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Edward Ellis Equity Lawyer has done great work so far with the Equity Monarchy Trusts which were set up in the 17th century to protect the citizen from corrupt governance and he has rescued them from obscurity where they had been for 45 years, taken from his website

“The United Kingdom had the Common Law and Equity Governance. The Top Level Corruption Controls of the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops are called the Equity Monarchy Trusts. They govern Parliament Session Powers. The Ultimate Power is a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for Corruption proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. It enables the imposition of Corruption Remedy Conditions in Parliament Session Agreements.

The European Leaders agreed the European Constitution. It vests Dictator Powers in the State. It replaced Equity Governance with Dictator Governance. The Equity Monarchy Trusts fell into disuse for 45 years while the European Constitution was developed. The European Leaders wanted Reference Acceptance of the Dictator Powers. In 2004 the preparations for the European Referenda included Election Frauds by the European Leaders. The Election Fraud Proof was used for a Corruption Notice to the Crown and Parliament. It revived use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts. It started a Corruption Remedy Process that has continued ever since.”

He has submitted this notice to parliament on 19th June, 2019 Mass Remedies Proposal Notice

It is a long piece and notably says:

The function of the Corruption Remedy Process is a Power Transfer for Honourable Parliamentarians against the Protection Fraud Network. It needed Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Protection Fraud Network in the State, Law Courts and Parliament. Recent Events got completion of the Criminal Conspiracy Proof Set. A Corrupt Majority of MPs have been providing Protection Frauds for Organised Crime. They are accountable for doing so.

The remedy is simple. It is the Jurisdiction Superiority for the Remedy Jurisdiction of the Citizen against All Jurisdictions of the State and Law Courts with All Necessary Enforcement Powers. It means that MPs will have Dual Jurisdictions i.e. Remedy Jurisdiction for the Citizen and Political Representation Jurisdiction for the Constituent.

The Remedy Jurisdiction will have Jurisdiction Superiority over the Political Representation Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction Conflicts shall be resolved for the Superior Jurisdiction against the Inferior Jurisdiction. The Crown, Lord Bishops and Honourable Parliamentarian will not need that explaining. MPs that do need it explaining have a duty to say so.  The Equity Lawyer can assist with Detailed Management of needed. The priority now is Mass Remedies.

The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. They are called the Equity Monarchy Trusts because they were created in the 17th Century. If they were created today that might be called Citizen Empowerment Trusts. The Citizen has Investigation Jurisdiction. The Crown has Prosecution Jurisdiction. The Lord Bishops have Adjudication Jurisdiction. There are 24 of them. It enables up to 12 Lord Bishops to sit as Trial Jurors and up to 12 Different Lord Bishops to sit as Appeal Jurors. They use the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. It is Official Records that are Justice Proof for Honourable Officers or Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers and Credibility Irrelevance Proof for the Victim.  the challenge for the Citizen is Case Management that gets Proof Sets that meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. The challenge for the Crown and Lord Bishops is Remedy Decisions that make best use of it.

Citizens who service the Equity Monarchy Trusts have Protection Rights from the Crown and Parliament with Protection Enforcement by the Cabinet and Prime Minister and Protection Enforcement Accountability by the Opposition Leader. The Protection Rights serve as an Integrity Test of Top Politicians. They create a Conflict Jurisdiction Disqualification for the Citizen against the Cabinet and Prime Minister. The use of Conflict Powers they do not have for Prosecution Frauds against the Citizen is Guilt Proof against the Prime Minister and All Other Responsible Officers. Failure to use Protection Enforcement Accountability is Guilt Proof against the Opposition Leader.

The Equity Monarchy Trusts fell into disuse for 45 years when the Politicians developed the European Constitution. It vested Dictator Powers in the State. In every Member State of the European Union the Politicians lost control to Corrupt Officers who formed Protection Fraud Networks. They sold Market Frauds to Organised Crime, provided Protection Frauds for the4 Corrupt Officers who managed them and gave Glittering Career Guarantees to Corrupt MPs in exchange for Fraud Services in Parliament.
Parliament had Two Majorities. It had Governing Majorities returned by the General Elections and Remedy Denial Fraud Majorities managed by the Protection Fraud Network. They used the Governing Majorities as Governance Fronts for Organised Crime.

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