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Clare Wills-Harrison: Heads up. Our last live. Class actions. You remember we talked about the German lawyer and his evidence and suggestion of class actions.Note the following below.UK ONLY: If you feel you’ve been harmed in any way, whether psychologically, emotionally, financially or otherwise, because of covid restrictions, please email me at: – put your name in the subject line, leave the body blank, no details for now please. I shall update once I have progress. If you are a legal person who can help, add “HELP” with your name in the subject and any professional details in the body please. WE WILL DO THIS.

From Clare Wills-Harrison
Dr Andrew Kaufman explains what this means
Message re track and trace app – DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Mark Devlin has positivity for the future and our freedom from tyranny, it is up to us!

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Here is a good article which I recommend by Vanessa Beeley

This is the inventor of the PCR test speaking in 1997 (in English), judge for yourself whether this makes sense in relation to COVID 19.

Kary Mullis

Dr Carrie Madej speaks to the doctors rally in London