There is another way say scientists re COVID

On a recent interview with Unherd, three epidemiologists and public health scientists had got together to produce their declaration see the full story here

The conclusions from the full video in this clip from Unherd YouTube channel are in about the last ten minutes.

This is their declaration

It does appear to be more community centred and a better way forward and I hope it would put people’s mind at rest rather than worrying about the future. Please do your own research and make your own decisions rather than just believing what comes out of mainstream media.

They do believe in vaccines, which I do not consent to.

Since writing this blog there appears an interesting article with some good research and I hadn’t read the declaration in full which is recommended here

Doctors conference in Berlin and the suppression of free speech about a virus and truth

Dr Heiko Schoning after his arrest at Speakers Corner, gives invitation to the next Berlin event on 10/10. The police confiscated his phone, computer and the book ‘COVID 19 A False Alarm’

This conference happened on August 28 and they talk about the CV19 scam and the totalitarian global control it has created. Robert Kennedy Jnr was a guest and he also spoke at the Berlin Rally on Saturday 29 August which had a mass gathering of thousands. Before the gatherings new rules were given.

Dr. Heiko Schöning, one of the founders of Doctors for the Truth which is an association of thousands of medical doctors around the world, said that the measures of the governments regarding COVID-19 are absolutely inappropriate.

“I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Heiko SCHÖNING, Ian ordinary doctor from Hamburg. My personal motivation is that I am a father, like many others in this country who have children. And we see that our children are suffering now, not just because the playgrounds have been closed, but because they are separated. And it’s worse for the adults.

Watch his short interview below. And then he is arrested for Speaking the Truth

This doctor was not allowed to speak at the rally the police moved in to sabotage it.

Similar tactics were used in London by the police to handle a large demonstration against the government’s response to COVID19, although in Berlin there were massive arrests see In London we hear that private security men were co-opted for the event on Saturday 26 September at Trafalgar Square.

Friends of Dave Witcher had been offered extra work by their security firm

So it is becoming more and more obvious to those who don’t believe the false narrative, that crisis actors are being used to portray events very differently to the reality and facts of what is going on.

Here is a good summary of the plan for world dominance Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 was planned to usher in the New World Order

UN Climate Action

In September 24, 2020 the UN have moved forward from the Paris Agreement (COP 21) in Paris in December 2015 with their plan. In fact it’s their plan to control the world for the benefit of the elite and their minions. The progression from the Rio de Janeiro UN Summit of 1992 together with the technocrats and restructuring of local governments around the world, will change things dramatically in an undemocratic way. It has the backing of NGO’s and Extinction Rebellion is the grassroots movement with their Citizens Assemblies liasing with Government, and is the visible protests for this change. Independent climate scientists however do not agree with the IPCC conclusion regarding climate change. Here is the European information on the Paris Accord

Cities play a large part of the plan which are being turned into Smart cities governed by Mayors. This comes under the auspices of and Sustainable Development Goals.

This researcher explains how 2020 is a deadline for the UN Climate Action plan and why a trojan was introduced this year … Carbon neutrality by 2050

Here is the website for C40 cities

Weather attack on Ionian islands

After returning to our favourite Greek island we were expecting three days of rain from the forecast. What we got was a cyclone for two days, which was worse on Friday in Kefalonia and we remained in the hotel. I was told that we were in the eye of the storm about 3-4am and a fellow guest was awake and felt the stillness!
We learned this morning after having the sun again for the last four days that every Ionian island except for Corfu, had been hit. The Rothschilds live on Corfu and own casinos there, so they were safe from any devastation!! Well that’s a surprise! Considering that directed energy weapons have been employed for many years, it would not surprise me that some such technology was at work by those with an agenda. The hotel staff did their best under the circumstances and thank goodness it was only for just over a day and half that we had to stay in as the rain and wind was relentless. However power was off and not fully back on for a few days, some places were worse than others. One road collapsed near Assos and the road to Fiskardo was closed. Many boats were lost to the sea. Some beaches will take a few years to recover and Greeks are not allowed to do anything to the beaches, I heard. I feel sorry for those who have lost their business at this time. Many trees have come down and many small swallows have died and we witnessed them so weak they could hardly move. Certainly Greece and her people have had many difficulties over recent years. We were told by someone originally from Lesbos that it was the NGO’s who burned the camp there, as they had constructed a new one and the situation is not as grim for the ‘refugees’ as we hear and that they are well supported by the Government, but it is financially more difficult for the Greek people.

Censorship and truth in 2020

This is the year for the great awakening and because of lockdown and the COVID situation, which has brought in massive draconian measures worldwide, more and more people are realising that there is more to what is going on than meets the eye. Here Prof. Dolores Cahill speaks on these subjects with Brian Rose from London Real who has had very popular videos taken down by YouTube and has created his own media platform by subscription. I believe the information is very important to be shared with as many people as possible and therefore I like to present it where I can. I don’t make any money from it and feel that truth telling is a team effort for the forces of Light to spread the word, as the forces of darkness have controlled the narrative for far too long and still dominate the media.


Thank goodness that we are able to communicate via the internet and come together and share ideas. I love what Dolores has to say and for her activism, particularly for her scientific profession. For the full video please go to

On Saturday 29th August there was a massive gathering in Trafalgar Square against the COVID measures and they had professionals from the medical world speaking to the crowd. Piers Corbyn was one of the organisers and has been very vocal at Hyde Park Corner and elsewhere with his megaphone and has been arrested quite a few times for it. He was invited on to ITV Good Morning for an interview after his latest arrest at Trafalgar Sq and he was attacked for his views by Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary Jones who has interests in the pharmaceutical industry. They didn’t invite any of the medical professionals who were involved in the event, probably because the intention was to belittle Piers Corbyn especially for having opposing views to the mainstream narrative and also with the climate change agenda! You can find the interview on YouTube.

Save children from the predators!

For far too long it has been hidden and literally been underground. Now whistleblowers have been telling their stories and I have shared a few of them on my website and YT channel. People are joining the dots and although it is difficult to take in, it is so necessary for the sake of the children and the future.

Here is a round table hosted by Charlie Ward of younger folk taking action in speaking out and making an awareness event last Saturday 22 August, 2020. Their perceptions are well worth listening to.

Dirty politics in America

A brief overview
Shadowgate film by Millie Weaver and a report called 100 day siege and from a Trump rally

As far as I can see what is happening there is an all out resistance to Trump getting re-elected by the corrupted left who believe everything the mainstream tells them. It reminds me of activism in the UK, particularly Extinction Rebellion, and how various groups get help from the non-governmental organisations for their campaigns and you have to ask, where does their funding come from? The way that Trump has been treated by the mainstream media shows me that he is not part of the cabal.

I used to support leftist politics because I thought they were kinder, more considerate of peoples lives. but then it became evident that once in power there were behind the scenes control of what happened next. At first I wasn’t sure about Barack Obama, but soon I didn’t trust him at all.

When Trump won the election, I was relieved that it wasn’t Hillary Clinton who is very corrupt from what I’d seen. Trump was the wild card and maybe not controlled by the Deep State? More recently I’ve appreciated what he has been doing to drain the ‘swamp’ and rescue the children from the DUMBs! We are living in the time of the great revealing and a lot of healing is needed because of the duality and division. More and more is being revealed about using children to harvest their energy, particularly to extract adrenochrome from the torture to create terror and often murdering them and eating their bodies. We are finding that it is so wide-spread throughout the planet and this evil has been perpetrated for a very long time.

Here is the full documentary of Millie Weaver’s film, Shadowgate which I’ve uploaded to my Bitchute channel as YouTube and FB has censored it:

How Coronavirus makes way for the transhuman agenda

Dr Christiane Northrup is interviewed by We Are Vaxxed on FB live, her website is

Dr Buttar says: ” Dr. Madej is wrong about one thing. She says it “may” cause genetic modification in our genome. Remember, the function of RNA is to repair and re-write the DNA. She’s being overly generous with her words…it WILL cause a genetic change which will continue to re-write and “repair”, ie, change our DNA.”

Dr Carrie has a good interpretation of what is happening in the medical field and with the vaccine development. Celeste Solum who used to work for Homeland Security-FEMA has also flagged up the hydrogel which Dr Carrie mentions. Here is the company website Moderna the developers

Celeste Solum knows a lot about the hydrogel and reveals the nano cube link to AI

An Italian doctor speaks out about #COVID19

So these psychopaths are planning to damage and change human beings so that they can control us remotely are they?? Please do your own research for the sake of your children!

It is incredible how well planned the social engineering has been on the masses. It is quite hard to believe that the intentions of these people are not for our benefit and yet is hidden in plain sight. I have been aware of the Georgia Guidestones for a while and there it is carved in stone that the global population will be reduced to half a billion! There is a website which even shows per country the population reduction numbers

From this website: IN JUNE OF 1979, A man going by the pseudonym of R.C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company with the task of building a monument. He said that no one was to ever know his true identity or that of the group that he was representing. He seemed to have an endless supply of money to fund the project and by the terms of the legal contract all plans had to be destroyed after completion and all information about him withheld from the public.

In 1980, the stones were finished. They carry a tablet in front proclaiming, “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason.” Engraved in the stones are ten guidelines meant to re-establish the planet and society, perhaps after an apocalypse. They are written in eight different languages, English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, and among other commandments preach to:

– Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

– Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

– Balance personal rights with social duties.

– Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature.

The guidestones also serve as an astronomical calendar, and every day at noon the sun shines through a narrow hole in the structure and illuminates the day’s date on an engraving. The names of four ancient languages are inscribed on the sides near the top: Babylonian cuneiform, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Additionally an instructional tablet at the site speaks of a time capsule buried underneath the surface, though the dates on which the capsule was buried and when it is to be re-opened are missing. Whether this is intentional or the capsule was never buried is unknown.

The Guidestones continue to be a point of controversy. Conspiracy theorists and fundamentalists believe them to be the work of Satanists or the New World Order, – fueled particularly by certain commandments such as “Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity” which can be ominously interpreted – and the guidestones have been seriously vandalized by such conspiracy theorists. Others believe them to be a message of wise prophecy, possibly the work of an eccentric man of science.

However, if the past thirty years are any indication, we may never know who built them besides what is engraved on the guidestones itself: “Sponsors: A Small Group of Americans Who Seek The Age Of Reason”

Elon Musk’s company Neurolink is reported on here:

What the EU have written for Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in December 2020

Important reading of the Brexit withdrawal agreement explained by Joseph Gregory Hallett/King John III on the planned outcome for the UK and signed by Queen Elizabeth II in January 2020 giving sovereignty to Parliament.

It doesn’t look good for we the people and Greg’s interpretation shows the corruption of those meant to represent us. I am not in a position to analyse how the government presents these matters and they play on the fact that people will not read it also. The mainstream media does not go there either.

This is the statement as written by Joseph Gregory Hallett: As the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Joseph Gregory Hallett, I invite you to declare, and I declare: No European Union treaty, legislation, tertiary legislation, regulation, directive, decision and or Instrument is effective, in force, or in the process of being done immediately before exit day 31 December 2020, on exit day, or at any time after exit day, as the European Union has been acting beyond their legal power and authority (ultra vires) writing legislation, addressing it and not sending it, claiming perpetual dictatorship in legislation, regulation and direction of the United Kingdom, via ambiguous undefined words, and multiple cross-referencing resulting in patent ambiguity in its documentation, rendering all the European Union documentation non-legal in any and every aspect, relying on an extorted government and monarchy, based on their illegitimacy and paedophilia, which renders all parties Treasonous, and therefore not able to sign any documentation on behalf of the men, women and children of the United Kingdom, who are returning to Common Law, the Courts of England and Wales having been exposed as invested in Human and Drug Trafficking, resulting in the entity known as Queen Elizabeth II leaving England for Scotland in shame, completing her Rex Absconditus in full acknowledgment of Joseph Gregory Hallett as King John III, rightful Sovereign Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and every variation thereof, resolutely demanding no influence or interference from the European Union, its legislation, tertiary legislation, regulation, directive, decision, trick or treaty, resolved to return to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Common Law and real Sovereignty for and of the Men, Women and Children, land, water, air, resources, waves, frequencies, and positive finance, to which the European Union was to be the final nail in the coffin. True Sovereignty means no rule by Paedophiles, to which the previous Windsor Sovereigns and the European Union failed in a truly spectacular fall from grace. By the Grace of God has left Elizabeth and deposed her. The Grace of God has chosen Joseph Gregory Hallett as the new King. In the 14 days leading up to exit day, no European Union Instruments are in force, or effect, being done, or in the process of being done, and the entire United Kingdom is moving in the exact opposite direction of the European Union, which was dictatorship by paedophile and proxy-paedophile, where any paedophile could dictate the outcome of any court case, without signing their name to any document, and the EU staff also not giving their name or status, but acting effectively as the judge, jury and executioner, as long as it served the EU direction of mafia and paedophiles.

Important constitutional information in this article from the Bernician

Here is a post via the FB group King’s Patriots from the Netherlands:

The Eu is not legally valid, the Brexit document then we deliberately made mistakes, but this doesn’t matter.Since the Netherlands is one of the founders of the EU, who co-founded the EU after 1945, these politicians were not authorized to do so.In 2012 Maxima told the Fake Queen that she did not find the Dutchman.

People have researched what is going on and found the answers which can be read at: set out in the document a supplemented with the correct now important information.So whether the Brexit document is correct or not, it doesn’t matter anymore, the EU was created by deception of a non-legal Dutch government.Since there has never been a peace treaty signed with Germany, WW II has never officially stopped.The political paedophile parties committed a silent coup on May 5, 1945, as a result of which Bernhard von Lippe de Nazi, the stadholder of the Netherlands, became under German rule.You can now claim freedom by declaring the EU not legal because of the deceit of the Dutch Nazis.I hope someone can pass this information on to Joseph Gregory Hallett.

Greetings Rinus Verhagen

The entrapment of re-ality

I have to start with this great video which explains how word magic has captured life for humans on this plan-et and how we are re-gistered from birth into commerce and traded on the stock exchange in this gar-den for the harvesting of our life force. This has been kept hidden in plain sight.

This second video from the same YT channel called Chiron Last reminds us of our connection to Earth and heart and therein lies our salvation. Love is the answer and the true power within which gives us courage against the powers of destruction which have used us for their purposes.

In the book by Dean Henderson, ‘Illuminati Agenda 21: The Lucerifian Plan To Destroy Creation’ he says “The Luciferian philosophy is one of division, individualism, conquest and the atomization of the whole. They reject the reality of nature, which is that we are all One.” As we appear to have been ruled for so long now in this way, this is our time to realise our true potential and create a better world for the future. We are in a spiritual battle between Light and Dark, truth and lies. I serve Love and Light.

It is all up to each one of us to take responsibility and here is the founder of Earth United expressing how I feel about our situation.

What compliance can lead to…

If humans don’t stop watching the mainstream narrative and believing the lies spun out 24/7, things will take a turn for the worse. It is laziness I hear to sit passively without questioning and doing your own research…

Here is a talk by Ian R Crane from November 2009, unfortunately if we don’t pay attention and let their plans unfold, it is not good for the human race!

Warning from Sweden re 5G

A video, see below, is being shared on Facebook, please take note as you won’t see anything on MSM. I seem to be having troll comments on my channel. They don’t like us sharing things that concern us it seems! We need more grassroots journalism and not just on FB.

Update from Charlie Freak’s intel says that 5G is not the concern in Sweden

Here is good information of an appeal within EU from a site which is selling eco-wifi, and obviously concerned about healthy technology.

This is what it says:

In an appeal to the European Union, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warn about the danger of 5G, which will lead to a massive increase in involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The scientists urge the EU to follow Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe, asking for an independent task force to reassess the health effects.

“We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”