Modern day warfare being used on the global population

There is so much evidence coming out about the use of dangerous, silent weapons directed against humanity for a nefarious agenda.

Tucker Carlson interviews the author of ‘Cause Unknown’ Ed Dowd who has been investigating the sudden deaths from 2021 to the present.

Good research

It has become very evident that organised criminals are running this world in many areas and particularly the pharmaceutical/medical arena, with possibly the military industrial complex playing their part, now confirmed by Katherine Watt in the above video. During COVID many experiments were being done on humanity including psychologically, especially with the rollout of the vaccination programmes. In this video recorded in late 2021 with Dr Sam White, who had refused to comply with the medical protocols and was struck off. He has been fighting the medical establishment through the courts and has been one of the few doctors in the UK to speak out against the official narrative and agenda. The Corona Investigative Committee speak about the intent to harm by the agents involved.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich

In the next video Jacqui Deevoy exposes euthanasia by the care industry in hospitals, by interviewing relatives of those who were given midazolam and morphine and were executed by staff who knew they were going to die.

This was a very painful experience for these relatives to witness and once inside hospital the patients were put on an end of life pathway which took over any care they could have been given. As mentioned it seemed like saving money by this system now was more important than life for the elderly. The protocols had been given through Government to the medical profession to carry out. Until this time it was difficult to believe that the NHS would do such a thing!

Here is a video recorded by Michael O’Bernicia who has brought a private prosecution in the winter of 2021 against the former Health Minister Matt Hancock who served during the COVID plandemic and three other defendants Sir Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson.

see his website for details on the case itself and update here Michael has had success previously with the Great Mortgage Swindle a film documenting his battle with that arena, also available through his website.

On the financial side Catherine Austin Fitts is inspirational, see this video

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