Truth behind COVID vaccine

It is NOT a vaccine, it is a synthetic agent

James Corbett interviews investigative journalist Whitney Webb who reveals these connections to the eugenics agenda, her website and article is here$/embed/webb-oxford/7ed84892e83ed6ce046b404a2b376766d12aa14d?r=6oo5WSR9BapK5LhuFhN9a8V2CrtiiBou

An interesting article following Dr Geert Vanden Bossche’s recent statements by Rosemary Frei

Belgian vaccine expert warns of danger for humanity Geert Vanden Bossche

Dr Sherri Tenpenny has done a lot of research on vaccines, classified as medicine – she warns that problems from the vaccinations in this recent rollout will take at least 3 months to show up and already there are many adverse events. Listen to the video below, it is very revealing! Also available here

Reinette Senum interviews Dr Tenpenny
Bio-ethics and the New Eugenics from the Corbett Report

Alison McDowell’s website

How Coronavirus makes way for the transhuman agenda

Dr Day knows how to keep healthy

Dr Day along with other medical professionals have warned about the swab containing nano-particles and being pushed to the back of the throat and turned, as well as up the nose, here is an explanation of the delicate tissue being close to the brain!

Here is a good explanation from Dr Amandha Vollmer about what our body does in response to a foreign invader. The deception is being used to genetically modify our DNA and her warning here is not to have the PCR test

Important research shared here on Operation Warpspeed

Dr Christiane Northrup is interviewed by We Are Vaxxed on FB live, her website is

Dr Buttar says: ” Dr. Madej is wrong about one thing. She says it “may” cause genetic modification in our genome. Remember, the function of RNA is to repair and re-write the DNA. She’s being overly generous with her words…it WILL cause a genetic change which will continue to re-write and “repair”, ie, change our DNA.”

Dr Carrie has a good interpretation of what is happening in the medical field and with the vaccine development. Celeste Solum who used to work for Homeland Security-FEMA has also flagged up the hydrogel which Dr Carrie mentions. Here is the company website Moderna the developers

I’m adding this article which gives more detail

An Italian doctor speaks out about #COVID19

So these psychopaths are planning to damage and change human beings so that they can control us remotely are they?? Please do your own research for the sake of your children!

It is incredible how well planned the social engineering has been on the masses. It is quite hard to believe that the intentions of these people are not for our benefit and yet is hidden in plain sight. I have been aware of the Georgia Guidestones for a while and there it is carved in stone that the global population will be reduced to half a billion! There is a website which even shows per country the population reduction numbers

From this website: IN JUNE OF 1979, A man going by the pseudonym of R.C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company with the task of building a monument. He said that no one was to ever know his true identity or that of the group that he was representing. He seemed to have an endless supply of money to fund the project and by the terms of the legal contract all plans had to be destroyed after completion and all information about him withheld from the public.

In 1980, the stones were finished. They carry a tablet in front proclaiming, “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason.” Engraved in the stones are ten guidelines meant to re-establish the planet and society, perhaps after an apocalypse. They are written in eight different languages, English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, and among other commandments preach to:

– Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

– Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

– Balance personal rights with social duties.

– Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature.

The guidestones also serve as an astronomical calendar, and every day at noon the sun shines through a narrow hole in the structure and illuminates the day’s date on an engraving. The names of four ancient languages are inscribed on the sides near the top: Babylonian cuneiform, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Additionally an instructional tablet at the site speaks of a time capsule buried underneath the surface, though the dates on which the capsule was buried and when it is to be re-opened are missing. Whether this is intentional or the capsule was never buried is unknown.

The Guidestones continue to be a point of controversy. Conspiracy theorists and fundamentalists believe them to be the work of Satanists or the New World Order, – fueled particularly by certain commandments such as “Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity” which can be ominously interpreted – and the guidestones have been seriously vandalized by such conspiracy theorists. Others believe them to be a message of wise prophecy, possibly the work of an eccentric man of science.

However, if the past thirty years are any indication, we may never know who built them besides what is engraved on the guidestones itself: “Sponsors: A Small Group of Americans Who Seek The Age Of Reason”

Elon Musk’s company Neurolink is reported on here:

SRA and child abuse survivors speak out

It is evident that thousands of children go missing every year around the world and ‘child trafficking’ has been talked about a lot recently and that children are victims of slavery and prostitution. I am pleased to share this website for the training course for healing of this abuse

The first whistleblower I ever heard was Cathy O’Brien, a MK Ultra mind control victim, who wrote the book Trance Formation of America, here is her website she was rescued by Mark Phillips in 1988, who has since passed after they had been together many years in a loving and healing relationship.

She speaks with Laura Eisenhower in December 2020 so I’ve added it to this older blog.

Here is Jeanette’s warning for this particular week 20-27 July in the satanic calendar

It first came to my notice ten years ago when there was exposure of a paedophile ring in Scotland when a young woman with Downs Syndrome told her mother that her father was involved and she was a victim, her name was Hollie Greig. Another high profile case was in Hampstead, London in 2015 but neither of these cases saw justice because the Police didn’t take them further, I would say, due to the professional and powerful people involved and their networks.
Now there is a survivor of SRA who is empowered to speak out about her experiences within her own family and has a book soon to be published, is interviewed by Jon Wedger, ex-Police vice investigator and activist. He also discovered that the more he uncovered in his police investigations, then it also could go no further as others have also experienced. The interview is shown here with Jeanette Archer, a brave woman indeed.

When David Icke wrote about Sir Edward Heath ex-Prime Minister, having young boys taken on board his yacht, he didn’t rebut it, let’s face it the mainstream media plays its part in ridiculing truth tellers. The exposure of Sir Jimmy Savile, after his death and his links to the British Royals and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and others in high places was covered up by the BBC and the secret society networks.

An Australian survivor of #SRA, Fiona Barnett has given a testimony to ITNJ

Fiona has also written a book which she gives away freely, here is a copy

Here is a quote from her lockdown edition in June 2020:

“People often tell me that what I write sounds impossible and crazy, but then weeks, months, or years later, evidence emerges to prove me right. I laughed hard at a broken cop’s post to my social media page: ‘Let’s be honest, a few years ago we all thought Fiona was fucking crazy. But now look at everything that has come to light since.’ Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Anthony Weiner, Pizzagate, Clinton Foundation, Podesta brothers, Paul Keating’s daughter at Epstein’s NY mansion with Prince Andrew, Bob Hawke’s coverup of his daughter’s rapes: these are just some scandals to have surfaced since I provided my testimony to the Child Abuse Royal Commission in 2013.
Eyes Wide Open warned of a shadow government staffed by the Luciferian elite and their coming Nazi-Communist takeover. And here we are, less than a year later, in unprecedented global lockdown, suffering birth pains that will certainly increase in frequency and intensity. This third, Lockdown Edition of my book sheds a little more light on how we got to where we are today, and where we are headed tomorrow. It consolidates the observations
I have made after first publishing Eyes Wide Open, clarifies some abuse memories, and includes relevant blog posts, in one convenient location.”

Available here

One of her websites is

This is the time of great revealing and it is not easy to hear, but the fact that it is part of everyday life for those people and their evil, torturous ways means it has to be brought into light because a large percentage of the global population who worship Satan cannot continue treating children in this way. Let us pray for their healing, both the aggressors and the victims.

What Agenda 2030 means for us

This is what the sustainability agenda has been grooming us for, the technocratic future according to the globalists, godless and controlled by the ‘beast’, a fascist post-human world it seems.


Is this what the green movement is working towards? To be dictated to in every aspect of our lives. No taking food from nature only eating what is grown in labs!

This is a quote from 2013 taken from

Communitarianism Defined

Communitarianism is a global agenda toward world government. It uses a coalition of government, business, and church who shore up the social, moral, and political environment, while slowly robbing the freedom of the participants. A Communitarian adopts and advocates concepts such as a cooperative spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” It’s tied from the U.N. directly to Agenda 21, the Third Way, Common Purpose, laws, community objectives, Total Quality Management, education, food delivery systems, and the collectivist thinking pattern of the global community. It uses the Hegelian Dialectic to create the synthesis needed to develop the New World Order – and ultimately the totalitarian utopia of the Elite’s New Atlantis.

The Third Way Communitarianism

The Third Way Communitarianism
Lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Cor 2:11


Claire Edwards, a retired UN employee who whistle blew on the installation of 5G in the Vienna offices speaks to Ahava528 channel about 5G, depopulation, Agenda 21/2030

More links on his webpage:

Ahava528 interviews Claire Edwards on the hijack of 5G Space Appeal, Depopulation, Agenda 21/2030 and Climate Change

From Mises Wire:

America Is a Technocracy, Not a Democracy


The Rise of the Technocracy

This is not a new trend. Over the past several decades—and especially since the New Deal—official experts in government have gradually replaced elected representatives as the primary decision-makers in government. Public debate has been abandoned in favor of meetings among small handfuls of unelected technocrats. Politics has been replaced by “science,” whether social science or physical science. These powerful and largely unaccountable decision-makers are today most noticeable in federal courts, in “intelligence” agencies, at the Federal Reserve, and—long ignored until now—in government public health agencies.

Technocracy as a style of governing has been around at least since the Progressive Era, although it has often been restrained by traditional legislative and elected political actors and institutions. Globally, it has gained prominence in a variety of times and places, for example in Mexico during the 1980s and 1990s.

But the technocracy’s power has long been growing in the United States as well.

The SMART agenda is very much the digitalising and control of nature/life force.

Fascism and the 4th Industrial Revolution planned takeover of nature

One of the best environmental journalists for her in depth research is Cory Morningstar, who is interviewed here by Whitney Webb on her Unlimited Hangout podcast, from which I’ve taken a shortened piece below the link from

I have written previously about the plans of the WEF, technocracy and transhumanism but everything seems to be rolling out at quite a rate these days. Of course the Davos group meet annually and their plans have been long term and because you don’t hear much about them via mainstream media, most people will not believe it. They are working in lockstep as per the Rockefeller program and the UN Agenda 21/2030. Here is an article mentioned by Cory

The social media platforms have and are all playing their part in the conspiracy against the population, rather than being an innocent creative social platform, they are working for surveillance and control. Here Whitney Webb has an article on Technocracy News

Since the COVID lockdown last March the internet has been a vehicle for like-minded people to come together and inform each other as well as being a tool for surveillance. At least it gives more autonomy on what one chooses to see rather than watching the 24 hour repetitive mind control of the TV. Here Dr Naomi Wolf shares a warning about the vaccine passport is the plan for the globalist corporate agenda to bring in a system for the West identical to China’s social credit system

A discussion on the future in this age of technology with Johnny Vedmore called Data Colonialism & Hackable Humans

So we have to choose before it’s too late….


Northern Tracey's scribblings

The causes of the corona crisis clearly identified

Virologists who claim there are pathogenic viruses are scientific fraudsters and are subject to criminal prosecution by Dr. Stefan Lanka (translated from this original article

Summary Science and scientific study are important tools that help identify and solve problems. Science has very clear rules: Anyone who makes a claim has to prove the claim clearly, comprehensibly and in a verifiable manner. Only statements that are verifiable can be called scientific, everything else falls within the field of beliefs. Matters of faith cannot be presented as scientifically proven facts in order to derive or justify government actions. The meaning and choice of words in all publications on all disease-causing viruses has proven that virologists not only violate the laws of thought, logic and the binding rules of science, but have themselves refuted their own claims of the existance of disease-causing viruses …

View original post 6,017 more words

The corporate takeover of the human body

Manufactured virus

Dr Rath has shown in his video below, the history of the chemicals/pharmaceuticals cartel’s influence through the two world wars, and to the inception and total control of Europe through the EU Commission since the Lisbon Treaty of 2009. He says that patents are the weapons with which the chemicals and drug cartel has organised its third attempt at world conquest. His website is and because of his views the industry shills oppose him, certainly via because he promotes natural remedies for cancer. The pharmaceutical industry is so greedy, that it doesn’t like competition from anywhere else and does its best to demonise the organic and natural sector. From his biography on this website

Dr. Rath, born in Stuttgart, Germany, comes from a modest background. His parents were farmers who passed their humanitarian values on to their children. After graduating from medical school Dr. Rath worked as a physician and researcher at the University Clinic of Hamburg, Germany and the German Heart Center in Berlin. His research focused on the causes of arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

In 1987, Dr. Rath discovered the connection between vitamin C deficiency and a new risk factor for heart disease – lipoprotein(a). After publication of these research findings in the American Heart Association journal “Arteriosclerosis,” Dr. Rath accepted an invitation to join two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. In 1990 he went to the United States to become the first Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Linus Pauling Institute in Palo Alto, California.

The two scientists became close personal friends who shared common humanistic values, including their determination for peace and justice. Shortly before his death in 1994, Dr. Pauling stated that Dr. Rath’s discoveries would later be seen among the most important of the 20th century.

What we are seeing today since the technocratic global takeover through the COVID plandemic, is that they have used fear to control the populations in each country, through mainstream media. They are perpetuating the story that we can only be safe if we let them further poison us with their chemicals/pharmaceutical creations! It really is time to realise that our bodies do not need their synthesised chemicals and whatever else they are putting into these so called vaccines, which are really treatments. They are calling them vaccines because that gives them impunity against any legal challenges. So many lies are used to roll out their agenda to depopulate and control the world.

In the second world war Jews and others were discriminated against and treated inhumanely and described here by Vera Sharav, the video is mainly in English although the title is in German. As a child, Vera was forced to wear a “yellow star” in Nazi Germany. She explains the close parallels with what’s happening now.

The Roots of Evil | In conversation with Vera Sharav – Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Here is a good article about Klaus Schwab

You have to dig for the truth on the adverse reactions and deaths from these vaccines. Here is some research posted on FB:

EudraVigilance: ‘Flu Jab Comparison

“One of the major limitations of the EudraVigilance European database for suspected adverse drug reaction reports is that entry is not mandatory for vaccine products. The same is true of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS) system of the CDC, an audit of which revealed that around 1 in 100 adverse reactions are voluntarily recorded. We have no idea of just how many adverse reactions to vaccines there are each year. This prompted me to compare performance of the four COVID-19 vaccines under trial with performance from seasonal and non-seasonal influenza products being products that, according to the OECD influenza vaccination rate indicator, achieve 40% market penetration each year for the target population of the elderly and infirm. These products are supplied by six manufacturers (AstraZeneca, CSL ltd, GlaxoSmithKline, Mylan, Novartis and Sanofi Pasteur) under 35 brand names from Aflunov to Vaxigrip Tetra.All 35 brand name entries were sought within EudraVigilance and the total number of adverse reactions was derived for the 12 month period ending 27th March 2021. In sum a grand total of 3,115 adverse reactions were reported for a vaccine that achieves 40% market penetration on average. In comparison a total of 238,949 adverse reactions were reported for the four COVID-19 products currently under trial over the same period. I have no idea what the average market penetration of COVID-19 product vaccination is across Europe but it’s not likely to be greater than 50%. We may conclude that the adverse reaction reporting rate for all four COVID-19 vaccination products is currently running at 76.7 times the rate reported for influenza vaccination products. This is quite extraordinary. Medical authorities, government agencies and governments across Europe persistently claim that COVID-19 vaccination products have undergone rigorous testing and are safe to unleash on the public. The hard data tells us otherwise.”

Our bodies have innate intelligence but we have to care for them, and not delegate responsibility to those whose wish to profit from us, as in the chemicals/drug cartels and their minions. The corporate takeover of medicine was more than 100 years ago by the Rockefeller Foundation who have controlled the Health sector with pharmaceuticals and particularly the cancer treatments by legislation. Here is a quote from their website:

At The Rockefeller Foundation, we’ve always tried to stay one step ahead – imagining futures that inspire bold action and making catalytic bets that can lead to long-term change. As an institution deeply rooted in science and technology, we understand their transformational power to address today’s challenges – and help plan for those we haven’t yet envisioned.

In the 1930s, Warren Weaver, who led The Rockefeller Foundation’s programs in natural sciences, had a hunch that chemical and physical explanations of life would lead to a whole new world of research and discovery. He coined the term “molecular biology” and a field was born.

In 1956, The Rockefeller Foundation supported the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, which was the first use of “artificial intelligence” as well. After some fits and starts, that field exploded too.

And now, artificial intelligence has combined with molecular biology to accelerate the development of vaccines and therapeutics for the world’s worst pandemic since 1918.

Could any of this have been predicted? Absolutely not. However, both molecular biology and artificial intelligence were guided by visions of positive futures where both fields contributed to improving people’s well-being.

Unfortunately, we must also plan for futures that aren’t as bright – be it due to a disease outbreak or natural disaster – to minimize harm and prepare for recovery.

In 2009, The Rockefeller Foundation conducted an exercise to explore the future of technology in development and identify ways to better respond to emerging challenges. The results were captured in a report that includes several plausible scenarios that could impact millions of people around the world. One such scenario, “Lockstep,” described a fictional pandemic that would infect 20% of the world in 2012, killing eight million people in just seven months.

Now that we’re well into a real pandemic, we see some chilling similarities between our current Zoom-centered world and Lockstep. The report predicted that telepresence technologies would “respond to the demand for less-expensive, lower bandwidth, sophisticated communications systems for populations whose travel is restricted.”

So yet another example of corporate planning!

Remember that Governments are all corporations too as well as our legal fictions which comes through our registration of birth. Nothing is as it seems through the mainstream media and we have to learn to listen to our bodies and do our own research.

Catherine Austin Fitts last year had an interesting conversation with James Corbett about how Bill Gates was using the same template he used with Microsoft and viruses, to introduce technology into our bodies

Radio Frequencies are another area of concern for the human body please read

False concepts exposed

So many doctors and scientists came together in 2020 to share their views around the science and the lies of COVID1984. In 2021Sacha Stone brings some of them together again, in a recent recording called The Death of the Germ Theory.

taken from

So Government and mass media mind control is perpetuating the myths which is very well demonstrated in the clips above.

It is not just in health, there are also whistleblowers in the police. Here is a case in point, where a cop has had enough, reproduced here

How are we today?

Since I wrote this blog I lost my YouTube channel, as I got my third strike which removed it. Fortunately my uploads were backed up on Odysee so my reflections from March Equinox are here

Here is Shunyamurti’s website

I’ve also shared this on my Light n Dark podcast on Spreaker, where I also encourage doing the inner work, because we have become a lazy society where the masses don’t tend to be critical thinkers anymore, and take their knowledge from the daily news. Why does the Government have a Behavioural Insights team? They are working on our minds!

A friend has shared links to the Peoples Lawyer videos which I hadn’t looked at prior to my recording, but there are many things in common. Here is the first part and part two is on Bitchute ; part 3 is

Part 1 – Public Health means Profitability was mentioned. In the last year since COVID19, billions have been spent, the new battle?

Part 3 – Time, energy and creativity is our value and in part three it goes into the banks version of value.

Powerful connections for the control plan

SES and Serco plan to control the world
Research done in America and first broadcast in 2018 by American Intelligence Media YT channel Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss how Serco companies work with the SES Deep State shadow government to implement 5G, and then manage the societal effects of their coming mass murder program. That’s why Serco runs FEMA camps, owns pathology companies, houses migrants, owns laundries, operates prisons, provides transport and rail, run hospitals and leisure centers, builds ships and space technology—to zap the populace with 5G like a mosquito zapper, then handle the clean up. This is important information that citizens around the world need to know about. So get this intel out to your community. See intelligence report here: https://americans4innovation.blogspot…


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From Forbes: Founded in 1929. Serco Group plc is a holding company. The Company operates in five segments: Civil Government; Local Government and Commercial; Defense, Science and Nuclear; Americas, and AMEAA. Its Civil Government consists of the United Kingdom and Europe civil government and transport. Its Local Government and Commercial consists of the United Kingdom and Europe information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO), integrated services, education and commercial businesses. Defense, Science and Nuclear brings together the United Kingdom and Europe defense and science-based businesses. Americas consists of the United States defense, intelligence and federal civil government agencies operations, and Canadian operations. Its AMEAA consists of its operations in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australasia. In June 2012, the Company acquired Vertex Public Sector Limited. In June 2012, AMEC plc acquired Serco Group plc’s nuclear technical services (TS) business. The Financial Times: “Serco to buy US military business in boost to defence revenues” More information from this site and​ Bio-terrorism is not new Whistleblower

What is going on?

A scientific whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckelberger speaks to lawyer Reiner Fuellmich


Good people are speaking out about corruption in high places. Here is a link to the video

I came across this file that I’d saved which makes some good points and I struggled to insert it so here is the link.

What really makes you ill?

David Parker and Dawn Lester came out with their book WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL?why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong after ten years of research and writing and last year they were giving lots of interviews. Their website is well worth looking at on the link above. This interview with Amandha Vollmer of YumNaturals Emporium, who made many informative videos particularly on Coronavirus last year, this one was from January this year and I’ve taken the introduction from that interview which can be found in the description of the 8 minute version on my channel here

I purchased the book last year and first of all I give thanks for the body of work produced by these authors and those who went before them in speaking out about what they observed and experienced. I’ve copied some quotes of relevance here, particularly of the history of the medical establishment and consequently the pharmaceutical takeover:

“The 16th and 17th centuries were a period during which science flourished, especially in Europe where scientific organisations such as the Royal Society, which was founded in 1660 to discuss scientific questions, were formed to provide repositories for the various writings of scientists about their work and their discoveries.

Contrary to the claims of the medical establishment, the idea that the ‘right’ dose of medicine is therapeutic but the ‘wrong’ dose is harmful, is erroneous; a substance cannot change its inherent nature in relation to the quantity in which it is used. In his book entitled Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life, Herbert Shelton ND DC underlines this point succinctly in the statement that, “Poisons are such qualitatively and not merely quantitatively.” The only variations that occur due to the ‘dose’ of a poison relate to the extent of the effects it will produce and the degree of harm it will cause.

In her book entitled Death by Modern Medicine, Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND refers to the situation in Canada and states that, “Allopathic doctors began amassing power as early as 1759. At that time, legislation was drafted to protect an ‘unsuspecting public’ against quacks or ‘snake oil salesmen’.” The orthodox, or allopathic, system nevertheless employed practices that had not been scientifically established as having the ability to assist a patient’s recovery to its natural state of health; some of the unpleasant practices they used continued into the 19th century, as described by Herbert Shelton in Natural Hygiene, “…patients were bled, blistered, purged, puked, narcotized, mercurialised and alcoholised into chronic invalidism or into the grave.” Many of these ‘treatments’ were a continuation of traditional practices that date back at least to the time of Hippocrates, if not earlier. But, as stated, these treatments frequently resulted in the death of the patient; a fact that demonstrates both their lack of efficacy and their dangerous nature. The harm caused by these practices and the substances used as ‘medicine’ did not go unnoticed, as Herbert Shelton reports, “It was well known to the physicians of the period that their drugs were damaging.” The continuing use of these drugs, despite the knowledge that they were harmful, demonstrates the failure of the ‘scientific’ system to recognise the utter fallacy of the idea that ‘poisons’ can be ‘therapeutic’. The medical system in which they had been trained had not equipped physicians to provide ‘healthcare’ for their patients, nor did it protect patients from the harm caused by medical treatments. Nevertheless, the proponents of ‘scientific medicine’ sought to increase their dominance during the 19th century by further developing their system and creating more formal training procedures for the qualification of physicians. To strengthen their dominance, they also implemented the doctrine that only those physicians trained under their ‘scientific’ system would be regarded as the ‘real’ doctors, and that anyone not trained under that system would be referred to as ‘quacks’. The formalisation of the ‘medical system’ in England, for example, led to the founding of the BMA (British Medical Association) in 1832, although under a different name until 1855. The purpose of this organisation was, according to the BMA web page entitled The History of the BMA, to provide, “…a ‘friendly and scientific’ forum where doctors could advance and exchange medical knowledge.” The BMA web pages that detail its history refer to their campaign against ‘quackery’ in the early 19th century. The term ‘quackery’ was, and still is, used to discredit all forms of ‘healing’ other than those of modern medicine. Yet it was that very same 19th century medical system, which claimed to oppose quackery, that employed ‘medicines’ known to be harmful and often led to a patient’s invalidism or death. The practice of medicine has clearly not changed a great deal since the days of Hippocrates, after whom the Hippocratic Oath that urges doctors to ‘do no harm’ is named. This Oath is still sworn by newly qualified doctors and it is a laudable principle on which to base any work in the field of ‘healthcare’. But the use of harmful substances in the name of ‘healthcare’ denies physicians the ability to apply that principle in practice; as this chapter will demonstrate. Although the medical establishment continues to repudiate the idea that ‘medicines’ are harmful, with the sole exception of ‘side effects’, there have been many individual physicians who have become aware of and concerned about the problems inherent within the system in which they were trained. As a result of their investigations, many of these physicians were brave enough to reject some, if not all, of their ‘training’ and to develop and utilise other methods of ‘healing’, many of which resulted in vastly improved outcomes for their patients. One such physician was Dr John Tilden MD, who discusses his experiences in his book entitled Toxemia Explained, in which he states that, “Twenty-five years in which I used drugs, and thirty-three in which I have not used drugs, should make my belief that drugs are unnecessary, and in most cases injurious, worth something to those who care to know the truth.” Most people will probably assume that the ‘medical system’ of the early 21st century is based on solid scientific evidence, unlike the systems of earlier periods; but this would be a mistaken assumption. The system of modern medicine currently in use has been developed as the result of a variety of customs and traditions, none of which has been scientifically established to be appropriate for the treatment of a patient’s illness in order to restore them to health. Furthermore, the ‘medical science’ of the 21st century is predominantly conducted in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies; but laboratory experimentation does not provide ‘scientific proof’ that the use of modern pharmaceutical medicines is either safe or effective. On the contrary, there is a large and growing body of evidence that demonstrates quite clearly that ‘medicines’ are not only ineffective as treatments for illness but they are also capable of producing harm and causing death.”

Therefore for the sake of your own health and the health of those nearest and dearest, it behooves you to read about these things if you want to be informed, before just following what you are told by the establishment.

The system is rigged, so it is time for community banks and people power

Instead of being dictated to by corrupt politicians who actually work for corporations, there needs to be a fairer system that works for the community and is operated by the community and public banks need to be set up. Below Professor Werner, the author of Princes of the Yen, describes his findings on finance.

Brilliant interview here Prof. Richard Werner explains the banking system

In this interview Prof Werner goes into the history of banking in England and the law which governs it, which is very revealing and not what the banks of today are following, and they only support the big projects it seems. Community banking is the answer going forward to support community projects. Regulation is needed he says for the big banks and too much regulation has been given to the smaller banks, in fact the ECB has been saying there are too many banks, probably because Germany has about 2500 successful Public Banks. Banks are the creators of money and too much centralisation is not good.

Unity consciousness in the Aquarian Age

The recording below is a revocation written by Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian who knows very well the interference down the ages of evolution. It is time for humankind to become sovereign beings.

Removal from Artificial Intelligence and Sentians.

Carl Johan Calleman writes at the end of his book ‘The Nine Waves of Creation’: “ The universe was created for humans to attain a state of pure joy while at the same time giving full recognition of the role of the Divine, and this I believe is the direction in which we are now going. This would mean that the Divine wants to be known as the treasure that it is through our unity with it. As far as I can see, this can only happen if humanity creates a world based on the unity consciousness created by the Ninth Wave. Otherwise the Divine will not be experienced for what it is. If this is true, then we humans are confronted with a choice as to whether we want to participate in manifesting this state of consciousness. If we do we will have to develop an ethic where the highest good is what serves the creation of such unity.” Obviously this would be a very different world.

Patricia Cota-Robles shares an invocation for Unity Consciousness

We are living in a new age of consciousness where we can experience that we are not separate beings and that everything is energy. The most powerful is the energy of love and that transcends all fear. Currently there is an opportunity to experience a Mutual Awakening practice through the teachings of Patricia Albere and you can read and hear more about this on her website here

A brilliant interview with Magenta Pixie on ‘sentience’

Michael Feeley has decoded and reveals much from the past, present and future!