Transhumanism, no thanks!

I’ve heard about this agenda for quite a while and it is evident that our governments have been pushing the digital world on us for the last twenty years at least and it fits with the mechanical, synthetic world that is trying to dominate. We live in a technocratic world which is destroying the natural beauty of the earth. I don’t watch many Hollywood films these days or like the sexual programming which is so overt in the music industry these days! Like most things that have directed our culture over the last hundred years at least, in retrospect it appears that everything is part of a plan and organisations like the Frankfurt School from Germany, which then developed in the United States and the Tavistock Institute from London have been carrying out social engineering on the population – a good book on this is Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation by Cara St Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella who goes more into the chem trails and black goo aspects from a scientific point of view.

Update from 2019: David Icke and Jeff Rense talk about AI and nano-tech The A.I. End Game

It now appears that 5G and the IoT (Internet of Things) is almost upon us and part of this agenda!

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