Global protocols to kill patients

This film by the makers of the documentary series Fall Cabal, shows visually the way that hospitals had incentives to put their ‘COVID’ patients on a pathway to death. It is incredible that our healthcare system has turned into places that are not safe to be in. Their website where their films are available is which gives a good overview of exposing the criminals of this agenda.

There are so many organisations in this web of deceit and people are well paid to keep their mouths shut or tell lies. They can’t hide it forever and it is becoming more obvious what their games are, in fact they have told us in so many ways through Hollywood movies and TV dramas. Everything has been inverted and the health service isn’t true medicine, it is a racket for keeping people ill, but now they seem in a hurry to kill more people. Perhaps it is because humanity is awakening from their slumber…

What has happened to health services?

The Government has not told the British public what is really going on, and the MSM does not report these issues and which are going to affect us. Here we have the UK Column who are providing a news service three times a week live on Facebook with truth from their research. Debi Evans was a nurse in the NHS and now writes for UKC. Here is a page from their website of articles on health related topics Below is a clip I have taken which is quite relevant to the situation we now find in the UK with declining health services.

The UK Column have some history explained here with evidence on the public private relationships globally.

Even the MHRA which was supposedly a watchdog has been transformed into an ‘enabler’ and another global one at that. In this article the leader Dr Raine admits it

Short clip from RFK Jr

Here is a warning from Debi Evans in early 2021 about the 6″ nasal swabs being used in PCR tests.

Many people saw what was happening during COVID and felt that it was time to create a better way for our communities, who were being let down by what was happening in the NHS. This year saw the launch of a parallel system to the NHS, which is being organised by concerned people in the grassroots of society, and with a more holistic approach to health, rather than just having symptoms treated with pharmaceuticals. This website was launched in April after groups of volunteers formed around the UK via Telegram. It is still in the early stages of recruiting practitioners and also ex-NHS personnel who have become disillusioned with working there are also needed. This is the website for PHA – the Peoples Health Alliance – by the people for the people, changing the paradigm for a better future If you feel in resonance with this concept and can help, please share and get in touch either through the website or on Telegram here and there are lists of hubs in various areas

We have to take action by creating the communities and services that better suit the human being with a natural response to what is required. Things are changing fast and we may not have emergency services we can rely on in the near future. It seems like many things are being taken from us?? Remember “we are the ones we have been waiting for!”