Spiritual warfare

I came across this article which I am sharing here because it is always good to get different perspectives on this life. I have written and spoken many times about this battle of Light and Dark which is within us. Here is Tessa Lena’s article which I found on Dr Mercola’s website and here is the link https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2023/April/PDF/an-ancient-attack-on-our-dignity-pdf.pdf

Here is the video with Tessa interviewing Thomas Harrington entitled ‘The Treason of the Experts’

The way institutions have developed our societies and that includes religions, has left us deprived of our inner power and controlled and there’s also a disconnect with our physical bodies unless we can feel our spiritual selves. This can all be healed which requires inner work and awareness. The education system is controlled and is there to train future workers in compliance to the system, it is conditioning rather than drawing out intelligence. Where has morality and values gone? It is more anti-life than a celebration of life. It is a challenge to be different and natural in this world. We are constantly distracted from ourselves and away from feeling calm and that is the way things are and part of our learning experience. They mention original sin which is one of the guilt trips in Christianity that has conditioned my generation and for a lot longer. I can relate to wanting to understand what life is about from a young age and looking for answers. The best way is natural is my conclusion. Here is a short video on Twitter from a doctor speaking about toxic diets which is destroying health.

Here is my short clip from SGT Report – The system is evil, choose life to demonstrate the dark side’s agenda.
Full video here https://rumble.com/v2ga8pq-the-system-is-evil.-choose-life.-foster-coulson.html

Thanks to SGT Report for great reporting!

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