Weaponisation of nature used against humanity

Dr David Martin uses the term I’ve taken for the subject of this blog, as he had given a warning that this was coming, as he explains in his presentation. His research into the patents involved caught my attention during the plandemic. I had many reasons to believe that transhumanism was being brought upon us via the injections of the so called ‘vaccines’ for COVID and that the bio-technology being implemented was well advanced. It seems that those who believe they want to control this planet and every living thing upon it, decided long ago that the future will be according to their agenda, as opposed to the natural world and flow of life. In fact if they were to get their way with Net Zero, then life as we know it will not exist! We live in interesting times for sure as we are also being led to believe that we’re in a climate emergency. We do see our skies changing from blue to white due to weather manipulation or geo-engineering, so in fact it is looking like many things have been hidden, which are now coming into view and truth is often the opposite of what we’ve been told.

Here is a video of records from the late 19th century of extreme weather events which have disappeared from charts and shown to be the opposite, for the purposes of misinformation when it comes to the political agenda of the UN and the global climate crisis of today.

Profit seeking destroys healthcare

The Great NHS Heist

A discussion between a nurse activist Kate Shemirani and activist Doctor Bob Gill (see video below), who has made the film The Great NHS Heist, brought this film of 2020 to my attention today. Certainly COVID made what was happening with the NHS more obvious to many of us, that things had gone badly wrong with our health service! I already realised that allopathic medicine was controlled by the pharmaceutical industry who were there to make large profits from disease with their synthetic drugs. As a meditator and someone who was aware that what we put in our bodies together with our lifestyles can contribute to dis-ease. Also life in this world can be very challenging in a toxic environment, fast foods for convenience and with the propaganda which is around us 24/7 through advertising and various media of film and TV.

Kate Shemirani and Dr Bob Gill conversation
What happened to this GP when he spoke out
Two US + 1 UK business

England’s NHS has been denationalised and Americanised into 42 differently structured for-profit Integrated Care Systems based on U.S Managed/Accountable Care Organisations. Less care = profits! #RenationaliseNHS #NHS_NOT_ICS (from Twitter)

On the positive side there is a growing organisation by the people for the people called the Peoples Health Alliance whose time has come. Their website includes a Practitioners Directory and Health Education articles at https://the-pha.org/ and the focus is self-empowerment through taking responsibility for caring for ourselves and each other.

There are many holistic therapies on offer, rather than just treating systems with pharmaceuticals, which doesn’t get to the root cause of dis-ease, which can often be our own response to circumstances. Holistic therapies look at the whole body, mind and emotions that are presented and assist to rebalance.

Here on UnitedNetwork.News are stories from around the world with a positive focus on what communities are doing https://www.unitednetwork.news/content/detail/6318e00983c4100015889bcc/07-09-2022-United-Network-News