Brain control

Technology has secretly and overtly been working towards creating a brainnet. This video has researched the progression of this agenda which is very dangerous for the autonomy of the human being. Only by raising our consciousness and awareness, will we overcome this infiltration of our minds, is my opinion.

From Bernhard Guenther FB post:

This is Dr. Charles Morgan. He worked for the CIA developing what is known as “advanced interrogation methods”. Listen to what he says in light of the globalist’s plan of mass v_ccinations and Robert F. Kennedy’s recent post about permanent genetic damage [affecting the RNA] when getting the C_vid v_ccine. You do know this v_ccine has really nothing to do with protecting you from a “virus” but has a more sinister intention. Connect the dots yourself of what Dr. Morgan talks about when considering genetic altering v_ccines, 5G/6G, Transhumanism/A.I. [Elon Musk’s Neurolink] and the socialist/Marxist Technocratic New World Order take-over as envisioned by Klaus “The Great Reset” Schwab of the World Economic Forum (working with the Gates Foundations, WHO, UN, CCP, etc.]

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