I am seeing quite a few talks explaining that we don’t catch viruses but that they are the body’s way of releasing toxins from the cells and there is a link to the extreme effects of #5G, see this talk by Dr Cowan

Here are more health tips from a naturopathic doctor How to support and heal a cold or flu

History and lies about bacteria and viruses from virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka – German with Subtitles –

Here are some videos from different standpoints and the first one gives positive remedy against the virus How to kill CoronaVirus

From a more spiritual view CoronaVirus Origins and Antidotes

A positive look and an opportunity is suggested by David Crow of

Looking after one’s health and body has always seemed important to me from when I was in my twenties and living in London. When I became a vegetarian I used to shop at wholefood shops and often tried to get organic vegetables even though it meant paying more for them. I naturally preferred what was more natural and found information that was not put into the mainstream that appealed more to me, as the world was being taken over by larger commercial interests. I have not been a vegetarian for almost the last 30 years as I felt it wasn’t suiting my health needs.

So here we are today being told by the mainstream that a global pandemic is here even though the numbers are not as high as in a previous SARS pandemic, but it seems that it is coming! Twenty-four hour news is repeating it ad infinitum on tel-lie-vision. Global plans have been preparing for it even though it seems that in the UK our NHS is not so prepared to cope with it and there is a similar situation in other countries although different decisions have been taken. I do think that those with underlying health problems are the most vulnerable especially with taking pharmaceuticals which already undermine the immune system. I do think it is a massive scam and cover-up for something else especially with the global shutdown. Here is a good explanation of what is going to happen when everyone is locked down The Hidden Agenda


I do not watch much of the propaganda on TV as much as my partner does, but it is good to keep abreast of the situation as it unfolds without fear. To me it is obvious that it is part of the globalist agenda to bring in their NWO of control. For those who may remember the Georgia guidestones here is some info  Georgia Guidestones

We live in an inverted world where truth is not allowed, it seems to me and if one tries to speak the truth then you may get the label of conspiracy theorist. Nevertheless we are in a spiritual battle and the forces of darkness who worship Satan and believe that they can destroy creation and continue to rule our world need to be exposed. We live in a crucial time for humanity and here is a well produced documentary part 1 – 10 THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT – The Fall of the Cabal

There is a link to 5G The Mask For Totalitarian 5G Genocide

Vaccine warning Information from Del Bigtree


Lightworker’s concerns Tony Sayers speaks

Here are my thoughts today March 21, 2020 Light n Dark podcast