How fear has taken captive minds

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real is one interpretation and we are living in a world of illusions and delusions!

It has become become very evident thanks to mass brainwashing of TV how susceptible the mind is through constant repetition. The capture also of all institutions using tools like NLP, and also how music can entrain the brain waves through modern culture. Ugly images seem predominant on screens and is classed as art. The Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday watched by millions and no surprise who the winners were, due to political voting and nothing to do with talent. It shows how manipulated the world has become.

True freedom is within the human heart when cleansed of trauma and focused on the vibration of love. Since the plandemic it seems to me that more and more trauma is polluting the lives of those who are disconnected from their spiritual heart and looking at media for entertainment.

Here is a good conversation looking at fear addiction and mass psychosis with psychiatrist Mark McDonald, author of the book United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and Richard Willett from Glitch in the Code. Of course this happened throughout the world and it does depend on what you believe. We do have to be discerning and test out truth within ourselves, does it resonate? Another interesting point they spoke about was the issue of ‘doing it for others’ i.e. the collective and ‘don’t be selfish’ being used by the media to just follow the crowd and keep in line. Fear is used to keep control of the masses and the elites take everything for themselves while we’re not looking. Interesting times!

Electric cars are not green

Degradation of land and bodies!

The Green agenda inspired by the UN Agenda 21, now 2030 is not what it seems. There seems to be a paradox between manufacturers producing so many cars and governments pushing diesel as much as they could, and the TV advertising/marketing doing a great job of tempting people to buy shiny new cars and then they turn around and say they are withdrawing them in the near future, in favour of electric vehicles. They are pushing batteries as the clean solution but at what cost? These rare earth minerals are being stripped from the Congo as shown in this video and young children are sent underground.

We really need to look at what is being created for the richest in society and that the poorest are being used as slave labour, as it has always been for a long long time. This is not true sustainability. There is another agenda at play and it does not bode well for the future and they are using climate change as a cover. The destruction of nature for all the resources and rewilding many areas across the planet will eventually lead to humans being pushed together in the smart cities the WEF and UN envisages with their sustainable developments goals. Change will surely happen and this system has to be more heart centred if we are to live well here.

Globalist intentions and wars

Here we have some evidence shown in the Grand Jury from a European perspective about the Yugoslavian conflict including a clip of the German Chancellor Schroeder in 2014 admitting it was an illegal war. Now NATO and the Western powers are against the Russians and interestingly we see similarities in the current Ukrainian conflict with Russia.


This investigative journalist has much to say about the Ukraine/Russia situation here and or course it is different to the propaganda put out in the mainstream and by our biased politicians in the UK who all want arms sent there instead of getting into dialogue. Yet again we see Putin as the scapegoat, as there always has to be one in these bankers’ et al wars.

Personally I stay away from arguing about these things as there has to be some calm in this mad world. I do feel it is important to say that all is not as it seems and it is a matter of perception and belief unless it is our own experience.

Completing the takeover of the planet?

Listen to “Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet” on Spreaker.

This is a very serious issue that must be taken on board particularly by people concerned about the environment and are supporting Greta Thunberg and the Climate Emergency campaign. Let us remember that the climate is always changing and we are not isolated from the solar system and space weather.

Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot gives a good overview of the alien aspect to all that is happening lbry://@PROJECTCAMELOT#d/KERRY-VIDEO-UPDATE-NOV-24THfinal#7

The stories that are passed on throughout millenia indicate that humans are not the only race to inhabit this planet and since the COVID outbreak, it does appear that there is a war on humanity and that there is a bio-weapon which is computer generated, at large. Dr David Martin has discussed the patents in place well before the outbreak and there was the Rockefeller’s Lockstep document which was published in 2010.

There are predators amongst us. Here is more evidence of the war against us–amp–You—Deborah-Tavares-Trevor-Coppola—Conspiracy-Con:a

Here is the document NASA War document

I wonder why? Perhaps it is because humanity has more potential than we are led to believe??

COP 26 launches GFANZ

Technocracy is moving right along with the central banks and private finance, which is well explained by researchers who have been investigating the powers behind these plans and Agenda 2030, so Net Zero is the new buzzword. Whitney Webb introduces this roundtable with a review of GFANZ launched in Glasgow at COP 26. In the video they explain the developments since the Rio Summit in 1992 when they launched Agenda 21 for the next century.–Iain-Davis

The actor Greta Thunberg has been well researched by Cory Morningstar in her expose in She has won people’s hearts to her cause thanks to mainstream media and influential people around her. This is a good summary on the state of affairs in our world from that website:


The art of propaganda has been nothing less than brilliant. The deceit is so thick – you need a knife to cut through it. The corruption and greed so deep you need wings to stay above it and thigh high boots to wade through it. An alluring tapestry of luminous lies, interwoven with finely textured deception and silk-like corruption – as smooth and seductive as freshly churned butter. The pursuit of man’s mind by way of domination has been the greatest and most successful experiment – the manipulation of man’s mind has resulted in a massive erosion of empathy, which has allowed status quo “business as usual” to continue uninterrupted with little resistance. Capitalism effectively bred a contempt for our Earth that multiplied like a virus. The pollution of mind mutated into narcissism with inflicted self-hatred to form a suicidal Molotov cocktail. Those who have succumbed now hold hands in a circle and taunt the very planet that gives us life. The ugly side of humanity continues to violently pierce our Earth Mother with drills and slash her beautiful skin with razors. She is losing breath. She is dying. Yet, when she lashes back, it will be with an Armageddon deathblow against which our own actions will resemble childish prattle. And perhaps not until this time will global society finally recognize that our shared purpose was not to compete with one another and claim dominance and superiority over our Earth Mother – but rather our role was to protect, defend and nurture. The human family – under the arm of its EuroAmerican “big brother” – will have finally succeeded in conquering our shared planet, only to find that we have destroyed ourselves. – Cory Morningstar, excerpt from part II of the exposé, The 2º Death Dance – The 1º Cover-up

From the Copenhagen COP 15 Later came the schoolgirl Greta, sitting with her protest sign… The investigative journalist Cory Morningstar who also has a website called The piece below is taken from her book:

The manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for consent: the political economy of the non-profit industrial complex

“We are introduced to the not-so accidental phenomena of Greta Thunberg, the current child prodigy and face of the youth climate change movement. The “climate change is real” message is reframed for public consumption and rolled out at an international level, using Greta and her global platform to “sound the alarm” on climate change.
This climate emergency is likened to a “house on fire”, while urging the public to be serious, patriotic, empathetic and, of course, nonviolent. Not one sentence of the new strategy mentions the horrific impact militarism has on climate change.
The New Climate Economy being pushed by groups like Extinction Rebellion merely repackage our oppression into emergency mode. This urgency becomes global so that governments, NGOs and corporations will all direct immediate funding towards unlocking trillions of capital needed to save capitalism by further funding the new green imperialism.
Today’s youth are used and molded into market solutions to insulate a global elite. Celebrity-sponsored activism seeks to build a new industry in which NGOs, the media and corporate powers collude to get people to support the very industries we should be erasing from the planet.
The planet’s most powerful capitalists lie behind these “youth-led” movements for climate change, helping to manufacture consent for the “fourth industrial revolution” in an attempt to quell resistance to industrial civilisation.”

Another expose from COP 26 here and the ridiculousness of their plans for humanity, including changing the food system and we can eat insects!

Deception as an artform

First of all how do we know when we are being deceived? Some people are good actors. I have only put this out because I was sent yet another video called Sacha Stone Exposed. We must decide for ourselves. I have enjoyed listening to many of his videos and a lot of good information gets revealed through his network of contacts. Nevertheless there does appear to be a dark side.

The exposure of Sacha Stone by Alessandro du Chatel, I originally shared the YouTube video from the Nightflight channel, then once this blog was published the video was not available, and I was able to download it and share on my channel

This video focuses on the ITNJ – International Tribunal for Natural Justice, see their website This interview does a lot of analysis particularly on the symbols used by the ITNJ and Sacha Stone’s New Earth Project. Alessandro was a volunteer at the New Earth Haven in Bali for 3 months and realised that Sacha was not exactly the persona he was projecting on the world stage. He wrote this article after he left and started his website six months later. He talks about Sacha’s links with Ciro Orsini and the U.N. I heard what happened to Fiona Barnett through that article and published her video testimony to the ITNJ in my article about SRA whistleblowers and the book she wrote can be downloaded here This is Fiona’s testimony which speaks of international child trafficking, Luciferianism, Catholicism, CIA, MKUltra and Sydney’s Hillsong Church

Sacha Stone has been very active online since COVID particularly, and more recently he did a tour in the U.S called Arise America and currently is in Romania. He certainly has many connections particularly in high places and it’s certainly a very interesting life he leads. He has charisma for sure and many women are attracted to him and for that reason it maybe difficult to believe that he could be controlled opposition. He does appear to be a narcissist IMO and perhaps similarly as with the Agenda 21/2030 programme all is not as it sounds …

Doctors against the mainstream narrative

I have posted before various doctors who have spoken out against the mainstream narrative given out by the corporate agenda. Here is Dr Richard M Fleming giving a presentation on his findings and here states that the ‘vaccine’ is the bio-weapon and is an attack on humanity.

Why is it that debate has not been allowed? Fear has manipulated the population by repetition and division has been created yet again. Please listen to this physicist who has the data. We have been deceived by those institutions we thought were like us, and in actual fact are working against our best interests and crimes against humanity have been committed. The good news for those who have been vaccinated is that there are protocols which can help. This is Dr Fleming’s website

Here some Irish doctors speak out

Why doctors don’t look for the cause

The pharmaceutical cartel we hear, was started by J D Rockefeller as an oil industry offshoot, using chemicals with the synthesised plant material. Here is some history The so-called health care services morphed with the development of the pharmaceutical industry, which provides the drugs to suppress the symptoms of illness, rather than looking at the causes of disease. The teaching of doctors was also controlled by the pharmaceutical industry which had grown quite rapidly. The power from the wealth of these corporations was pushing more and more pharmaceutical sales into doctor’s practices and hospitals as well as pharmacies leading to the name Big Pharma which is dictating to governments via the global institutions since the ‘pandemic’ of COVID.

Swedish doctor looks at what causes illness through seeing unusual formations in the blood through the microscope

Dr Erik Enby makes another discovery recently and doesn’t know what he is seeing, now he is open to other scientist’s explanations via his email under this article

So it is obvious to me that anyone who sees differently and thinks for themselves, i.e not just following the mainstream narrative, whether it is from media or academia, receives persecution in some form or another. It takes a brave man or woman to stand by their convictions against the crowd and here is a video proving Dr Enby’s convictions to be right.

Call to nurses to read their code, they will be liable

Following orders is not lawful excuse. Remember the Nuremberg Code Article 6 Section 3: In no case should a collective agreement or the consent of a community leader or any other authority, substitute for an individual’s INFORMED CONSENT. LEADERS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT MANDATING MASKS ON THE CITIZENS OF A NATION and preventing their access to food, healthcare, transport or education if they don’t comply, is A WAR CRIME. MASK OR ANY OTHER MEDICAL INTERVENTION MUST REMAIN VOLUNTARY. See this written evidence to Parliament

See Kate Shemirani and Dr Kevin Corbett for how they feel about this current situation regarding vaccinating in schools and below Anna De Buisseret explains affidavit holding Prime Minister responsible if harm comes to a child.

on behalf of David Clewes of Unity News Network

Warning from Undertaker whistleblower

After doing a course on Peace Keeping and learning about our rights, which are embedded in the Bill of Rights from 1688, I was given a heads up to check out the report from this brave whistleblower in Milton Keynes in the video above with Max Igan. I had been hearing about these massive prisons which are being built, including the one mentioned in the video, HMP Wellingborough which hold about 30,000 and the draconian measures being taken by governments around the world since COVID, promoted by the media and ostracising the unvaccinated. The revelations from John O’Looney are a grave warning to us all, excuse the pun.

The coercion being used to mass vaccinate populations and now to be rolled out in the schools is massive, and any opposition to this agenda is suppressed in a dictatorial way reminiscent of a genocidal programme! This whistleblower has come to the conclusion that the DELTA VARIANT is in fact vaccine damage, which is killing people of all ages.

A recent Tweet from John O’Looney

It is time to take responsibility for ourselves when knowing that something/someone is doing harm, and to challenge authority to prove their claims. For further information with excellent historical references see and there is a free online course to learn the basics about the Rule of Law and much more. Laws have been made through the courts by setting precedence and Acts of Parliament are merely Administrative Law to uphold the duties and obligations created by the self proclaimed authority to govern. From the Bill of Rights “…doe pray that it may be declared and enacted That all and singular the Rights and Liberties asserted and claimed in the said Declaration are the true auntient and indubitable Rights and Liberties of the People” [PUTTING THIS ABOVE THE AUTHORITY OF THOSE GOVERNING AND IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE]. It is therefore up to the people via the courts to make changes….

We have to remember that fear and intimidation is a BREACH OF PEACE. Under the binding common law precedence of Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Raissi: CA [2009] QB 564, [2008] EWCA Civ 1237, you (individually) MUST show reasonable grounds before intervening in another’s peace – ORDER FOLLOWING IS NOT LAWFUL EXCUSE.

Even if police are making a claim against another;

(1) every person in society is under obligation to uphold the peace, and to enforce the peace,

(2) as ‘All are equal under the law’ and

(3) ‘No one is above the law’

Many thanks to the Peace Keeper Advance Course via the website above.

Healing with frequencies

We are beings of energy in a world of change which is made of energy, this we are not taught, we have to learn and experience through life itself. Frequencies affect us all and how we think and feel, so we can be manipulated by frequencies in a negative way and we have been more so in the 20th century when they brought in radar around the time of Spanish flu in 1918 and they changed the tuning of music to 440Hz around 1940 both around war time. So the music industry has manipulated the population through their corrupted sounds. Sound healing is another important energetic medicine and particularly 432Hz and 528Hz are so positive and the vibrations of Love. Sharry Edwards has done some pioneering work with sound as she has a special gift with her own hearing, this is her website

Mankind has been and is being controlled by negative frequencies, therefore it is quite important to protect ourselves particularly with the rollout of 5G and particularly since COVID arrived. With permission from John Millward from he has also shared this info

As a reminder, this video from Joe Imbriano is on the 5G frequencies which have been weaponised as a kill grid, therefore it is important to be grounded in nature as much as possible and protect your house.

Joe Imbriano knows

Here is a video discovered from 1995 where a Theology Professor Pierre Gilbert gave a lecture about forthcoming vaccines that would turn people into zombies by affecting their brains.

I have recently purchased a MiraMate PEMF mat from to assist my body while I sleep, it gives gentle pulses of the Schumann resonance which feels comforting, as it is the Earth’s frequency and therefore harmonious to the body and is very healing. Spooky2 also have Rife machines which are good and there are more devices in the market like the Genius Biofeedback software which can be used on smartphones and Healey devices which can be worn. Essential oils have their own frequencies and herb teas are good when taken on a regular basis.

Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm is the frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the “Schumann Resonance”. A 7.83 Hz frequency is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain. Alpha/Theta brainwave frequency is relaxed, dreamy, sleepy state, that is also when cell regeneration and healing happens. Taken from

Living a challenge to freedom

In this censored world of illusion we are living in, it requires a discipline of inner knowing of what is right for oneself and hopefully for those you love. As I’ve focused on what is wrong in the world and have kept away from excessive consumerism, I’ve leaned towards the life giving sustenance of nature for nourishment and wellbeing. I will just focus on what is leading many of us in these days of top down coercive tactics, to seek for a saner more creative and healthy world. It does take knowledge of the bigger picture, that is not being revealed by the official mainstream agenda controlled by the power elites, and inner guidance rather than listening to the nanny state’s propaganda. Here is a compilation from three different experiences of the world, the first one from a survivor of the holocaust, the second from a lawyer that didn’t fit with the system and the third from a financial expert from the U.S warning about the plans for the CBDC – Central Banks Digital Currency and how it fits their long term plan for totalitarian control. See the compilation here

Jason Liosatos interviews Sir Julian Rose and Justin Walker from Hardwick Alliance

Let’s hear from the research of Mark from down under, his website is:

We need to create our alternative world now and use our resources in a more creative way, rather than feeding the beast.

Here is a link to medical exemptions which we can use, giving knowledge from a legal perspective