News – fact or fiction?

Many people are waking up to the propaganda put out by mainstream news which is controlled by vested interests. Here is a talk given by a U.S. news journalist who discovered what ‘astroturf’ was about and how the big corporations manipulate to dictate their agenda.

Ever since tel-lie-vision came on the scene it became easier for the masters of illusion and now it seems we are addicted to the various screens of all shapes and sizes!

We are in danger of being taken over by technology and must find the balance within nature or lose our innate power and wisdom. We are part of nature and need the elements for our health and sustenance. We have delegated our power and responsibility to ‘authority’ and it is time to take it back before we lose everything of value in the natural world to inhuman artificial intelligence. Our governments are in service to a hidden agenda which uses technologies that we have paid for against us. Our strength is within us as long as we can feel what is right and act for the good of humanity. We all have our parts to play in this great challenge before us and being grounded with earth will help.

Children are being attacked by vaccinations from birth onwards in an attempt to distort and control their natural development and much more is coming to light. The education system also is controlling and doesn’t allow space for imagination to flower. Healthy development of the human being must allow balance of both hemispheres of the brain. It is time to heal the divine masculine and divine feminine within us all and have fun! ❤

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