Weather attack on some Ionian islands in September

After returning to our favourite Greek island we were expecting three days of rain from the forecast. What we got was a cyclone for two days, which was worse on Friday in Kefalonia and we remained in the hotel. I was told that we were in the eye of the storm about 3-4am and a fellow guest was awake and felt the stillness!

We learned this morning after having the sun again for the last four days that every Ionian island except for Corfu, had been hit. The Rothschilds live on Corfu and own casinos there, so they were safe from any devastation!! Well that’s a surprise! Considering that directed energy weapons have been employed for many years, it would not surprise me that some such technology was at work by those with an agenda.

The hotel staff did their best under the circumstances and thank goodness it was only for just over a day and half that we had to stay in as the rain and wind was relentless. However power was off and not fully back on for a few days, some places were worse than others. One road collapsed near Assos and the road to Fiskardo was closed. Many boats were lost to the sea. Some beaches will take a few years to recover and Greeks are not allowed to do anything to the beaches, I heard. I feel sorry for those who have lost their business at this time. Many trees have come down and many small swallows have died and we witnessed them so weak they could hardly move. Certainly Greece and her people have had many difficulties over recent years. We were told by someone originally from Lesbos that it was the NGO’s who burned the camp there, as they had constructed a new one and the situation is not as grim for the ‘refugees’ as we hear and that they are well supported by the Government, but it is financially more difficult for the Greek people.

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