The great awakening of now

A beautiful message through Michelle Fielding for what we can experience now

There are many levels to this and certainly on the political stage there is none greater than in the presidency of Donald Trump and the phenomenon of QAnon. Humanity is very much split by all that is being reported. We are being tested as to what we believe, and personally, I live by following my inner guidance on what I feel to be right. We are living through a shift of ages and a storm is happening and there is peace at the centre to be found, especially within our connection to nature.

Here is a small transcript from the essays of Martin Geddes, and you can read them in full here:

A “great awakening” is now imminent The good news is that this journey towards collective awareness is already underway, with many upstanding fellow travellers. Its “call to memes” is the inscription from the bell on JFK’s boat—“Where We Go One We Go All” (WWG1WGA). This is a desire for righteous intent and collective unity in order to overcome shared foes. Q regularly reminds us of this catchphrase—although unhelpfully lapsing at times into the fast-fading Red vs Blue political paradigm. This is understandable, given the critical November mid-term elections ahead, but we should look far beyond that. The sense of our unity—the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity—is the antithesis of the ego worship of the psychopath. As such, WWG1WGA is the sacred honour code of loving people against the wicked moral doctrine of “Do What Thou Wilt”. What it offers—possibly for the first time ever—is the prospect of defeating those interests that have knowingly animated the suffering of war, slavery and poverty. For there is no greater prize than to end the racket of war, and this is why the “in history” qualifier is not hyperbole. The sudden progress with North Korea is an example of this not being empty rhetoric. As Washington, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and JFK himself have told us, secret societies and dark power—who adhere to this wrongness and perpetuate conflict and tyranny—have held sway over us for too long. My homeland is a soggy European archipelago, and not America. Yet this fight for independence and freedom is everywhere the same, and transcends national boundaries. My loyalty is to all good citizens of this planet, not to parasitical monarchs or power-mad egomaniacs.

The “mafia media” is the last bastion of this “Deep State” organised crime network that has slowly infiltrated and hijacked many critical institutions. Its days are numbered, and the collapse will likely be fast and shocking to those unaware of what is unfolding. For where we all go—they are no longer coming with us. Good riddance and WWG1WGA!Q Here is another piece from Martin Geddes The Great Exposure is here. We haven’t seen the demise of it yet but it is becoming more and more evident to those with eyes to see, the illusion of the game they are playing.

On the positive side we have the Love frequency and good humans coming together to do good things.

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