Fear is the controller

This seems to be the theme today as I watched a good FB live this morning and now finding this ten minute clip from David Icke on the subject, which is evidently holding people in its grip towards the end of 2020.

Please watch to the end because human beings need expansion and not contraction into a smaller box!

This is happening around the world

David Icke has had the courage to put out his message to humanity for about 30 years about what was coming. I also know that on the positive side if we look within, there we will find our inner knowing and courage to do what we feel is right. I am enjoying that exploration for myself and not buying into the fear that does come up in the face of the demonically controlled opposition to the wellbeing of humanity, that is held by those who want to control the world. We are living in a time of balancing the left and right hemispheres of our brain as described by Dr Carl Johan Calleman with the Ninth Wave of Creation that arrived in 2011 and bringing unity consciousness, which is in the book he wrote with that name. I have always felt that we are moving into a more golden age and personally have been working towards that within myself. I can vouch for the emergence of unity consciousness in this lead up to the Solstice on December 21 which is certainly a focal point of the planetary alignments happening with Saturn and Jupiter, so powerful times to assist.

I’ve also been reminded that as we live in duality in our 3D world, there will be a representation of the light side and the dark side and this is what is being revealed to be alchemised within our collective consciousness. There certainly appears to be divisions everywhere! Whether its in politics in America where there are extremes of emotional identification and in Britain with Brexit, and this year with the Plandemic! Living more from the heart will definitely assist in being fearless!

Here is Andrea’s FB live which I resonated with earlier, she is a therapist and doing good work, in my opinion.

Andrea Foulkes talking about fear

Here are Andrea’s details copied from her post:


Gratitude Donation https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=DX9UC2KAMEVM4 Control to Fear and SOul Freeedom

Activism against the state brings its challenges for sure!

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