Grand Witches Cauldron gathering at Eco-camp in Wales

Arrived yesterday afternoon after having some lunch at Powis Castle and looking at the beautiful gardens cared for by National Trust. A lovely spot in mid Wales with a field and woodland and a small vegetarian/vegan cafe. I didn’t stay up for the drumming and singing, just felt the need for rest and could hear the lovely sounds anyway. It was a bit tight with an air bed in my small tent but with everything around me I could put more layers on when it felt colder. I woke up to lovely sunshine as I am facing east and looking forward to a peaceful day with lovely people.  

What an amazing place and gathering of friends! We experienced the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and the weather was hot and sunny on Saturday and remained dry on Sunday which was good. I am grateful for the experience and love shared, blessed be! Many thanks to Kerry who volunteered to drive us when we agreed to go, only a few days previously.


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