Virology is Dead

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In 2011 Stefan Lanka (a virologist) offered a reward for proof of the measles virus. The court case was well publicized for the first part but the appeal case was blacklisted. There was nothing but crickets from the mainstream media. The reason it was blacklisted was obvious. There are many so-called ‘experts’ going around shouting that Lanka lost the case. They hope most people will look no further but if you do you will find that the High Court in Germany deemed the protocol used to prove any virus, the method used since 1954 by all virologists, is fraud and proves nothing. This is now case law, set in stone. The measles virus was never proven in court to exist.
Despite all the pleas of the case being only won on a technicality someone quietly took down the picture of the supposed measles virus on the online ‘Picturebook of Viruses’…

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Doctors against the mainstream narrative

I have posted before various doctors who have spoken out against the mainstream narrative given out by the corporate agenda. Here is Dr Richard M Fleming giving a presentation on his findings and here states that the ‘vaccine’ is the bio-weapon and is an attack on humanity.

Why is it that debate has not been allowed? Fear has manipulated the population by repetition and division has been created yet again. Please listen to this physicist who has the data. We have been deceived by those institutions we thought were like us, and in actual fact are working against our best interests and crimes against humanity have been committed. The good news for those who have been vaccinated is that there are protocols which can help. This is Dr Fleming’s website

Here some Irish doctors speak out