How they plan to bring in transhumanism

Update from Elana Freeland in November 2021, also available on Odysee

Celeste Solum is a great researcher into what DARPA have been working on in the U.S. In this video she explains about graphene hydrogel, and what it will do to the human body and link it up to the hive mind AI system and the Internet of Things.

From her notes: Talking Points for Graphene Hydrogel Quantum Dot Application and Mechanisms.

It is time to drill down into the application and mechanics of hydrogel as we approach the day of mandatory vaccination and sensory implantation. You need to understand these concepts so that you can make educated and informed wise decisions on whether to take the products that will be required and so that you can offset in your mind the consequences of not taking the controllers mandate.

You all know we are being forced to wear the Mask of Wickedness to access essential items, but are you aware that the end goal is covering up the whole human body?  To live in our toxic and hostile world, engineered by design to eradicate humanity in the Divine Image, other measures are being explored to preserve “life” but it does so by covering up the rest of your body.  Think of it as a giant second skin of the serpent of old, over your entire body.  You cannot hide or preserve yourself from the judgment of God.  There are other revolting dehumanizing actions in the pipeline so keep your eyes and ears alert.  This all comes as robots and Synths are now deployed with the engineered characteristics of compassion and fruit of the spirit-the Satanic spirit.  This deployed “Synthetic Lifeforms” are the garment of demons, disembodied spirits, and the like.

The original video has been taken down on YouTube, here is a podcast from February 2021with important information

Link to Celeste’s notes in full

These are the reasons that you should critically think about uptaking hydrogel into your body. The ramifications of allowing hydrogel are vast and damaging. What we discussed today are only the known applications and processes but as hydrogel is relatively a new system nobody knows the long range toll to the human body hydrogel possesses.

Celeste’s website is called and her YT channel is:

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