Light and dark – different perspectives on world events

Our perspectives are informed by our life experiences, what information we take in from external media and those who have taught us in life. There is also our feelings and intuition about what is right and what isn’t in one’s opinion which can be verified in the outside world. In my closest relationship I have often mirrored to me an opposing view, which became most evident during the Brexit issue and there is no changing those ideas so it is best to agree to disagree.

However during this current issue of COVID-19 where to me it is more evident that a scam is being perpetrated on humanity by the constant portrayal on TV of a false narrative in the case of the virus and its consequences, that whatever is believed by the mass programming takes precedence in our household. The seriousness of this issue has created such fear of the unknown which has different responses in people and the lockdown exaggerates it. My views are alternative to mainstream and labelled as conspiracy theories except when they are accepted as possibilities but my experience with others who tune into TV for their information is that I am perceived as wrong. That hasn’t changed in this current climate except for those who I know who think differently. So is this current crisis a ‘mind virus’ to measure who thinks what? I have always been interested in the bigger picture, so I find it difficult to believe when it has been planned for.

I have called this post light and dark because I have been thinking about both since the Spring Equinox when I started a podcast with that name to record my thoughts about it in short pieces, you can listen here Podcast Light n Dark

Light and dark is part of life and is in us all and is being played out everywhere. As a Quaker we try to see that of God in everyone and the spark of Light that is there. I am grateful to find balance within myself and to enjoy peace in the natural world where the mind finds its freedom and the heart is nourished. As human beings we can connect through our hearts and via the Internet virtually as in meditations to unify our spirits. There are many opportunities in this time to raise our vibrations and be in a higher vibration of love, not fear and care for each other. ❤

Here is a great interview With David Icke the power is within us ❤

Whistleblowers vs state

John Paterson was arrested on November 5th, 2019 and is in Chelmsford Prison awaiting trial in early May 2020 and yet he does not have access to his paperwork inorder to prepare for his case. Here is a conversation he had with his friend and lawyer Patrick Cullinane and published two days before his arrest.

So Patrick was a whistleblower that did not fare well in England and was eventually killed. Here is more information beyond my knowledge of what happened to him

Activist Patrick Cullinane’s death

January 2020 from Ved Chaudhari on FB:

Yyeeaaahhhhh, I am smiling this morning…

So, as you all know, I wrote my 8 page hand written letter with the 39 pages of attachments and posted it by Registered Post to Her Majesty The Queen on 21 Jan 2020.

This is the response I got with a personal message from Her Majesty, naming “Julian Assange” and “Whistleblowers” dated 23 Jan 2020 by second class post received on 25th Jan 2020. It states basically, that Her Majesty The Queen will be asking her Ministers to deal with it hehehe

Then I heard Julian Assange has been moved out of solitary confinement….so smiles and smiles…. and no doubt all the other remedies will follow in stealth mode….

As I say, I would urge everyone to do the same, write to Her Majesty The Queen to request the release of all Whistleblowers, Protected Witnesses and Credible Electoral Candidates being held hostage as political prisoners in State Discredit Frauds and Election Frauds to deny the Citizens their choice of Elected Leaders in favour of back-door script-reading Actors and Impostors.


Buckingham Palace

23rd January 2020

Dear Neelu,

The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter from which Her Majesty has taken careful note of the views you express regarding the Julian Assange case and the issue of those you refer to as whistleblowers.

I must explain, however, that as a constitutional Sovereign The Queen acts on the advice of her Ministers and remains strictly non-political at all times. This is, therefore, not a matter in which Her Majesty would intervene.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Jennie Vine, MVO

Deputy Correspondence Coordinator

Call to CQC Neelu Chaudhari calls on behalf of Carol Woods and Adam Mustafa

There is no remedy with the police, that is becoming very evident. Here is a conversation with Essex police regarding prisoner John Paterson in Chelmsford Prison and an incident report from January 1, 2020

Here is the website of a colleague of John Paterson’s

It is very evident to those who pay attention to such things, that the control system that runs the world is tightening up their reins on the population  to control and cover up their wrongdoings. Since my last blog and meeting Carol Woods and those that want to support whistleblowers, it has revealed so much more to me about how those in powerful positions misuse their power in many ways and all controlled from behind the scenes.

Here is a whistleblower and lightworker for justice Neelu whose family members have been judges. She is very knowledgeable in the area of law and has been working with Equity lawyer Edward Ellis on lawful remedies for the people, using the Equity Monarchy Trusts. See my page Citizen Jurisdiction for more info and this link

Neelu calls FCA

Neelu Berry talks Justice and for whistleblowers

David Noakes extradition case for GcMaf

Carol Woods targeted Recorded at The Orchard, Lancaster

After whistleblower John Paterson was in court on Friday 15 November, 2019 Neelu Berry does a livestream FB summary on Saturday.

His colleague Prof George Lees John shares his info amongst others

Another journalist affected by Sussex Police Matt Taylor

I wrote to John at Chelmsford Prison and his Prison #A1251EL via and here is his reply

Another letter from JP

Updates on John Paterson currently held in remand in Chelmsford Prison are available here, how Sussex Police are involved in the case of John Paterson

Dec 17 update on Lynda Thyer rearrested and returned to prison in France

Discussion on Ramola D Reports on the corruption behind the case

How Mental Health services can be used for control of liberty

In the case of whistleblowers the rules apparently change as the case may be. Here is from Chapter 11 of the Mental Health Act 1983 –  Visiting patients in hospital

11.2 All patients have a right to maintain contact with family and friends and to be visited, subject to carefully limited exceptions. The Act gives certain people the right to visit patients in private and arrangements must be in place to enable this to happen. Hospital managers have the right, under certain circumstances to restrict or refuse visitors, or require them to leave.

11.7 The Act gives certain people the right to visit patients in private if they wish. This includes second opinion appointed doctors (SOADs), independent doctors or approved clinicians appointed to examine the patient in relation to an application or reference to the Tribunal, people visiting on behalf of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and independent mental health advocates (IMHAs). These people should be given access to all areas where the patient lives or have access themselves.

11.8 Hospital managers must ensure that such visits can take place in private, if that is what the person concerned wants.

11.11 There are circumstances where hospital managers may restrict visitors, refuse them entry or require them to leave. Managers should have a policy on the circumstances in which visits to patients may be restricted, to which both clinical staff and patients may refer, which should be clearly displayed on the ward.

11.12 There are two principal grounds which could justify the restriction or exclusion of a visitor: clinical grounds and security grounds.

11.13 The decision to prohibit a visit by any person whom the patient has requested to visit or has agreed to see should be regarded as a serious interference with the rights of the patient and a blanket restriction may be considered a breach of their article 8 rights. There may be circumstances when a visitor has to be excluded, but these instances should be exceptional and any decision should be taken only after other means to deal with the problem have been considered and (where appropriate) tried. Any such decision should be fully documented and include the reasons for the exclusion, and it should be made available for independent scrutiny by the CQC or service commissioner, and explained to the patient. Hospital managers should review the effect on the patient of any decision to restrict visits. These policies should be risk-based and not impose blanket restrictions, eg no visitors for the first four weeks after admission.

In the case of Carol Woods who is in a Mental Health Secure Unit in Lancaster – detailed in a previous blog (see October 2019) her visits have been stopped since November and also phone calls are not allowed, then forced injections started in January 2020 and she is of sound mind, there is no psychiatric diagnosis except to try and say that she is delusional. It is a Human Rights issue in Carol’s case and the fact that she is a whistleblower.

Here is a talk from academic Dr. Peter Gøtzsche: Forced Psychiatric Treatment Must be Abolished

Recommended site also which tells about Dr Gotzsche’s dismissal from Cochrane and the book in his defence – Death of a whistleblower and Cochrane’s moral collapse – available on Amazon

Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993 and has become one of the most respected academics of his time. His career has exposed malfeasance in the pharmaceutical industry, human clinical trials and drug regulatory agencies, empowering Cochrane to evolve into one of the world’s most trusted scientific institutions. However, in September 2018, he was unceremoniously expelled after what can only be described as a show trial that left the rest of the world wondering what happened.

Here is another whistleblower’s story not related to mental health, which happened in the Lancaster area. In his book Whistle in the Wind: Life, death, detriment and dismissal in the NHS by Peter Duffy a consultant surgeon who fought his case at Manchester Employment Tribunal, he is exposing dangerous practice and coverups in the NHS at the highest level.

Corruption in these institutions is going on. I have also written about John Alexander Paterson who is currently being held in the Mental Health wing of Chelmsford Prison and Adam Mustafa is in a Mental Health Secure Unit incarcerated on Brooklands Ward of Clatterbridge Hospital in Cheshire also on lethal injections without consent.

Recent Updates on Assange

A message from a friend in America:

I send him blessings daily, and healing energy. I know a few others who are, also.

Please join us?

Good news is that Julian has come out of solitary confinement!

January 13th, 2020 outside Westminster Magistrates Court

via Recent Updates on Assange

Mental Health Fraud: State vs Adam Mustafa. Your help is needed!









Incarcerated on Brooklands Ward of Clatterbridge Hospital in Cheshire

on December 31, from Ved Chaudhari: He has been force injected with anti-psychotic drug Haloperidol 150mg on 24th Dec and another 100mg today, 31 dec, a total of 250mg in 7 days) (max dose is 25- 150mg) in an assassination of character, at the Brooklands Ward of Clatterbridge Hospital in Cheshire & Wirral Partnership Foundation Trust
He is very highly sedated. This should be reported to CQC 03000616161 OR TO POLICE. I HEARD HIM WRONG. HE LATER CONFIRMED 150MG ON 24TH. THIS IS A RITUAL.

Adam Mustafa is a whistleblower and was unavailable by phone on the evening of 31st December at Clatterbridge Hospital.

via Mental Health Fraud: State vs Adam Mustafa. Your help is needed!

143. British Monarchy (1 Sam. 8:5-19) & Associates Captured South Africa’s Vast Mineral Wealth for Themselves, and Impoverished and Demonised their Saxon/Celtic/Boer/British Brothers to do so

Simple Truths in Pictures

Relatively Easy Demonisation?

Afrikaans is relatively close to the British’s ancient enemy’s language: Germanic*, who were the Assyrians*, who captured the British 10 Lost (now found Tribes of Israel in about 722BC, and have tried again in 2 world wars and now with the EU, which might have made the demonization easier: the Boers seeming to prefer their and the rest of true Israel’s ancient enemy?

But British Israel’s monarchs are also their collective enemy: voraciously enriching themselves with lies and deceit at the expense of literally the whole world. And the Assyrian/Germanics have since become Christians, and produced the likes of Martin Luther, who, with the Reformation, led the escape from Israel/Judah’s ancient enemy: the Roman Catholic Babylonians

* “The Assyrians stopped in what is now called Germany and eventually became the Germans of today with their German Military Cross that is…

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