Just out today: President Obama allows Shell Oil to drill in Arctic Sea

Not surprised at all!

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Another oil disaster photo ... Wikipedia Another oil disaster
photo … Wikipedia

If there is any doubt about the hold Wall Street and Big Oil has on some of our top elected and unelected officials who are Conservative/Corporate Democrats not to mention Republicans ……. this story has  just broke from politico.com less than an hour ago …

“The Obama administration gave Shell approval today to drill for oil and gas in the undersea Arctic, escalating a battle with the same environmentalists who cheered the president’s actions on climate change earlier this month.

The Interior Department’s expanded permit will allow Shell to tap oil- and gas-bearing zones beneath Alaska’s Chukchi Sea before the drilling season ends late next month. The move also puts new pressure on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to speak out about Arctic drilling, just weeks after she said she had “doubts” about allowing it.”

This is exactly why Bernie Sanders is needed to re-take the future…

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