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Nurses speak to Sons of Liberty here

Ex-policeman explains our rights and the police are abusing their oaths in many cases, they should serve ‘we the people’ and not the government. The police are not above the law. Many are committing misconduct in public office which is a criminal offence.

Real news you don’t get in the mainstream

The anti-protest laws got passed through the House of Commons on Wednesday 17th March and will now go to the House of Lords. Unfortunately the Whip system gets the votes they want, so it’s not really a democracy. Listen to this QC speaking:

The Peoples Lawyer channel has some good points to make

Interesting connections to the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca deal James Corbett interviews Whitney Webb

On vaccine passports from

Here is Oracle Films response to the Panorama disinformation report on Monday February 15

Here is the latest news on the case against UK politician Matt Hancock MP and three members of SAGE

It is now state policy it seems how the State is dictating to Health & Social Care staff, listen to a whistleblower over concerns with the vaccine agenda. It is becoming more apparent how cruel these policies are!

Rachel Elnaugh gives some history here

A leaked document from the Cabinet Office is very revealing pre-Covid here

See What’s New page for the We Are Vaxxed video with an expert on what is in the COVID vaccine, NOT to be recommended. See also related to the Pfizer vaccine

You can sign this petition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson here regarding the Court Order scams, which also links to the COVID scams that are making money for politicians and some policemen it seems see the press report here

Rachel Elnaugh brings some important facts to the table here

Selfish and Ignorant

PM Boris Johnson has announced the 3rd national lockdown across England on January 4th, 2021 and it’s worth considering this from The Bernician

They are using draconian measures to lock us down and below a pathologist provides some actual figures of deaths. Perhaps the language they are using is to create more fear, rather than providing any evidence of the danger. We all need to take responsibility for our own health and nature knows best.

Dr Charlie Ward interviews Geza Tarjanyi on politics and more

Dr Clare Craig speaks about the faster test’s efficacy
Urgent message re imprisonment of Wilfrid Wong and colleagues

It is important that we pay attention to the fraud that is being perpetrated on us particularly in the UK and US, please read the link below for an explanation of our constitution from The Bernician. Please also go to this website and support Simon Dolan’s campaign,

A British doctor’s confession

Back at the end of March 2020 this is one article stating the test does not work

Interview with Julia Hartley Brewer

Lord Sumption speaks on the Government

The UK government knows the virus doesn’t exist see article here

Mark Devlin has positivity for the future and our freedom from tyranny, it is up to us!

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Here is a good article which I recommend by Vanessa Beeley

This is the inventor of the PCR test speaking in 1997 (in English), judge for yourself whether this makes sense in relation to COVID 19.

Kary Mullis

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