing diesel as much as they could, and the TV advertising/marketing doing a great job of tempting people to buy shiny new cars and then they turn around and say they are withdrawing them in the near future, in favour of electric vehicles. They are pushing batteries as the clean solution but at what cost? These rare earth minerals are being stripped from the Congo as shown in this video and young children are sent underground.

We really need to look at what is being created for the richest in society and that the poorest are being used as slave labour, as it has always been for a long long time. This is not true sustainability. There is another agenda at play and it does not bode well for the future and they are using climate change as a cover. The destruction of nature for all the resources and rewilding many areas across the planet will eventually lead to humans being pushed together in the smart cities the WEF and UN envisages with their sustainable developments goals. Change will surely happen and this system has to be more heart centred if we are to live well here.

Globalist intentions and wars

Here we have some evidence shown in the Grand Jury from a European perspective about the Yugoslavian conflict including a clip of the German Chancellor Schroeder in 2014 admitting it was an illegal war. Now NATO and the Western powers are against the Russians and interestingly we see similarities in the current Ukrainian conflict with Russia.

From https://odysee.com/@Corona-Investigative-Committee:5/s97en:3

This investigative journalist has much to say about the Ukraine/Russia situation here https://in-this-together.com/temp-ukraine-war-part-4/ and or course it is different to the propaganda put out in the mainstream and by our biased politicians in the UK who all want arms sent there instead of getting into dialogue. Yet again we see Putin as the scapegoat, as there always has to be one in these bankers’ et al wars.

Personally I stay away from arguing about these things as there has to be some calm in this mad world. I do feel it is important to say that all is not as it seems and it is a matter of perception and belief unless it is our own experience.