Group pressure vs autonomy?

I have always thought that we live on a planet where God gave us free will and that we learn through experience. Having an enquiring mind and not having gone through the higher education system after the age of sixteen, I have enjoyed travel and living in different places around the world. Life is such a great teacher and books also on interesting subjects. Now our world has changed since COVID appeared on the scene and it is apparent to me that humanity has been tricked yet again. Fear of death perhaps is humankind’s greatest fear but also fear of being different! Going against the grain and sticking your head above the parapet takes courage. Courage is an interesting word, it comes from the French word coeur which means heart. Our education system leads us away from the heart and trains us to follow what we are told. Here is a very good video by Amazing Polly who demonstrates how easy it is to conform to the group dynamics and shows the Asch Conformity Experiment which shows very well, learned behaviours. Please watch to the end if you can.

We can all make mistakes but in the West we have lost the sense of community. Shame and punishment is not the way!

Osho was my teacher for at least sixteen years of my life and for that I am grateful. Here is a passage from one of his talks on courage and conformity

So that is why we have a large part of the global population conforming to the authorities’ diktats on health protection, which makes no sense, is not scientific in the true sense, in fact is quite the opposite, but because the media is pushing it all the time, people believe it! It is time to think for oneself. What rings true inside the heart, and not necessarily through the trained mind?

I used the word autonomy but really it is about the freedom to be who we are, as peace loving human beings, living our lives as we wish to create, rather than followers of corrupted politicians and actors for the elites who want to control us.

Astrology at this time supports spiritual autonomy and my interpretation is to follow one’s true self and what makes your heart sing!

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