What Agenda 2030 means for us

This is what the sustainability agenda has been grooming us for, the technocratic future according to the globalists, godless and controlled by the ‘beast’, a fascist post-human world it seems.


Is this what the green movement is working towards? To be dictated to in every aspect of our lives. No taking food from nature only eating what is grown in labs!

This is a quote from 2013 taken from http://thecommunitariantrap.blogspot.com/2013/04/transition-to-communitarianism.html:

Communitarianism Defined

Communitarianism is a global agenda toward world government. It uses a coalition of government, business, and church who shore up the social, moral, and political environment, while slowly robbing the freedom of the participants. A Communitarian adopts and advocates concepts such as a cooperative spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” It’s tied from the U.N. directly to Agenda 21, the Third Way, Common Purpose, laws, community objectives, Total Quality Management, education, food delivery systems, and the collectivist thinking pattern of the global community. It uses the Hegelian Dialectic to create the synthesis needed to develop the New World Order – and ultimately the totalitarian utopia of the Elite’s New Atlantis.

The Third Way Communitarianism

The Third Way Communitarianism
Lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Cor 2:11


Claire Edwards, a retired UN employee who whistle blew on the installation of 5G in the Vienna offices speaks to Ahava528 channel about 5G, depopulation, Agenda 21/2030 see the YouTube video below:

More links on his webpage:

Ahava528 interviews Claire Edwards on the hijack of 5G Space Appeal, Depopulation, Agenda 21/2030 and Climate Change

From Mises Wire:

America Is a Technocracy, Not a Democracy


The Rise of the Technocracy

This is not a new trend. Over the past several decades—and especially since the New Deal—official experts in government have gradually replaced elected representatives as the primary decision-makers in government. Public debate has been abandoned in favor of meetings among small handfuls of unelected technocrats. Politics has been replaced by “science,” whether social science or physical science. These powerful and largely unaccountable decision-makers are today most noticeable in federal courts, in “intelligence” agencies, at the Federal Reserve, and—long ignored until now—in government public health agencies.

Technocracy as a style of governing has been around at least since the Progressive Era, although it has often been restrained by traditional legislative and elected political actors and institutions. Globally, it has gained prominence in a variety of times and places, for example in Mexico during the 1980s and 1990s.

But the technocracy’s power has long been growing in the United States as well.

The SMART agenda is very much the digitalising and control of nature/life force.

The Plandemic

Here is a video from the U.S showing the timeline prior to President Trump signing the largest support package in history, for Covid 19 in March 2020.

It is one of the reasons why we think it was planned apart from hearing Dr Fauci announce his certainty beforehand. This video below shows that this H.R.748 was first introduced in January 2019.

COVID Action Platform explained by Celeste Solum, it is so intricately designed and looks like a virus image with spikes!

The YT was removed here is the link for Bitchute


Presentation by Jeff Berwick shows plans by WHO called World at Risk and Bill Gates funding and involvement.


Plandemic the movie part 1 which has been removed/censored by YouTube and Vimeo is available on Bitchute TheCrowhouse channel at this link https://www.bitchute.com/video/T6ByOc9NOgW9/

However Dr Judy Mikovits gives testimony to the ITNJ hearing on April 28, 2020 and that has also been removed by YouTube. Here is what she says on Bitchute


Here is a warning also which may be showing us that there is good and bad in everything and it relates to their opinions on vaccines.


In the video shown on aplanetruth4u channel which was deleted by YouTube, it states that the World Economic Forum has been preparing for this event for fifty years and have now come out with the Covid Action Plan which leads to global vaccinations with the RFID chip. Here it is mirrored on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/416721093

I uploaded it to Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/2ATtY1Q8n9w0/

More global info here https://intelligence.weforum.org/

Greg Nikolettos started a movement and his first website was taken down, this is his current one https://wethepeoplewillnotbechipped.org/#

below is his presentation to AV3 in 2009





The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are bank rolling most of the current agenda via WHO, WEF, BBC and with the help of governments, particularly in the UK.






Dr Buttar speaks with London Real and that was taken down by YouTube. Here it is on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/KiuivSzTNYqw/

Here is Dr Kaufman on London Real TV – ah well YouTube has taken that down too!

Dr Andrew Kaufman speaks with Max Igan whose YT channel has now been taken down, here is the copy on Bitchute 


Here is another consequence from this lockdown reported on BlacklistedNews (Infowars site) Over a million will die from untreated TB



What compliance can lead to…

If humans don’t stop watching the mainstream narrative and believing the lies spun out 24/7, things will take a turn for the worse. It is laziness I hear to sit passively without questioning and doing your own research…

Here is a talk by Ian R Crane from November 2009, unfortunately if we don’t pay attention and let their plans unfold, it is not good for the human race!

Warning from Sweden re 5G

A video, see below, is being shared on Facebook, please take note as you won’t see anything on MSM. I seem to be having troll comments on my channel. They don’t like us sharing things that concern us it seems! We need more grassroots journalism and not just on FB.

Update from Charlie Freak’s intel says that 5G is not the concern in Sweden

Here is good information of an appeal within EU from a site which is selling eco-wifi, and obviously concerned about healthy technology. https://www.jrseco.com/european-union-5g-appeal-scientists-warn-of-potential-serious-health-effects-of-5g/

This is what it says:

In an appeal to the European Union, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warn about the danger of 5G, which will lead to a massive increase in involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The scientists urge the EU to follow Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe, asking for an independent task force to reassess the health effects.

“We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine on her Feast Day

From the book The Gospel of Mary – thanks to the authors Drs J.J and Desiree Hurtak
Introduction – ‘The very fact that Mary Magdalene had the vision of the next level of ascension by seeing Jesus in his transformation into the Light Body at the tomb (John 20) reveals to us that she represents the “creative element” necessarily present for transformation. While representing the mothering element which is essential for bringing us into the next level of evolution beyond the physical garment, she is at the same time the teacher who is instructing us in the higher Truths revealed to her by Christ.’ ‘But more importantly, the feminine mother energy which we identify with the Holy Spirit bears witness to the physical and spiritual birth of the new identity as mentioned in the scroll of John 14:15-18: “If you love me, you will observe my commandments; and I will request the Father and he will give you another helper to be with you forever, the spirit of truth which the world cannot receive, because it neither beholds it nor knows it. You know it, because it remains with you and is in you.” “The Holy Spirit can also be associated with the creative element of the Divine Mother who is superior to the lower powers that control the Thought-Forms on the earth. Mary Magdalene becomes an illustration of the role of discerning the good and the beneficial associated with heavenly figures for the advancement of humanity, beyond the lower thought-forms of limitation. The Coptic philosophers believed that we need to conquer the wrathful powers of beings who, like the dragon-force, represent what we would call today the ‘non-benign’ celestial hierarchies.” “The new findings of Coptic texts have helped restore a positive image of the female in the work of the Divine on earth, as with Mary Magdalene – a disciple and teacher, as well as a spiritual creative force. In fact, the Gospel of Mary as included in the Nag Hammadi Library is thought not only to restore the image of Mary Magdalene, who stands as equal among the disciples of Jesus in the realm of the Divine Father, but to restore the image of Eve, the original Mother.” “The text of the Codex commences with a profound question regarding the material universe, that is, concerning life in our physical reality: Will matter then be destroyed or not? Nevertheless, two thousand years ago something utterly unique happened on our planet –the ‘resurrection of the Christ’. If we take the event literally, Jesus as the Christ was able to convert the matter-energy garment for ascension, subsequently disappearing from this reality and leaving no matter or energy behind. In a true sense, matter was transformed into Light, and we would contend that it was not simply photonic light with a small “l”, but Light with a capital “L” –supraluminal Light, which is a greater Light that can manifest and demanifest in our local life space, as well as interpenetrate our conscious thought. So the answer to the underlying question is: Yes! Although it is difficult if not impossible to annihilate or destroy matter, this can be done through the energizing of matter into light/Light as Christ demonstrated. This is indicating that our system may not be a completely closed matter-energy construct as physicists have led us to believe. This supports the principle of ‘zero-point energy’ according to the findings of new physicists, who are telling us we do not live in a closed system. Instead we live in a system that has the potential of being interconnected with other universal systems of energy, so energy can vector in and manifest itself as additional potential in this universe, and vice versa. This includes, but is not limited to, forces and energy from other multiple dimensions, as well as parallel universes. Yet we can also ask a similar question regarding our inner nature. Will our physical form, our nature be ongoing, or will it be transformed? More importantly, are we meant to exist within physical matter eternally, or are we to embrace a higher spiritual dimension? In order to be transformed, we require the creative nature of life to generate a new form, and in a sense this is part of the work of the feminine or mothering nature of higher reality as described in the Gospel of Mary. The Savior said, All natures, all formations, all creatures exists in and with one another… –that is, all aspects of life are intertwined and interconnected. Consequently, we are not only interconnected with each other but with that which is around us. This implies that there is not just form and manifestation out of nothing, but out of something. We would say: become aware of the pluralism of life, become aware of the diversity of life, and become aware of the greater totality of life. That is, although on planet Earth there exists bacteria, insects, birds and other animal forms, the Savior is also aware that there exists in the heavens what we now call extraterrestrial forms of life in addition to the angelic and ‘ultraterrestrial’ life forms. We are all created from the original Life-Light codes of creation and so we are all interconnected, all related. Specifically, there is more of a variety of life in space than the varieties of life on this planet, giving us an indication also of our divine potential. Instead we need to see the unity of life from the perspective of both nature and supernature, which includes the invisible and multidimensional realms of life. …and they will be resolved again into their own roots. The codex is implying that we need to define our original root from the perspective of our consciousness mind. The ancient sages tell us that our prayers and meditation can reach directly to God. Moreover, while we are part of an ongoing evolutionary experimental life force, we constantly are given the choice to choose our path, our focus, our root; that is our free will.” I was prompted to pick up the book today and it turns out to be her Feast Day in the Catholic Church and maybe others I’m not sure.

The Jesuit Order

Good history of the Society of Jesus aka the Jesuits. I always wonder why did they use the name of Jesus? Such an inversion of the message of Jesus the Christ!

Lift the veil from your eyes

The Society of Jesus also called the Jesuits function as Roman intelligence for the Italian Nobility. The Jesuits are a military order established under the Papal Bull called “Regimini Militantis Eclessiae” which means the Military Regiment of the Church. The head of the Jesuits is called the Superior General currently held by Arturo Sosa. The official definition of a Jesuit is one of intrigue or equivocation.  Intrigue means trickery and equivocation means to lie. Jesuits are trained in deception and are entangled with everything in society. The Society of Jesus was involved with the genocide of Native Americans. One example was the Jesuit priest Pierre-Jean De Smet who infiltrated the Iroquois. He requested “Black Robes” for the natives which were carrying diseases as a form of biological warfare. He provided intelligence on them which was used in massacres all while pretending to be their ally.

The Jesuit photographer Francis Browne…

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An open letter asking the pertinent questions requiring urgent response from Mr Johnson PM and his Tory Government.

Introduction Compiling the questions, concerns and evidence shared herein, has been a time-consuming, vitally necessary task and while under duress …

An open letter asking the pertinent questions requiring urgent response from Mr Johnson PM and his Tory Government.

5G is a weaponised system against the human body

It is never discussed in the mainstream media, why, because most people would not consent to this invisible invasion of our bodies! Joe Imbriano gives a clear explanation of how these frequencies affect the water molecules in our bodies which constitutes 70% of our bodies. It is also part of the plan for the Internet of Things.

Some of the effects may sound familiar!

How to eliminate corona virus, by a doctor

I saved this video a few months ago and it may still be useful info for the future if you know anyone in difficulty with corona virus.

Here Dr Geoff Cly from Honest OBGyn explains about the two antibiotics discovered in France to help patients recover.

Here is a fact check also Research check

This is another doctor who gave his opinion about viruses, Dr Thomas Cowan said that viruses are the body’s way of dealing with toxins. His talk is brilliant and highlights the electrification of the earth as causing massive problems for our bodies along with metals inside us!

I’ve also just heard about Functional Medicine and this Dr Sarah Davies in Stockport who practises it, see comment below:

There is an excellent functional medical Dr Sarah Davies who will do the widest range of tests available even down to mitochondrial energy production. She qualified in general practice and moved into functional medicine. Part of the British Society of Ecological Medicine. There is usually a combination of deficiency and or toxicity. Diet will be reviewed and an elimination diet recommended for a short while to establish if there are food issues following elimination reintroduction challenges. https://www.drsarahdavies.co.uk/about

COVIDGATE exposes the dark side of control

As the plandemic/scamdemic develops, the dark side is getting worse from what I’m hearing, with the rollout of the track and trace and reports of people being forced out of their homes because of the ‘virus’ and some people are being moved in questionable medical situations against their will and ending up dead. I have listened to a panel discussing these circumstances, see links below.The Hunting Party

This picture was taken in London Underground, an advertisement for a book. WE ARE BEING HUNTED!

Here is a panel formed after Seven saw this picture, prompted by what she perceived to be happening. This is a shortened version from this Soulutionaries Media Network

We live in a Technocracy

In my experience technocracy is not in the social consciousness, and a recent conversation has prompted me to do this blog on the subject. Our mainstream news outlets don’t talk about it, and that perhaps is the reason why people aren’t aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

Developments since WW2 are mapped here by Amazing Polly

Science has changed and has become more like a religion that you mustn’t disagree with, or you will be labelled a denier. It has become a dictatorship as we have seen in this plandemic. I heard Patrick Wood say that technocracy is the science of social engineering. It is defined in the dictionary as government by scientists and engineers.

Here Patrick Wood gives a good description of the history of Technocracy which first started in 1932, became Technocracy Inc. a movement formed first of all at Columbia University. It disappeared for a while … until the United Nations then later the Trilateral Commission and the Council for Foreign Relations took the baton.

It is alive and kicking in 2020 as we see UN Agenda 21/2030 at work and the World Economic Forum and World Health Organisation dictating rules around a plandemic, serviced by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. More recently George Soros has moved in with his funding of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other change agents to stir up social unrest. They want to control everything and manipulate the masses to suit their agenda.

This is Patrick Wood’s website with news and info on his books.

Patrick Wood refers to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book ‘Between Two Ages, America’s Role in the Technetronic Era’ published in 1970, as quite a comprehensive book for technocracy and geopolitics of the future. Also ‘Our Common Future’ a book by Gro Harlem Brundtland (a member of the Trilateral Commission) and Prime Minister of Norway who headed the World Commission on Environment and Development, an ‘independent’ body which was asked to formulate ‘A global agenda for change’ for the U.N.  This has led to the Sustainable Development Goals to manage the world’s resources.

Here is an article with Christiana Figueres in May 2020

Here is the climate change agenda, post plandemic from Kevin Mugur Galilae

Blood plasma harvesting

Blood is so important that it is no wonder that there is a market for blood products. Here is the history of Plasma Fractionation

The history of plasma fractionation began with the need to develop blood serum products to help soldiers suffering from shock and burns in the Second World War. Dr. Edwin Cohn, of Harvard University, was a key figure in the development of a process to separate proteins from human plasma. Today, the “Cohn fractionation process,” remains the basis of many plasma fractionation facilities’ manufacturing process around the world.

Originally, the aim of plasma fractionation was to separate albumin from plasma to treat injured soldiers. Albumin represents 55-60% of the total protein volume of plasma, and is easier to separate from plasma than any other proteins. Over time, a number of additional proteins were separated from plasma and used clinically. Each of these proteins can be used to treat one or several medical conditions, many of which are orphan diseases – meaning the number of patients affected is comparatively small. Many of the diseases treated with proteins derived from plasma are serious, life-threatening conditions.

Most blood donors are unaware of what happens to their blood donations.

Here is a revealing documentary, and in a poor area of Cleveland, Ohio they get paid for their donations. The corporate secrecy and security at their place of work is evident.


This is one website that shows the market importance Plasma Fractionation Market

Major players in the global plasma fractionation industry include CSL (Australia), Grifols (Spain), Shire (Ireland), Octapharma (Switzerland), Kedrion (Italy), BPL .

Projections of worth here 36.8 Billion dollars by 2025

So blood donors check out who is getting rich from your donations! That is not to say that patients aren’t being helped by receiving donated blood, but the percentage is much smaller. About 80% is used for the Plasma Fractionation industry.

Personally I have never given blood except when necessary, because of being born jaundiced so I was told I couldn’t give blood. It was even difficult to find what blood group I am from any records (and I haven’t given birth), so I may have to try again for a test.

Whilst on holiday in 2013, my husband and I discovered that there was a treatment one could find which used one’s own blood which was spun and reinjected to an injured joint like a knee, which he sought out in London and had the treatment which was well worth it but expensive. It is called Platelet-rich Plasma. It did wonders for him as a previous operation had not been very good.

Blood Plasma defined by Lancet it is indeed a sought after human blood product and the corporations are making great profits from it.


How they plan to bring in transhumanism

Celeste Solum is a great researcher into what DARPA have been working on in the U.S. In this video she explains about graphene hydrogel, and what it will do to the human body and link it up to the hive mind AI system and the Internet of Things.

From her notes: Talking Points for Graphene Hydrogel Quantum Dot Application and Mechanisms.

It is time to drill down into the application and mechanics of hydrogel as we approach the day of mandatory vaccination and sensory implantation. You need to understand these concepts so that you can make educated and informed wise decisions on whether to take the products that will be required and so that you can offset in your mind the consequences of not taking the controllers mandate.

You all know we are being forced to wear the Mask of Wickedness to access essential items, but are you aware that the end goal is covering up the whole human body?  To live in our toxic and hostile world, engineered by design to eradicate humanity in the Divine Image, other measures are being explored to preserve “life” but it does so by covering up the rest of your body.  Think of it as a giant second skin of the serpent of old, over your entire body.  You cannot hide or preserve yourself from the judgment of God.  There are other revolting dehumanizing actions in the pipeline so keep your eyes and ears alert.  This all comes as robots and Synths are now deployed with the engineered characteristics of compassion and fruit of the spirit-the Satanic spirit.  This deployed “Synthetic Lifeforms” are the garment of demons, disembodied spirits, and the like.

Link to Celeste’s notes in full

These are the reasons that you should critically think out uptaking hydrogel into your body. The ramifications of allowing hydrogel are vastand damaging. What we discussed today are only the known applications and processes but as hydrogel is relatively a new system nobody knows the long range toll to the human body hydrogel possesses.

Vaccines/Global ID the new fascism

Here is a good compilation of expert research into what is being brought to the fore with this global takeover. If you aren’t already aware of technocracy and Agenda 21/2030 please check it out. I have certainly written about it before.

Vaccines are so risky and the plan to combine technology with them, do you want to be a guinea pig for this? I certainly do not consent. Importantly you cannot sue them for vaccine damage either.

Here is some history about vaccines and the protection afforded against liability

Trevor Gunn, a homeopath has written books on vaccines and worth having a look here https://trevorgunn.com/trevor-gunn-books/books/vaccine-books/

This article from nearly three years ago talks about smart dust and the micro chipping agenda and I think that the vaccine agenda is related.

On a different subject, but of global concern for humanity, Dr Vandana Shiva talks about food growing

I would like to finish with something very positive and that our power is within us.We can come together beyond any identification (which has been programmed into us), and join in truth for humanity through our hearts and minds united.

This recording I made about Communion from Gene Key 45 talks about food, and how that determines what happens to humanity and now the UN is warning about coming food shortages Guardian article but the positives are there if we work/come together. This is our time for peaceful action through love.