How are we today?

Since I wrote this blog I lost my YouTube channel, as I got my third strike which removed it. Fortunately my uploads were backed up on Odysee so my reflections from March Equinox are here

Here is Shunyamurti’s website

I’ve also shared this on my Light n Dark podcast on Spreaker, where I also encourage doing the inner work, because we have become a lazy society where the masses don’t tend to be critical thinkers anymore, and take their knowledge from the daily news. Why does the Government have a Behavioural Insights team? They are working on our minds!

A friend has shared links to the Peoples Lawyer videos which I hadn’t looked at prior to my recording, but there are many things in common. Here is the first part and part two is on Bitchute ; part 3 is

Part 1 – Public Health means Profitability was mentioned. In the last year since COVID19, billions have been spent, the new battle?

Part 3 – Time, energy and creativity is our value and in part three it goes into the banks version of value.

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