4th Industrial Revolution planned takeover of nature and humans

Winter Oak have looked into the exploitation of peoples’ concern over the environment in this article https://winteroak.org.uk/2021/05/11/for-nature-and-freedom/

One of the best environmental journalists for her in depth research is Cory Morningstar, who is interviewed here by Whitney Webb on her Unlimited Hangout podcast, from which I’ve taken a shortened piece below the link from https://soundcloud.com/unlimited-hangout/demystifying-the-4th-industrial-revolution-with-cory-morningstar

I have written previously about the plans of the WEF, technocracy and transhumanism but everything seems to be rolling out at quite a rate these days. Of course the Davos group meet annually and their plans have been long term and because you don’t hear much about them via mainstream media, most people will not believe it. They are working in lockstep as per the Rockefeller program and the UN Agenda 21/2030. Here is an article mentioned by Cory https://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2021/03/13/the-shapers-of-slavery-a-global-project-of-the-world-economic-forum-winter-oak-series/

Keir Starmer is the British politician who was invited into the Trilateral Commission, a powerful globalist organisation as written about in this article https://www.technocracy.news/trilateral-commission-a-deep-insight-into-the-globalist-mind/

The social media platforms have and are all playing their part in the conspiracy against the population, rather than being an innocent creative social platform, they are working for surveillance and control. Here Whitney Webb has an article on Technocracy News https://www.technocracy.news/the-military-intelligence-origins-of-facebook/

Since the COVID lockdown last March the internet has been a vehicle for like-minded people to come together and inform each other as well as being a tool for surveillance. At least it gives more autonomy on what one chooses to see rather than watching the 24 hour repetitive mind control of the TV. Here Dr Naomi Wolf shares a warning about the vaccine passport is the plan for the globalist corporate agenda to bring in a system for the West identical to China’s social credit system https://www.bitchute.com/video/hVdvC9iROxWL/

A discussion on the future in this age of technology with Johnny Vedmore called Data Colonialism & Hackable Humans https://soundcloud.com/unlimited-hangout/dump-davos-ep1-yuval-noah-harari-podcast-edit-mono

So we have to choose before it’s too late….

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