Peace or Pay for Nuclear Weapons

A free for all

As a naive Canadian kid, I grew up in a dream, where nuclear weapons seemed either a climactic boost to a movie’s plot or horror stories of the past. Never in 25 years had I imagined that I would complacently support weapons of mass destruction – until I moved to the UK.

If you follow UK politics, you’ll notice quickly that there is huge debate about funding public amenities like the National Health Services (dramatically underfunded & being privatised without public consent) and University tuition (once ensured by government grants as universal free higher education & now on the steady rise). You hear so often that the UK just doesn’t have the funding to support these vital public institutions, but you don’t often hear where your taxes end up.

Imagine my reaction when I found out that UK tax payers – including myself – actually subsidize maintenance of the Trident…

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