King Charles takes on the role of Monarch

So let’s take a little look at what we’ve seen of Charles and more recently with the globalist agenda and the WEF leader Klaus Schwab, who seems to have trained many ‘young leaders’. They are all in on the ‘Climate Emergency’ scam!

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‘The world is a stage’ said William Shakespeare and others and certainly in the 21st Century we get plenty of entertainment to distract us from simply living. There are many historians and researchers who present information which differs from what is presented on TV and in film. We have to be discerning, but it is obvious that the richest people in the world have more control, and many say and know that there is a hidden hand behind who we get to see in the roles that are played.

In that way many things have been hidden and the secret societies have played a large part in this as well as certain factions in the military/industrial complex. So the truth is often in a need to know basis. When it comes to the future, those who do not have our best interests in their plans, more of their deceptions are being revealed. For example why all these underground bases?

More on the WEF

The Great Reset financially

Prof. Richard Werner on economics & CBDC
The Rich Dad Radio Show

So the predators are moving fast to trap us into their planned totalitarian takeover, through controlling money in the digital world of finance with Central Bank Digital Currency as well as all the resources. Professor Werner has been promoting community banking for many years and it is so important for our freedoms not to have centralised control, as we have had via the Central Banks up to now. Also we need to keep using CASH.

Australian Suncorp suggests microchips in hand

Profit seeking destroys healthcare

The Great NHS Heist

A discussion between a nurse activist Kate Shemirani and activist Doctor Bob Gill (see video below), who has made the film The Great NHS Heist, brought this film of 2020 to my attention today. Certainly COVID made what was happening with the NHS more obvious to many of us, that things had gone badly wrong with our health service! I already realised that allopathic medicine was controlled by the pharmaceutical industry who were there to make large profits from disease with their synthetic drugs. As a meditator and someone who was aware that what we put in our bodies together with our lifestyles can contribute to dis-ease. Also life in this world can be very challenging in a toxic environment, fast foods for convenience and with the propaganda which is around us 24/7 through advertising and various media of film and TV.

Kate Shemirani and Dr Bob Gill conversation
What happened to this GP when he spoke out
Two US + 1 UK business

England’s NHS has been denationalised and Americanised into 42 differently structured for-profit Integrated Care Systems based on U.S Managed/Accountable Care Organisations. Less care = profits! #RenationaliseNHS #NHS_NOT_ICS (from Twitter)

On the positive side there is a growing organisation by the people for the people called the Peoples Health Alliance whose time has come. Their website includes a Practitioners Directory and Health Education articles at and the focus is self-empowerment through taking responsibility for caring for ourselves and each other.

There are many holistic therapies on offer, rather than just treating systems with pharmaceuticals, which doesn’t get to the root cause of dis-ease, which can often be our own response to circumstances. Holistic therapies look at the whole body, mind and emotions that are presented and assist to rebalance.

Here on UnitedNetwork.News are stories from around the world with a positive focus on what communities are doing

Don’t have the jab!

This video called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is a compilation of adverse reactions and deaths from the injections, which are coerced in many cases. Difficult visuals to take but necessary, to show the truth of what they are doing and knowingly to humanity.

It is shocking to see that the world has so obviously been split by those who seek to control everything. The evidence is out there but a large amount of the population still believe what comes from the mainstream channels and do not look anywhere else. The sleek actors in full view must have sold their souls to the devil in pushing this agenda. Fame and fortune still rules for many, for a very attractive and rich lifestyle maybe?

It is time to re-evaluate what is important, money or your life?

How can people believe SADS when these people are dying after taking the injections?


This video about the AIDS epidemic also shows the deception used to frighten people and especially those found to test positive for the HIV virus and subsequently given the drug AZT which eventually killed them.

Global protocols to kill patients

This film by the makers of the documentary series Fall Cabal, shows visually the way that hospitals had incentives to put their ‘COVID’ patients on a pathway to death. It is incredible that our healthcare system has turned into places that are not safe to be in. Their website where their films are available is which gives a good overview of exposing the criminals of this agenda.

There are so many organisations in this web of deceit and people are well paid to keep their mouths shut or tell lies. They can’t hide it forever and it is becoming more obvious what their games are, in fact they have told us in so many ways through Hollywood movies and TV dramas. Everything has been inverted and the health service isn’t true medicine, it is a racket for keeping people ill, but now they seem in a hurry to kill more people. Perhaps it is because humanity is awakening from their slumber…

What has happened to health services?

The Government has not told the British public what is really going on, and the MSM does not report these issues and which are going to affect us. Here we have the UK Column who are providing a news service three times a week live on Facebook with truth from their research. Debi Evans was a nurse in the NHS and now writes for UKC. Here is a page from their website of articles on health related topics Below is a clip I have taken which is quite relevant to the situation we now find in the UK with declining health services.

The UK Column have some history explained here with evidence on the public private relationships globally.

Even the MHRA which was supposedly a watchdog has been transformed into an ‘enabler’ and another global one at that. In this article the leader Dr Raine admits it

Short clip from RFK Jr

Here is a warning from Debi Evans in early 2021 about the 6″ nasal swabs being used in PCR tests.

Many people saw what was happening during COVID and felt that it was time to create a better way for our communities, who were being let down by what was happening in the NHS. This year saw the launch of a parallel system to the NHS, which is being organised by concerned people in the grassroots of society, and with a more holistic approach to health, rather than just having symptoms treated with pharmaceuticals. This website was launched in April after groups of volunteers formed around the UK via Telegram. It is still in the early stages of recruiting practitioners and also ex-NHS personnel who have become disillusioned with working there are also needed. This is the website for PHA – the Peoples Health Alliance – by the people for the people, changing the paradigm for a better future If you feel in resonance with this concept and can help, please share and get in touch either through the website or on Telegram here and there are lists of hubs in various areas

We have to take action by creating the communities and services that better suit the human being with a natural response to what is required. Things are changing fast and we may not have emergency services we can rely on in the near future. It seems like many things are being taken from us?? Remember “we are the ones we have been waiting for!”

It’s… Monty Satan’s Lying Circus!

winter oak

by Paul Cudenec

Roll up, roll up, dear units of human capital, and shuffle submissively into the sublimely sustainable future of Monty Satan’s Lying Circus!

Keep your distance from each other, folks! No chatting! Remember, eye contact can spread misinformation! Keep your muzzles tightly fastened and your brains in stand-by mode!

We’ve been planning this show for a very long time indeed and we’re hellbent on making it a sizzling red-hot hit on a truly biblical scale!

No expense has been spared in our preparations, thanks to the literally unlimited financial resources available to The Satanic Foundation (“Devil-may-care philanthropy for the modern age“) and ourveryclose friends at the Bank for Global Enslavement.

We wanted to be quite sure that you would fall in love with our spectacle before you’d even seen it (that’s the only way, believe me!) and that you would come flocking…

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How fear has taken captive minds

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real is one interpretation and we are living in a world of illusions and delusions!

It has become become very evident thanks to mass brainwashing of TV how susceptible the mind is through constant repetition. The capture also of all institutions using tools like NLP, and also how music can entrain the brain waves through modern culture. Ugly images seem predominant on screens and is classed as art. The Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday watched by millions and no surprise who the winners were, due to political voting and nothing to do with talent. It shows how manipulated the world has become.

True freedom is within the human heart when cleansed of trauma and focused on the vibration of love. Since the plandemic it seems to me that more and more trauma is polluting the lives of those who are disconnected from their spiritual heart and looking at media for entertainment.

Here is a good conversation looking at fear addiction and mass psychosis with psychiatrist Mark McDonald, author of the book United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Richard Willett from Glitch in the Code. Of course this happened throughout the world and it does depend on what you believe. We do have to be discerning and test out truth within ourselves, does it resonate? Another interesting point they spoke about was the issue of ‘doing it for others’ i.e. the collective and ‘don’t be selfish’ being used by the media to just follow the crowd and keep in line. Fear is used to keep control of the masses and the elites take everything for themselves while we’re not looking. Interesting times!

Electric cars are not green

Degradation of land and bodies!

The Green agenda inspired by the UN Agenda 21, now 2030 is not what it seems. There seems to be a paradox between manufacturers producing so many cars and governments pushing diesel as much as they could, and the TV advertising/marketing doing a great job of tempting people to buy shiny new cars and then they turn around and say they are withdrawing them in the near future, in favour of electric vehicles. They are pushing batteries as the clean solution but at what cost? These rare earth minerals are being stripped from the Congo as shown in this video and young children are sent underground.

We really need to look at what is being created for the richest in society and that the poorest are being used as slave labour, as it has always been for a long long time. This is not true sustainability. There is another agenda at play and it does not bode well for the future and they are using climate change as a cover. The destruction of nature for all the resources and rewilding many areas across the planet will eventually lead to humans being pushed together in the smart cities the WEF and UN envisages with their sustainable developments goals. Change will surely happen and this system has to be more heart centred if we are to live well here.

Globalist intentions and wars

Here we have some evidence shown in the Grand Jury from a European perspective about the Yugoslavian conflict including a clip of the German Chancellor Schroeder in 2014 admitting it was an illegal war. Now NATO and the Western powers are against the Russians and interestingly we see similarities in the current Ukrainian conflict with Russia.


This investigative journalist has much to say about the Ukraine/Russia situation here and or course it is different to the propaganda put out in the mainstream and by our biased politicians in the UK who all want arms sent there instead of getting into dialogue. Yet again we see Putin as the scapegoat, as there always has to be one in these bankers’ et al wars.

Personally I stay away from arguing about these things as there has to be some calm in this mad world. I do feel it is important to say that all is not as it seems and it is a matter of perception and belief unless it is our own experience.

Completing the takeover of the planet?

Listen to “Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet” on Spreaker.

This is a very serious issue that must be taken on board particularly by people concerned about the environment and are supporting Greta Thunberg and the Climate Emergency campaign. Let us remember that the climate is always changing and we are not isolated from the solar system and space weather.

Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot gives a good overview of the alien aspect to all that is happening lbry://@PROJECTCAMELOT#d/KERRY-VIDEO-UPDATE-NOV-24THfinal#7

The stories that are passed on throughout millenia indicate that humans are not the only race to inhabit this planet and since the COVID outbreak, it does appear that there is a war on humanity and that there is a bio-weapon which is computer generated, at large. Dr David Martin has discussed the patents in place well before the outbreak and there was the Rockefeller’s Lockstep document which was published in 2010.

There are predators amongst us. Here is more evidence of the war against us–amp–You—Deborah-Tavares-Trevor-Coppola—Conspiracy-Con:a

Here is the document NASA War document

I wonder why? Perhaps it is because humanity has more potential than we are led to believe??