Dirty politics in America

Psyops abound in this crazy world particularly in politics, here is a film by Millenial Millie

Shadowgate film by Millie Weaver and a report called 100 day siege and from a Trump rally https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=505393960005358

As far as I can see what is happening there is an all out resistance to Trump getting re-elected by the corrupted left who believe everything the mainstream tells them. It reminds me of activism in the UK, particularly Extinction Rebellion, and how various groups get help from the non-governmental organisations for their campaigns and you have to ask, where does their funding come from? The way that Trump has been treated by the mainstream media shows me that he is not part of the cabal.

I used to support leftist politics because I thought they were kinder, more considerate of peoples lives. but then it became evident that once in power there were behind the scenes control of what happened next. At first I wasn’t sure about Barack Obama, but soon I didn’t trust him at all.

When Trump won the election, I was relieved that it wasn’t Hillary Clinton who is very corrupt from what I’d seen. Trump was the wild card and maybe not controlled by the Deep State? More recently I’ve appreciated what he has been doing to drain the ‘swamp’ and rescue the children from the DUMBs! We are living in the time of the great revealing and a lot of healing is needed because of the duality and division. More and more is being revealed about using children to harvest their energy, particularly to extract adrenochrome from the torture to create terror and often murdering them and eating their bodies. We are finding that it is so wide-spread throughout the planet and this evil has been perpetrated for a very long time. I’m adding this video evidence here and probably elsewhere too about the existence of this business https://www.brighteon.com/e40cfb8c-9482-4e1e-be39-1d7cb0f93761

Here is the full documentary of Millie Weaver’s film, Shadowgate which I’ve uploaded to my Bitchute channel as YouTube and FB has censored it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9Rq7wKCR6rtj/ and on Odysee https://odysee.com/@HilaryWhitehead:b/Shadowgate-banned-video:1

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