How to eliminate corona virus, by a doctor

I saved this video a few months ago and it may still be useful info for the future if you know anyone in difficulty with corona virus.

Here Dr Geoff Cly from Honest OBGyn explains about the two antibiotics discovered in France to help patients recover.

Here is a fact check also Research check

This is another doctor who gave his opinion about viruses, Dr Thomas Cowan said that viruses are the body’s way of dealing with toxins. His talk is brilliant and highlights the electrification of the earth as causing massive problems for our bodies along with metals inside us!

I’ve also just heard about Functional Medicine and this Dr Sarah Davies in Stockport who practises it, see comment below:

There is an excellent functional medical Dr Sarah Davies who will do the widest range of tests available even down to mitochondrial energy production. She qualified in general practice and moved into functional medicine. Part of the British Society of Ecological Medicine. There is usually a combination of deficiency and or toxicity. Diet will be reviewed and an elimination diet recommended for a short while to establish if there are food issues following elimination reintroduction challenges.

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