The land, economy and community is our responsibility 

Being on holiday here in the Austrian Tirol is a lovely experience of being close to the land, getting plenty of exercise, fresh air and relaxation! I love to see the meadows of wild flowers untouched by chemicals and the alpine flowers on our walks. The other day we were talking to a young farmer/herdsman who had climbed the mountain to check on his herds after some bad weather. The Tirol is quite unspoilt and depends on tourism – mainly walkers and cyclists in the summer and skiers in the winter and has remained quite traditional. 

I’ve just read the Jefferson Lecture given by American conservationist, poet and novelist Wendell Berry who puts the situation of mankind very succinctly – it’s a good personal history coming from a small farming background and discovering the effects of the industrialists on farming and everything else since then.  

 It’s important that we realise our responsibility in what has been created in letting corporations take control of our lives. 

A good read with so many gems I can’t repeat, so please use the link here

Wendell Berry talk 2012

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