The entrapment of re-ality

I have to start with this great video which explains how word magic has captured life for humans on this plan-et and how we are re-gistered from birth into commerce and traded on the stock exchange in this gar-den for the harvesting of our life force. This has been kept hidden in plain sight.

This second video from the same YT channel called Chiron Last reminds us of our connection to Earth and heart and therein lies our salvation. Love is the answer and the true power within which gives us courage against the powers of destruction which have used us for their purposes.

In the book by Dean Henderson, ‘Illuminati Agenda 21: The Lucerifian Plan To Destroy Creation’ he says “The Luciferian philosophy is one of division, individualism, conquest and the atomization of the whole. They reject the reality of nature, which is that we are all One.” As we appear to have been ruled for so long now in this way, this is our time to realise our true potential and create a better world for the future. We are in a spiritual battle between Light and Dark, truth and lies. I serve Love and Light.

It is all up to each one of us to take responsibility and here is the founder of Earth United expressing how I feel about our situation.

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