My Life’s Journey and the Collective

How I feel about Extinction Rebellion and #ClimateEmergency

Quaker Advice #27: Live adventurously. When choices arise, do you take the way that offers the fullest opportunity for the use of your gifts in the service of God and the community? Let your life speak. When decisions have to be made, are you ready to join with others in seeking clearness, asking for God’s guidance and offering counsel to one another?

As a Quaker I find that I differ in opinion to other Quakers on sustainability issues and I do have concerns about the environment and the corporate ecocide that is taking place on our planet. I also know Quaker Friends who are participating in Extinction Rebellion actions and other activist friends who I have come to know through the anti-fracking movement.

My reasons for not supporting #XR I have shared elsewhere, but now feel it better to summarise them here. I have been involved in activism to stop fracking in the UK since late 2013 when the first site to be developed in the north was in the Salford area of Barton Moss. We felt that fracking was not the way to go for our environment, because of the experiences we heard from speakers from Canada, U.S and Australia about the dangers to human and animal health as well as the threat to our underground water and air. I joined Frack Free Lancashire, Keep East Lancashire Frack Free, the Lancashire Nanas and the campaign at Preston New Road and last year a group of us from #NoFaithinFracking organised a week of activities there.

Our government had also pulled the plug on subsidies for renewables and were determined to subsidise a new fossil fuel industry that would take years to develop. So I have sympathy for the actions now being taken, which I think are misguided on the causes, because if you look deeper at who funds the non-governmental organisations you may find George Soros’ Open Society Foundations who seem expert in social engineering. The journalist Cory Morningstar has been researching environmentalism, particularly documenting the lead up to the financialisation of nature – you can look deeper here at one of her websites

I have gained information from research done by many good people and have read books on influences such as Agenda 21 and now #Agenda2030  and their Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs, see (Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire who learned by experience in Santa Rosa, Northern California), Technocracy Rising by Patrick Wood and Chemtrails, Haarp and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland tells us that the military/industrial complex have been secretly developing silent weapons for weather modification and they use far more fossil fuels than do the population at large. So much is decided and done without our knowledge and the view of the world we are given by MSM is nothing like the truth! This world is controlled from behind the scenes, note the Bilderberg group who meet annually in secret and the plan is about to get worse, that is why I’m suspicious of this global environmental activism and who is pulling the strings.

More explanation here on Agenda 21 Rosa Koire talks with Jason Liosatos

As far as climate change goes I have certainly been following developments for many years and I’ve learned that the climate always changes and it is good to question the motives behind this narrative of blaming humans for too much CO2 in the atmosphere, which is too generalised a statement for the truth IMO. It has been found in the past that there has been much higher levels of CO2 and the planet is greened by it. The sun has a more powerful influence and goes through cycles, currently low sunspot activity, weak magnetosphere  and nature finds a balance. We humans need balance also. Here is a good conversation on the Grand Solar Minimum with David DuByne from Adapt 2030 YouTube channel

Here is a better explanation of where we are as a planet now – in a warm part of an extremely cold era, see for the science.

I know we seem to be creating a mess and not setting a good example to youth, but maybe it’s because we’re not connected to nature anymore and certainly not being good stewards. Whose fault is it? We can always try to improve the way we live and be good examples with a more natural lifestyle but not everyone can do that or want to. We live in a corporate world and they dictate much of what is happening. Certainly the military/industrial complex uses the most ‘fossil fuels’ and is there really a need to expand airports??

Here is the first paragraph of the Quaker statement in 2009 to the crisis of climate change: “The crisis of global climate change represents a supreme test of humanity’s collective wisdom and courage. Our immoderate use of the Earth’s resources violates the entire biosphere, threatening the lives of millions of people and the habitats of thousands of species. Many of the poorest people are already suffering a changed climate; they are asking us all to act.”

Are we being asked to go backwards and give up all fossil fuels? I now think becoming fossil-free is foolish, as there are better ways to clean up our world (technology for good not being released) and with low carbon, it wouldn’t be a green planet. We would find it very difficult as carbon dioxide is the gas of life, so is it intended for less people? I’m not so sure that electric cars are that green anyway. The fact that most pensions are invested in fossil fuels could create a breakdown of society too. We know the relationship between plastic being made from petroleum and technology could be utilised to convert plastic back to petroleum. Perhaps the label ‘fossil’ fuels is incorrect too! The corporate world uses ‘scarcity’ to increase their prices so everything seems a manipulation to their advantage. ‘Follow the money’ is a good guide to who is funding who.

Recently a well-loved international lawyer Polly Higgins, who has been working to implement a law against ecocide, died of cancer after a short illness. Her work is much appreciated and will live on see  I signed up as an earth protector when Mission Life Force was first launched.

In 2010 I started to hear that there were scientific voices who were not in agreement with the consensus which was handed down from the UN IPCC panel on climate change. Here is their statement: IPCC reports are neutral, policy-relevant but not policy-prescriptive.  The assessment reports are a key input into the international negotiations to tackle climate change. Created by the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1988, the IPCC  has 195 Member countries.

UN Agenda 21 came out of the Rio summit of 1992 and is being implemented globally, as is Extinction Rebellion a recent movement which stated last year that we only have 12 years, so that takes us to 2030 coincidentally. This is also what came out of (Local) Agenda 21 so policies are already being implemented locally, check what our local authorities are doing in their planning. Part of the Agenda is to move people into smart cities and rewild the land. From their website: “ICLEI experts are on the ground, working alongside local and regional governments to anticipate and respond to complex challenges, from urbanization and climate change to ecosystem degradation and inequity. We invest in the capacity and knowledge needed to design solutions to these challenges and make decisions informed by data, scientific evidence and local realities and pressures.” A recent talk here explains more about how the plan is being implemented

I’ve been learning more about the history of climate for our planet and unfortunately the so called consensus view does not take into consideration our past extremes of temperature and that we are in an interglacial period which is cooling according to the climate scientists who have been labelled climate deniers. I’ve also read about magnetic reversals which appears to be affecting us currently, with the poles migrating and have split both in the north and south. Weather extremes are definitely happening with the North Pole moving eastwards, affecting Siberia and many parts of Asia and the western split affecting North America with colder weather. There is so much that can affect us from space also with an increase in cosmic radiation currently. Thanks to independent researchers and the internet, we can follow topics of interest rather than depend on what we hear on TV, which is more controlled.

I’ve always been interested in the bigger picture as well as what affects us locally. I stand by my view that fracking is wrong and so is 5G which is being imposed on us globally without our consent for the internet of things. All this radiation and heavy metals from our atmosphere will affect our health with more cancers or kill us. So discernment is important and we need to take responsibility for our bodies and protect ourselves in this polluted environment. We live in a corrupted world and I personally don’t think our politicians are looking after our best interests at all, even if they appear to listen, due to vested interests. We have always been divided as a people in many ways, as we are more easily controlled that way, so even our grassroots campaigns have gone that way. I trust that consciousness and light is needed to dispel the darkness and we must follow our own hearts and not expect others to lead or ‘save’ us…

Conspiracy in this Orwellian world

Any research which goes against the mainstream version of events is labelled conspiracy to be ridiculed. Only independent journalism is able to dig deeper and reveal the web of interconnection and deceit. David Icke was the first that I was aware of, who joined the dots and more recently I have listened to Windows on the World, a website where there is an archive of shows and they have looked into the background of the founders of Extinction Rebellion. Mark Windows, Piers Corbyn and Sandi Adams have been touring with their presentation of ‘The Bigger Picture’ which pulls together very well what I have been talking about. Many have reported that XR appears to be a top down decision making organisation even though they say it is based on a self-organising system, with many activists from Occupy taking leading roles.

There is good and bad in everything, we live in a world of duality. Creativity with an open and enquiring mind is needed, let us be aware and not afraid to question …

Smart Cities

As part of Sustainable Development the new smart cities will have the Internet of Things powered by 5G. These are already planned for future living, see the new Masdar City in the Middle East where people will live in compact units.

Empire and growth

Deep green resistence has a very insightful interview here


So I’m finding that I have to leave many of the groups I have been part of, as our beliefs differ in some areas and really I am a free spirit at heart.