Doctors conference in Berlin and the suppression of free speech about a virus and truth

Dr Heiko Schoning after his arrest at Speakers Corner, gives invitation to the next Berlin event on 10/10. The police confiscated his phone, computer and the book ‘COVID 19 A False Alarm’

This conference happened on August 28 and they talk about the CV19 scam and the totalitarian global control it has created. Robert Kennedy Jnr was a guest and he also spoke at the Berlin Rally on Saturday 29 August which had a mass gathering of thousands. Before the gatherings new rules were given.

Dr. Heiko Schöning, one of the founders of Doctors for the Truth which is an association of thousands of medical doctors around the world, said that the measures of the governments regarding COVID-19 are absolutely inappropriate.

“I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Heiko SCHÖNING, I’m an ordinary doctor from Hamburg. My personal motivation is that I am a father, like many others in this country who have children. And we see that our children are suffering now, not just because the playgrounds have been closed, but because they are separated. And it’s worse for the adults.

And then he is arrested for Speaking the Truth

Similar tactics were used in London by the police to handle a large demonstration against the government’s response to COVID19, although in Berlin there were massive arrests see In London we hear that private security men were co-opted for the event on Saturday 26 September at Trafalgar Square.

Friends of Dave Witcher had been offered extra work by their security firm

So it is becoming more and more obvious to those who don’t believe the false narrative, that crisis actors are being used to portray events very differently to the reality and facts of what is going on.

Here is a good summary of the plan for world dominance Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 was planned to usher in the New World Order

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