Deception as an artform

First of all how do we know when we are being deceived? Some people are good actors. I have only put this out because I was sent yet another video called Sacha Stone Exposed. We must decide for ourselves. I have enjoyed listening to many of his videos and a lot of good information gets revealed through his network of contacts. Nevertheless there does appear to be a dark side.

The exposure of Sacha Stone by Alessandro du Chatel, I originally shared the YouTube video from the Nightflight channel, then once this blog was published the video was not available, and I was able to download it and share on my channel

This video focuses on the ITNJ – International Tribunal for Natural Justice, see their website This interview does a lot of analysis particularly on the symbols used by the ITNJ and Sacha Stone’s New Earth Project. Alessandro was a volunteer at the New Earth Haven in Bali for 3 months and realised that Sacha was not exactly the persona he was projecting on the world stage. He wrote this article after he left and started his website six months later. He talks about Sacha’s links with Ciro Orsini and the U.N. I heard what happened to Fiona Barnett through that article and published her video testimony to the ITNJ in my article about SRA whistleblowers and the book she wrote can be downloaded here This is Fiona’s testimony which speaks of international child trafficking, Luciferianism, Catholicism, CIA, MKUltra and Sydney’s Hillsong Church

Sacha Stone has been very active online since COVID particularly, and more recently he did a tour in the U.S called Arise America and currently is in Romania. He certainly has many connections particularly in high places and it’s certainly a very interesting life he leads. He has charisma for sure and many women are attracted to him and for that reason it maybe difficult to believe that he could be controlled opposition. He does appear to be a narcissist IMO and perhaps similarly as with the Agenda 21/2030 programme all is not as it sounds …

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