NHS rituals

A review of 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

2012 and the opening of the London Olympics was quite an event for the NHS and as many have noticed these events often have predictive programming for the masses to watch.

What is happening to the NHS, is it ever since they became Trusts, has it become more brainwashed and more obvious to those who have joined up a lot of dots on where things are leading? I do not mean any disrespect for those who work for the NHS, as they probably joined to help people and do not mean any harm to others. It is quite obvious to many, that there is an agenda for depopulation and I’ve talked about it in other blogs and certainly there has been a lot of genocide on this planet, but lately it sounds like euthanasia for the elderly is being suggested in care situations here!

So this year in 2020 when the plandemic started, it has become all about saving the NHS and putting medical staff on a pedestal and people in powerful positions are dictating to the rest of us.  Much ado is being made about protecting the frontline workers and certainly much care is needed, not enough PPE supplies and care workers are dying we hear, yet we see videos from the U.S and elsewhere of staff doing orchestrated dance routines??  I am all for uplifting the human spirit but there definitely seems to be something strange going on, when they are supposedly very busy. We hear that hospitals are half empty but there seems to be a required ritual nationally once a week in the UK at 8pm to go outside your house and clap for the NHS, well it is not something I feel to do. To me it seems a lot like, let’s see how many people will do this and become part of a hive mind! I am not being callous, it is just that I don’t agree with the medical model which has been usurped by the pharmaceutical industry globally, who are making a lot of money from keeping people sick and dependent on their system. Also I get the feeling that the neighbours are looking around and thinking where is everyone else! Of course the TV cameras are where there is a good turnout!

Gratitude is an important emotion to have and express, best felt in a spontaneous way though, not by being told. I am grateful for the goodness of others but in this situation where fear is being provoked in the population in order to control it, then I do not support it. I agree with Peter’s view below

Predictive Programming has been used on populations for a long time here is a video worth watching on that subject and the Microchipping Programme

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