Some history to our present now

Dean Henderson with Frances Leader join Ramola

A good review of the nefarious ways the Crown Corporation based in the City of London have perpetrated on humanity globally. It is not the ‘British’ Empire, it is the same elites down through the ages controlling the world scenario. Educating us to do as they say and now with the TV/MSM mouthpieces, to live in fear of the future if we don’t. I say that we are more powerful when we go inside, meditate and use our imaginations to create a cleaner and more loving future for our communities. We have to detox our bodies from the pollution in processed food, our environment and past traumas which affect our lives now. Damien Wynne is an energy healer and he talks about various past traumas to heal in this video below, which can be participated in live.

Here is a link to an article by Ann Devlin mirrored by Frances Leader

Eating natural foods and herbs is the safest way to look after our bodies and everything is energy. Living from our heart is a great protection, connecting with our higher selves and trusting our own inner knowing.

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