What is at play with the American 2020 election

Update from November 4

From Technocracy News https://www.technocracy.news/the-hammer-and-scorecard-weapons-of-mass-vote-manipulation/

There is so much deception and corruption going on, perhaps in both parties, but the MSN definitely wants the Democrats to win from what I can see. They always give a negative picture when it comes to Trump. So for some balance, I would like to share some background info I came across with regards to Black Lives Matter in September after all the activity in the summer, and in this video it shows that if you donated to them, the funds actually went to the Democrats.

Regarding the Biden family, their corruption is off the scale, here is some info on their crooked dealings.

One America News

Joe Biden is owned by China.

The Q phenomenon has been prolific this year and the writings of Martin Geddes appealed to me. You can download them here:

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