Weaponisation of nature used against humanity

Dr David Martin uses the term I’ve taken for the subject of this blog, as he had given a warning that this was coming, as he explains in his presentation. His research into the patents involved caught my attention during the plandemic. I had many reasons to believe that transhumanism was being brought upon us via the injections of the so called ‘vaccines’ for COVID and that the bio-technology being implemented was well advanced. It seems that those who believe they want to control this planet and every living thing upon it, decided long ago that the future will be according to their agenda, as opposed to the natural world and flow of life. In fact if they were to get their way with Net Zero, then life as we know it will not exist! We live in interesting times for sure as we are also being led to believe that we’re in a climate emergency. We do see our skies changing from blue to white due to weather manipulation or geo-engineering, so in fact it is looking like many things have been hidden, which are now coming into view and truth is often the opposite of what we’ve been told.

Here is a video of records from the late 19th century of extreme weather events which have disappeared from charts and shown to be the opposite, for the purposes of misinformation when it comes to the political agenda of the UN and the global climate crisis of today.

Spiritual warfare

I came across this article which I am sharing here because it is always good to get different perspectives on this life. I have written and spoken many times about this battle of Light and Dark which is within us. Here is Tessa Lena’s article which I found on Dr Mercola’s website and here is the link https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2023/April/PDF/an-ancient-attack-on-our-dignity-pdf.pdf

Here is the video with Tessa interviewing Thomas Harrington entitled ‘The Treason of the Experts’

The way institutions have developed our societies and that includes religions, has left us deprived of our inner power and controlled and there’s also a disconnect with our physical bodies unless we can feel our spiritual selves. This can all be healed which requires inner work and awareness. The education system is controlled and is there to train future workers in compliance to the system, it is conditioning rather than drawing out intelligence. Where has morality and values gone? It is more anti-life than a celebration of life. It is a challenge to be different and natural in this world. We are constantly distracted from ourselves and away from feeling calm and that is the way things are and part of our learning experience. They mention original sin which is one of the guilt trips in Christianity that has conditioned my generation and for a lot longer. I can relate to wanting to understand what life is about from a young age and looking for answers. The best way is natural is my conclusion. Here is a short video on Twitter from a doctor speaking about toxic diets which is destroying health.

Here is my short clip from SGT Report – The system is evil, choose life to demonstrate the dark side’s agenda.
Full video here https://rumble.com/v2ga8pq-the-system-is-evil.-choose-life.-foster-coulson.html

Thanks to SGT Report for great reporting!

A wise look at the banking system

From a different perspective Gregg Braden looks at the fractional reserve banking system and why banks are vulnerable to collapse. He compares the digital system with fiat currency in this video. He does suggest not putting all one’s eggs in one basket and recently the crypto currencies have been taking a dive. Is this in preparation for the CBDC’s I wonder?

Gregg Braden – Reasons Why the Banks are in Trouble
A decentralised information system

Astrologically speaking Pam Gregory speaks about April/May being strong months for financial volatility and turbulence in this video below. She also speaks a lot about the new Earth and that we are the creator beings!

We can create something new and better! It’s a thrilling time to be alive! Here is Pam’s website https://www.thenextstep.uk.com/

Phosgene a dangerous lethal gas was released above East Palestine in Ohio

MSM has not told the truth about the toxicity of this recent ‘accident’ on February 3rd, according to those who have investigated the situation. Dr Robert O Young’s advice is to leave the area, perhaps go west as the wind sent it east, north and south. It as lethal as Fukushima and Cherobyl! Here is the interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot where this good man shares his findings. His website is https://www.drrobertyoung.com/

Is the U.S being attacked?

With so much radiation and toxic gases in our environment, we need to protect with nascent iodine, potassium iodine, potassium iodide and other supplements as 5G has gone global as well. Most of all don’t panic or live in fear. Trust in nature and help each other.

An issue with the Coronation oath

I’m pleased to hear that there are those who wish to uphold our country’s constitution and are querying the oath that King Charles will use. Will he protect the people or not? This is the link to https://hardwickalliance.org/blog/ which has the letter which was sent to the Duke of Norfolk.

Please note also this post https://hardwickalliance.org/2023/02/13/nonversation-with-number-10/ which is a picture of the lack of communication from our leading politicians on important issues.

Modern day warfare being used on the global population

There is so much evidence coming out about the use of dangerous, silent weapons directed against humanity for a nefarious agenda.

Tucker Carlson interviews the author of ‘Cause Unknown’ Ed Dowd who has been investigating the sudden deaths from 2021 to the present.

Good research

It has become very evident that organised criminals are running this world in many areas and particularly the pharmaceutical/medical arena, with possibly the military industrial complex playing their part, now confirmed by Katherine Watt in the above video. During COVID many experiments were being done on humanity including psychologically, especially with the rollout of the vaccination programmes. In this video recorded in late 2021 with Dr Sam White, who had refused to comply with the medical protocols and was struck off. He has been fighting the medical establishment through the courts and has been one of the few doctors in the UK to speak out against the official narrative and agenda. The Corona Investigative Committee speak about the intent to harm by the agents involved.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich

In the next video Jacqui Deevoy exposes euthanasia by the care industry in hospitals, by interviewing relatives of those who were given midazolam and morphine and were executed by staff who knew they were going to die.

This was a very painful experience for these relatives to witness and once inside hospital the patients were put on an end of life pathway which took over any care they could have been given. As mentioned it seemed like saving money by this system now was more important than life for the elderly. The protocols had been given through Government to the medical profession to carry out. Until this time it was difficult to believe that the NHS would do such a thing!

Here is a video recorded by Michael O’Bernicia who has brought a private prosecution in the winter of 2021 against the former Health Minister Matt Hancock who served during the COVID plandemic and three other defendants Sir Chris Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson. https://odysee.com/@thebernician:7/corona-virus-is-a-mask-for-totalitarian:c

see his website for details on the case itself https://www.thebernician.net/midazolam-murders-charges-to-be-laid-on-winter-solstice/ and update here https://www.thebernician.net/covid-1984-update-pub-appeal-decision-to-dismiss-pcp-against-four-horsemen/ Michael has had success previously with the Great Mortgage Swindle a film documenting his battle with that arena, also available through his website.

On the financial side Catherine Austin Fitts is inspirational, see this video https://tube.solari.com/videos/catherine-austin-fitts-clues-to-recapture-individual-freedom-and-ditch-the-control-grid/

Harvesting much more from us https://home.solari.com/coming-tuesday-the-economy-of-the-energy-body-with-ulrike-granogger/

Farming a planned destruction

I missed this report, but I’m well aware of the UN global agenda. We have been warned of coming scarcities in the food chain for a while. The globalists have got this all well planned and we are witnessing the technocratic takeover of everything in these last 3 years especially.

Meanwhile local communities are growing again and local is better for the environment. There is a grassroots initiative launched September 2022 called The People’s Food and Farming Alliance and this is their website https://the-pffa.org/ and Telegram channel https://t.me/PFFAGrowYourOwn and the Rumble channel https://rumble.com/c/c-1922407 where Katherine Macbean introduces the PFFA.

Looking at trauma

Dr Gabor Mate speaks about his work

Much healing is needed for trauma and psychological issues created through life in this world. Awareness of why we feel the way we do when strong feelings or reactions happen are important for our own self-knowledge and healing. Below Paul McKenna shares a powerful technique called ‘Havening’, which I learned about from a fellow traveller yesterday who is also a practitioner and has had great results with it.

The Havening Technique demonstration

I was part of the Rajneesh/Osho movement in the seventies into the nineties, so I know from experience that active meditations lead to a better experience of silence and peace, particularly so in the presence of a Master who was creating a Buddhafield around him. Here in this video with English subtitles is a good example of how these teachings and meditations of Bhagwan as he was first known, help release traumas. Even after his passing in January 1990, his energy can still be felt.

A Dutch sannyasin tells her story

Here is a link to the library of Osho https://www.osho.com/osho-online-library/osho-talks/future-birth-ancient-b7ce815f-b33?p=f8187d2bfcbbdcadf24f51318aaa19f8

Life is being attacked

I’ve written what I perceive to be truth, particularly throughout the last three years or more when I’ve written about #5G and #transhumanism being part of a dangerous hidden agenda.

Here Karen Kingston who has been flagging up her research many times with the Stew Peters Show in the U.S is sharing her latest findings with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger who created his own platform against censorship here https://www.brighteon.com/0baeff43-2a1d-4df9-8e02-454a459ee9ae and my channel below.

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston shows documentation and patents

It is imperative that good people become aware of this agenda and it is no good burying our heads in the sand. Yesterday I went to a Wellness Fair for a PHA Hub which is part of the Peoples Health Alliance and promoting Holistic Therapies and taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. Too much propaganda and brainwashing has taught people that doctors are the go to for remedies, but as I’ve said before the chemicalising of natural plant based remedies took over and made things much worse.

Please pay attention to this video if you care for the future of humanity, we need to take action. Do not let fear paralyse you, but transmute that through the heart and feel the spirit of love and knowing what is right. This is my Sunday message and let us unite in truth. Blessings and love.

I’ve been reminded of this video explanation of the street light technology rolled out a few years ago. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bT8XYWkdrnXP/

King Charles takes on the role of Monarch

So let’s take a little look at what we’ve seen of Charles and more recently with the globalist agenda and the WEF leader Klaus Schwab, who seems to have trained many ‘young leaders’. They are all in on the ‘Climate Emergency’ scam!

full video here https://www.bitchute.com/video/c4fb5cxZFswD/

‘The world is a stage’ said William Shakespeare and others and certainly in the 21st Century we get plenty of entertainment to distract us from simply living. There are many historians and researchers who present information which differs from what is presented on TV and in film. We have to be discerning, but it is obvious that the richest people in the world have more control, and many say and know that there is a hidden hand behind who we get to see in the roles that are played.

In that way many things have been hidden and the secret societies have played a large part in this as well as certain factions in the military/industrial complex. So the truth is often in a need to know basis. When it comes to the future, those who do not have our best interests in their plans, more of their deceptions are being revealed. For example why all these underground bases?

More on the WEF

The Great Reset financially

Prof. Richard Werner on economics & CBDC
The Rich Dad Radio Show

So the predators are moving fast to trap us into their planned totalitarian takeover, through controlling money in the digital world of finance with Central Bank Digital Currency as well as all the resources. Professor Werner has been promoting community banking for many years and it is so important for our freedoms not to have centralised control, as we have had via the Central Banks up to now. Also we need to keep using CASH.

Australian Suncorp suggests microchips in hand

Profit seeking destroys healthcare

The Great NHS Heist

A discussion between a nurse activist Kate Shemirani and activist Doctor Bob Gill (see video below), who has made the film The Great NHS Heist, brought this film of 2020 to my attention today. Certainly COVID made what was happening with the NHS more obvious to many of us, that things had gone badly wrong with our health service! I already realised that allopathic medicine was controlled by the pharmaceutical industry who were there to make large profits from disease with their synthetic drugs. As a meditator and someone who was aware that what we put in our bodies together with our lifestyles can contribute to dis-ease. Also life in this world can be very challenging in a toxic environment, fast foods for convenience and with the propaganda which is around us 24/7 through advertising and various media of film and TV.

Kate Shemirani and Dr Bob Gill conversation
What happened to this GP when he spoke out
Two US + 1 UK business

England’s NHS has been denationalised and Americanised into 42 differently structured for-profit Integrated Care Systems based on U.S Managed/Accountable Care Organisations. Less care = profits! #RenationaliseNHS #NHS_NOT_ICS (from Twitter)

On the positive side there is a growing organisation by the people for the people called the Peoples Health Alliance whose time has come. Their website includes a Practitioners Directory and Health Education articles at https://the-pha.org/ and the focus is self-empowerment through taking responsibility for caring for ourselves and each other.

There are many holistic therapies on offer, rather than just treating systems with pharmaceuticals, which doesn’t get to the root cause of dis-ease, which can often be our own response to circumstances. Holistic therapies look at the whole body, mind and emotions that are presented and assist to rebalance.

Here on UnitedNetwork.News are stories from around the world with a positive focus on what communities are doing https://www.unitednetwork.news/content/detail/6318e00983c4100015889bcc/07-09-2022-United-Network-News