Fraud is being played on the public

The Amazing Polly research shows the links on the global agenda behind the global plandemic on this video

The medical authorities have told doctors to record COVID19 on death certificates when they may have died from their underlying conditions primarily. Here is a recording from Downing St


It is quite evident that a shift is happening at this time of lockdown and it is playing out by the global corporatists tightening up control on the population and at the same time we the people are also more aware of the fraud in the mainstream narrative. Good people are speaking out and the ones like Dr Judy Mikovits also being censored for speaking the truth.

Here is a good compilation of research by Deborah Mahmoudieh as an example



It is also obvious if you look, that it is well planned as the evidence as shown in the next video by Amazing Polly discovers the incestuousness of the whole operation and who funds it.



if YouTube take it down it’s on Bitchute and her website too


Here Dr Andrew Kaufman unmasks the virus and the agenda for total control


An interview with the authors of ‘What really makes you ill’ also talks about the virus by Mark Devlin.


It is also an energetic battle for the future of the planet and our hearts and minds ❤



2 thoughts on “Fraud is being played on the public

  1. I’m deeply disturbed by what’s going on . It’s not the virus that keeps me awake at night . It’s the scary agenda that’s behind it. I don’t even blame the government . Although they done s great job of brain washing the public. I fell I don’t have many people I can even speak to about this,


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