Vaccines/Global ID the new fascism

There is much expert research into what is being brought to the fore with this global technocratic takeover. If you aren’t already aware of technocracy and Agenda 21/2030 please check it out. I have certainly written about it before.

Vaccines are so risky and the plan to combine technology with them, do you want to be a guinea pig for this? I certainly do not consent. Importantly you cannot sue them for vaccine damage either. Updated in February 2021 after the vaccine rollout, Dr Sherri Tenpenny knows a lot about vaccines and their effects. She speaks with Reinette Senum here

Trevor Gunn, a homeopath has written books on vaccines and worth having a look here

This article from nearly three years ago talks about smart dust and the micro chipping agenda and I think that the vaccine agenda is related.

On a different subject, but of global concern for humanity, Dr Vandana Shiva talks about food growing

I would like to finish with something very positive and that our power is within us.We can come together beyond any identification (which has been programmed into us), and join in truth for humanity through our hearts and minds united.

This recording I made about Communion from Gene Key 45 talks about food, and how that determines what happens to humanity and now the UN is warning about coming food shortages Guardian article but the positives are there if we work/come together. This is our time for peaceful action through love.

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