How fear has taken captive minds

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real is one interpretation and we are living in a world of illusions and delusions!

It has become become very evident thanks to mass brainwashing of TV how susceptible the mind is through constant repetition. The capture also of all institutions using tools like NLP, and also how music can entrain the brain waves through modern culture. Ugly images seem predominant on screens and is classed as art. The Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday watched by millions and no surprise who the winners were, due to political voting and nothing to do with talent. It shows how manipulated the world has become.

True freedom is within the human heart when cleansed of trauma and focused on the vibration of love. Since the plandemic it seems to me that more and more trauma is polluting the lives of those who are disconnected from their spiritual heart and looking at media for entertainment.

Here is a good conversation looking at fear addiction and mass psychosis with psychiatrist Mark McDonald, author of the book United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Richard Willett from Glitch in the Code. Of course this happened throughout the world and it does depend on what you believe. We do have to be discerning and test out truth within ourselves, does it resonate? Another interesting point they spoke about was the issue of ‘doing it for others’ i.e. the collective and ‘don’t be selfish’ being used by the media to just follow the crowd and keep in line. Fear is used to keep control of the masses and the elites take everything for themselves while we’re not looking. Interesting times!