Quiet Day at Whalley Abbey – a Quaker group

Today a group of fourteen Quakers from East Lancashire gathered at Whalley Abbey conference centre for a quiet day organised by some Friends from Blackburn Quaker Meeting.  They had organised a programme of activities for the day which were held in silence, one of which was punctuated with striking a singing bowl and various readings at intervals. Our breaks and lunch were also in silence which helped to deepen the experience and become more aware of our senses. 

Whalley is the most central town of Britain without the outer isles according to Ordnance Survey and the ruins are Cistercian and features in ‘The Spine of Albion’ by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare who dowsed the Belinus and Elen serpent lines which travel north from the Isle of Wight to the top of Scotland. Both of these lines travel through the site at Whalley and Elen passes through the garden, where we had a meditative walk and I enjoyed being barefoot on the grass. Elen goes into the ancient church of St Mary outside the Abbey grounds and I would like to return to that another time.

I am grateful for having that shared space today with Friends and can still feel the experience of peace ❤


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